Disney Magical World 2 Cheats For 3DS

  1. Listen to "Let It Go"

    Visit either the "Frosty Magic" or "Fun in the Snow" Dream Stages when using your Dream Book. To the right of the starting position, you will see a blue snowflake/musical note icon. Walk over to it, and you will be given the option to "change the background music". Do so, and you will be able to hear the song "Let It Go" from Frozen in its entirety.

    Contributed by: TuxedoAlex 

  2. Pro Sticker Book

    Upon collecting all 100 main stickers, you will be able to view the credits in the middle of the main Castleton hub world. Once done, you will then be given the "Pro Sticker Book". This book contains 15 additional stickers with expert challenges to complete. Completing each challenge will also grant you a wand recipe or holiday-related item. The new challenges are listed below:

    Wear 150 different Ace Ensembles Ace Ensemble Guru
    Make 140 different pieces of furniture at Chip & Dale's Workshop Crafting Guru
    Obtain all Perfect ratings when mining in the Rainbow Cavern in one session Double Rainbow Rhythm
    Do 50 different favors for Castleton residents Favor Savior
    Obtain a Blazing Hibiscus Seed, then grow it in 100 Acre Wood Fiery Flower
    Catch 30 different types of fish Fishing Frenzy
    Raise 65 different crops in 100 Acre Wood Harvesting Guru
    Clear Castle Vaults Mission #6 (unlocks at 101 stickers) High Vaultage
    Clear 90 episodes Legend
    Raise your Cafe Level to 30 (Max) Legendary Owner
    Visit 20 different Dream Stages Life's A Dream
    Visit the Shiny Dream Stage Shiny Shut-Eye
    Collect 50 different outfit variations at Clarices's Fashion Counter Spice of Life
    In Hawaii, surf at least 400 meters without falling off your board Surfing? Sure Thing!
    Defeat a World Boss Ghost variant You're Not So Big

    Contributed by: TuxedoAlex 

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