What system to get it for ?

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So anyone have any ideas on what system to get it for ? I'm not sure on the 3ds version, good for taking it on the go. The wii u might be good if it plays on the handheld screeen. 360 and ps3 should be both the same.


i haven't heard anything on whats different.

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yeah, i would like to know about the wiiu version compared to the PS3.

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The PS3 has glitches, and the patch is so bad that we are advised to uninstall the patch.

The Wii / Wii U version is shortened, without some parts of the game.  They said they truncated the game, because of the limited memory.  So, the Prima Game Guide has a separate online guide for Wii owners who purchased the guide.

The third Skylanders game comes out October 13, 2013.  Do you have the first two games?

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NOT Nintendo. The game has limits on that system. And obviously the portable one is going to be really different. Go with 360 or PS3 for the full experience.

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The Wii U version is shortened?? Where'd you get that from.  If anything, the Wii U version is the one that works best at this point.

It's the Wii version that has been cut short because of system limitations.