Please help convince Disney to thwart Power Disc Scalpers

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Disney Infinity is a wonderful family game, except for a major flaw in the way families can collect all the pieces. I believe the only way Disney will address the ease of which scalpers and unscrupulous store employees are taking advantage of us fans is if they hear from a great many people who are dismayed by the way discs are currently packaged. As an example, I learned a local Toys R Us electronics section employee was selling a lot of full sets of rare discs on ebay meaning the discs were pulled by the employee before even racking them and also meaning honest folks had ZERO chance of getting rare discs locally. This needs to stop, obviously. I know everyone here already knows how easy it is to cheat the system, and if Disney doesn't fix the packaging we all have no choice but to use the same methods or pay a premium on ebay, but I think we all would rather it was fair for everyone, right? I made a YouTube video demonstrating the problems, and offering some solutions. Please share if you wish. If you do nothing else, please register your dissatisfaction with the Power Disc packaging at as the more voices they hear, the more willing they may be to make change. Thank you.
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I really hope they DO NOT change the packaging. I'm sorry you are running into scalping/stealing issues, but I think those are isolated cases. My family bought fairly few packs and managed to get all twenty discs. The duplicates we have are actually useful, especially in co-op modes.

The main reason I don't want the packaging changed is because with the current system it is possible to easily feel the shape of the discs...takes all of two or three seconds per pack and doesn't damage/open the pack or discs in any way. This is VERY important if you want to minimize the number of packs you buy. You can tell if the discs are round or hexed, which lets you increase your odds of getting whichever ones you are missing by not buying packs without them. For example, the last two discs we needed were both I felt the packs and only bought one that contained two round discs. We then opened it up and got both of our missing discs!

Also, if you really want to take a little extra time you can sometimes feel the lenticular ridges on rare discs through the packaging. That's tricky though and can be hit-or-miss. Plus it takes a while...not something you can do super-fast like the shape test.

Of course, everything I just said is only applicable if they insist on keeping things blind purchase. In a perfect world, we'd just walk into a shop, plunk down 50 bucks, and get a full set of discs. In a more perfect world, the discs wouldn't exist at all.