Marvel and star wars add ons

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Am I the only one who thinks that Disney should keep they're grubby hands off of marvel and starwars with so many great Disney franchises there's no need for them to use someone else's work. Having the rights to throw these characters in doesn't mean it's a good idea. Just because you like sushi, strawberry milkshakes and steak doesn't mean they'd taste good together.
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Yea but on the other hand there's probably alot of people that would play this if it had marvel and star wars in it.  At this point the only thing about this game that gets me interested is Priates.  I could care less about playing as any of the other characters I saw in the trailer.  I may be a bit jaded as I didn't grow up watching disney movies so these characters don't really appeal to me.  Add in marvel and star wars on the other hand and you might get my money.

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I'm really torn on whether or not I want Marvel/Star Wars included. I don't think it's like water and vinegar though because Disney has already included random things like their park's vehicles that don't tie in to movies or shows, like the Autopia car and stuff. If the right characters are chosen, I think it could work.

I saw this article the other day, I guess it's a good idea/bad idea for things Disney should consider for the game: Disney Infinity - Nintendo World Report And the most recent entry actually focuses on Marvel. I definitely agree with their bad choice, Disney should avoid that one, but the good choice I'm torn about. If it is inevitable that Disney is going to include Marvel (and I think there was an interview that hinted at that), then let's just hope they pick good choices and don't go crazy with it.