Infinity is Another Game Disney Keeps Lying About

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Even after the Epic Mickey 2 fiasco, with the malfunctioning, truncated game, I was getting so desperate that I was thinking of getting Disney Infinity, even though I already have both Skylanders games.

Disney had a page that had a countdown; I looked at 133 days until Infinity's release.

Then, Disney admitted that the Wii game's content is different and inferior to the XBox and PS3, because they say the Wii has too small a memory.  (Funny, other games give great game.)

Then, the game content, like Monster University where you Toilet Paper the campus (and get expelled and get a rap sheet, after paying all that tuition), had no appeal.  It was like DeBlob.  But, I still considered buying the game.

(Like I told a person, who was asking about buying Epic Mickey 2, it depends on how much time and money you have to waste, and how much aggravation you enjoy.  Well, I bought EM2, and considered buying Infinity.  What else is there?)

Then, I watched a presentation of Monster University, that really stunk.  And, when the player in the canned demonstration had difficulty with a task, the audience was told that there were other ways.

Now, we are told that there is a 2-month delay in Infinity, so we might as well wait for the new Skylanders in September.

DISNEY  LIES  AGAIN.  They were going to release the Monsters movie and game simultaneously, but didn't.  They say they are letting kids (like me) go all summer without a new game, so they can release it when school starts.  (Don't believe it.)  They had had game sellers make valuable room on their shelves, then reneged.  Disney admits that they do not have the game packaged and ready to ship.  They admit they have not given it to the manufacturers.  They admit they are still paying their programming staff to work on it.   
WHY  ARE  PROGRAMMERS  STILL  WORKING  ON  THE  GAME,  if the reason for the delay is just to have the game come out when kids are busy going back to school?

Disney says they are spending the extra time on bells and whistles, to make the game sing and pop.  BS.  
Ill bet the game is inferior, and has too many bugs, so they are lying.
I feel like an abused wife, who takes it and takes it, and was even considering buying another lying Disney game, until this last lie.

Check out all the technical difficulties Epic Mickey 2 had, then decide if you trust Disney.

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"You're the AT&T of people!" But I do have to agree with you on a few of those points.