How is Infinity?

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I wanted to hear more about Disney Infinity from people who have bought it and played it. I tried asking about it in the game forums, but nobody there responded. (At least they didn't give me immature replies.)

Anyway, to save some time I'll copy and paste what I said there:

"I hadn't been too interested in the game, but lately I've been wondering if Disney Infinity is any good.

I guess, even though I've read up about the game a bit, and messed with in-store kiosks, I'm still not entirely sure what all you can do in the games, and if they are fun or not. I also wonder if the game is aimed squarely at little kids, or if it's something anyone could kind of play and get enjoyment out of. I know it has like story modes and a sandbox mode, and I wonder how deep and entertaining it all is.

My girlfriend is a bit of a Disney movie fan, and especially really liked the movies Tangled and Frozen, so my first thoughts were that she might like to mess around in the game playing as characters from those movies. I noticed that they released 'Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey' from Fantasia and then I kind of became interested, because I thought it might be fun to play as him.

Of course there is another question, the cost of it all. It seems like this game could get pretty pricey, fast. You have to buy the figurines, the starter kit, the world coins, and all of these other peripherals to play the game. I guess another question is, just how much mileage I could get out of a few characters - or if I would need to buy a lot of stuff to really enjoy the game. And would you have to buy every character from each world to fully enjoy things?

I'm also a bit worried that this could be one of those games where you get addicted to buying new characters and collecting them like cards. It would be cool if we could just get characters we really like and enjoy the game, but it seems like being able to mix and match people from different Disney worlds is a big draw of it all.

I guess I'd like to hear from people who have or played the game, or who maybe bought it for their kids. Want to hear what people think of it. Also, any word on if the game is coming out for the new consoles yet? It sounded like it was in the works for newer game systems, but I wonder if that includes the Wii-U as well."

Since then I did watch the GS review of the game, and despite its 6/10 rating it seemed like Kevin Vanord enjoyed some aspects of the game, especially the toybox. I am worried about how glitchy the game is now, though.

Is the game fun enough for an adult to enjoy it? And does anyone think Infinity could grow and become a more recommendable experience after a few more years on the market?

I know this forum has been mostly dead so far in 2014, but hopefully someone will happen by to give me their impressions.