Help,game won't load, it stuck on the establishing Network screen with the stars

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Hey everyone I just got my copy and I turned it on and I have linked my disneyID account and when it goes to the establishing network screen it stays there. I have been on this screen for over half an hour now. does anyone know what i can do? I should note that I have super fast high speed internet so that is not a problem.
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What platform are you playing on? PS3 and Wii have issues. There are instructions at the Disney Infinity website on how to remedy the problem until they have a fix.
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I too am having the same issue, i've tried a variety of things from uninstalling and restarting the ps3 but i cant seem to get it start...any thoughts? I dont believe this is the same issue as the day one patch either on my game data files there is only the main disney infinity file...