Boycott Toys - R - Us

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Boycott Toys R-Us

At 9:40 AM on September 7, 2013, I was told that the Morning Supply of the Gold Disney Infinity Power Packs was sold out, and nothing would be sold, again, until noon.

The man told me that the stores only sold half of their supply, and just to people who got there early.

I asked, What?  Yesterday I went to THREE  Toys-R-Us stores, and was always told that  NONE  OF  THE  NEW  GOLD   PACKS would be sold until noon.

I asked him if  HE  had told anyone that they were really going to sell some when the store opened, and he looked down, and admitted that he had only told a few friends.

So, I had some duplicates to trade, and wandered.  Already, people were doing returns / exchanges, after taking the packs home and scanning them.  They would keep the packs with good stuff, and return the unopened packs that had junk.

Of course, these returned packs would be added to those to be sold at noon.

That meant that anyone who bought anything at noon would have miniscule odds of getting anything they wanted.

I am going to boycott Toys R Us, and urge others to do the same.