BIG disappointment!!

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I was under the impression that each character had it's own "game." I'm not talking 30 hours for each figurine, but 5-6 hours or so of unique content. Not the case at all!


I started a game with the Jack Sparrow character that came with the core set. I played about an hour or so and wanted to see something different. So I rebooted the 360 and put my Davey Jones character that I also bought. As I started playing, IT WAS THE SAME GAME! The characters were even talking about how I had to beat Davey Jones to an item, AND I WAS PLAYING AS DAVEY JONES!!! 


But I thought it might just be a pirates bug. So I started another game with Mater from Cars. Played awhile, rebooted and then played with the purple car. Yep, SAME DAMN GAME!!!


So as far as I can tell, there really are 3 different games and it doesn't matter which figure you use. That's just whose ass you will be looking at while playing.


Color me disappointed!!

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Each character has some missions of their own that the others in that game world can not do.

For instance Jack Sparrow has certain missions that only he can do that Davey Jones or Barbossa cant do, and same thing for the others.

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The original three characters that come with the starter pack each have their own unique adventure.  Buying additional characters that are connected to the original three in the starter pack will not allow you to play new unique adventures, but will open some new areas or missions in the existing games.  They will also allow you to play two player within the same game.


You can buy additional sets of characters that do have unique adventures, at this stage it's Cars and Lone Ranger I believe.

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1)  On my Wii, I can only play split-screen / co-op / 2 remotes and players

when I am in Toy Box Mode.

My "Stories" are single-player only.  (Stories are when you choose Monsters; Incredibles; Pirates; Cars; or Lone Ranger in the Main Menue.)

2)  I can swap charactes in the Story Mode, to open certain "Vault" boxes that will give me a toy or costume in the Toy Box.

3)  The Stories do have  CHALLENGES  that only certain characters can do, but they are not "Adventures".  They are simple races or collect 20 things in a given time.

4)  The game shuts off my Player 2 remote until I enter Toy Box and

Press the  A  Button to turn it back on and press the Plus Button to join in.

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You can't play two player co-op on a Wii in the regular part of the game. Only the toybox is co-op on the wii
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This was public knowledge before the game was released. When it comes to a more expensive game like this, you really should have done your homework, sorry to say. It was also made very clear that each playset contained about 4 to 7 hours (depending on side missions and challenges and such) of content...not content for each character mind you, just content for each playset. So that's 4 to 7 per playset...times three playsets in the shouldn't even have expected thirty hours of mission-based-game in the whole starter set. The toybox is the real draw here, and where the bulk of your time will a long shot.

The game has five playsets, with one more incoming. It also has the toybox mode. Each playset can only be played by the relevant characters. Each character also has their own unique adventure (go to the adventure mode menu, not the playset) and sometimes special missions or things in the playsets. But no, there is not a different pirate adventure for every character, and if you expected one you really did not pay attention to anything about this game at all, so I don't feel that bad for you. That sounds harsh, but I just can't wrap my head around not knowing this yet plunking down over a hundred bucks on a game.