Disney puts out another mickey game, but this time it was a rush that left us with a broken game.

User Rating: 4.5 | Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two WIIU
The game looks very sharp and clean on my HD TV. The textures are a bit bland but it may be from the cartoony look to it. However the frame rate is awful to the point where in some areas or while shooting paint the game feels like its running on slowmo.

This game does not really reach for high end graphics so i dont see why it runs so badly. It must be a rush job so we end up with a sloopy wii u port.

The game it self is not very hard. But it can be very unclear as to what it wants you to do next.

I would say this game is good for kids. It is interesting as an adult to see some interesting Disney themes in the game.

Like in the old game you can use paint or thinner to destroy or build. So if you enjoyed that in the last game you might like this one.

There are much better wii U games then this so i would pass unless you are a big disney or epic mickey fan.