extremely disappointed.

User Rating: 2 | Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two WII
Compared with the first epic mickey game, I am extremely disappointed about this second game. For the first game, I spent a week on playing and the enemies were much tougher. This second game only has three episodes, each of which is pretty short. I only spent less than 3 days on playing and defeated Mad Doctor right away... I sort of searched for continuing stories after Mad Doctor dies, but I don't find any new story so far. If this is true, this game certainly does not contain much adventure and does not reach the minimum of my expectation at all. Most of the things you need to do in this second game is fixing the pipes and generators... Come on!! I am not playing the 3D version of Super Mario Brothers 1 in 1980s. This game with such a short adventure is not worth 50 bucks from your pocket. Listen to the major reviews and wait until the price drops to 20 bucks.