Wii version - no sound effects in ending

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I play the Wii version of Epic Mickey 2, and I recently watched the ending on YouTube. I thought something sounded odd, so I watched it from the Extras menu in the game, and it hit me: after the Mad Doctor bit (when Mickey and Oswald return to Mean Street) there are no sound effects at all (such as when the dragon stomps his foot, there should be a noise there). It's very noticable. As far as I am aware, this only occurs with the ending on the Wii version. Here's the ending from the other consoles:


And the ending from the Wii version (watch if you don't have a Wii, if you do then watch it on the game):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GesZxEYO3EI (it's at 29:50)

What do you think? A silent ending. Yet another sign of the Wii port being rushed. I feel gypped, as I bought the Wii version thinking it would be the best....

And what's worse is that if you compare the part with the Petes after the credits.... the other consoles have a unique soundtrack in the background for that bit (in the first video, right at the end) while the Wii version just has a weird mashup of random, out-of-place tunes from elsewhere in the game.... that's cheap. Could they really not keep the music the same across platforms? Apparently not.

Anyone else got the Wii version and has a silent ending, let me know. Thanks!

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From what I have read about other versions, the regular Nintendo Wii is the best for framerate and glitches -- which isn't saying much!!!

I watched your two links, and checked out my saved games for both good and bad endings.  It is true, that I am missing sound effects -- INCLUDING  the sound of the fireworks that Mickey and Oswald watch in the end.

I was at a disadvantage, though, because I turned down the background music, which meant that anytime Mickey even sang ONE  WORD, it would be too soft.  It was hard to keep up with a conversation when the Mad Doctor would sing (silently), and Oswald or Mickey would say something (loudly).

To check out your hypothesis, I reset my Options to Default, still no fireworks in the saved games and EXTRAs menu.

You know, by now, that the Nintendo Wii version was done in the USA, and the XBox and PS3 were done in England.

As I've said before, liars Warren Spector and Irvin Chavira did not even watch 5 minutes of the game (much less play it), even though they claimed such extraordinary quality control!

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An additional explanation of why we did not get the sound track may be that the Nintendo Wii does not have as large a memory as the XBox and PS3. 

When Avalanche's Jeff Gustillier was doing an interview about Disney Infinity Monsters Playset, he said that the Wii version would be scaled back from the other platforms, due to the lack of memory.  There were examples of where they could go, what they could do, choosing day or night, or choosing clothes.

Still it is a disgusting, poor rip-off of Activision's Skylanders, because you can only play one chapter with a character play set.  Disney characters cannot go anywhere, but to their own territory, or the sandbox.  (Monsters University, Pirates, Incredibles)

As if games like Skylanders weren't expensive enough!  At least all the characters from the first game could go into all the open areas of the first and second game (Spyro's Adventure and Giants.) And, Giants has four levels of difficulty.

I think Disney is really messing up again.