Why do people keep complaining about this game's length?

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Just wondering. Ironically, I made a previous thread complaining about its length myself, but after actually playing it... I've owned it for about three weeks now, and played it for about an hour a day, sticking to the main story path - and I've only just reached Ventureland. Not even beaten it yet. My playtime clock's up to about 20 hours now, and I've only occasionally dabbled in sidequests. So tell me - are people just elite speedrunners or am I missing something here?

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Did you play Epic Mickey #1? Mainly it's just that I expected the sequel to be comparable to the original in terms of play length, and complexity of challenges. I am not a good platformer, so I assume that almost any game, like Epic Mickey #1 did, will offer me a time-consuming sequence of encounters, quests, and battles, and I assume that there will be many challenges that might cause me to get stuck for days while I attempt to get coordinated enough to accomplish whatever-it-is.

To be fair, I am more experienced at gaming now than I was when I played EM#1, as it was really my first console game, but even by the third time playing it through, it took me quite a while, and many tries to (for example) rescue the sprite from Hook's ship, or defeat Petetronic. And I really really prepared for the final blot-popping battles, collecting tv sketches and building up my hearts, etc, because I knew it would be tough for me.

So when, after 3 relatively easy boss fights, EM#2 was suddenly over, I was just really surprised. I mean, I didn't tear any hair out at all. And I barely died in the boss fights. It is true that there are quite a few more fetch quests I could have completed, but I figured there would be more time, or I would take a break from the linear story before I got too close to the finale, and wrap things up...but suddenly, bam, it was the finale. It was easy. And I was thinking I was only about 1/3 of the way through the game.

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YOU CAN RUN THROUGH THIS GAME IN LESS THAN AN HOUR, from "new game" to "crredits". Most of what they have you do is just useless filler.

Think about what is necessary. When you know what you're doing, try it.

Some people spend hours doing silly stuff in Bog Easy, like trying to find every little piece of toon to paint for the ghosts -- that the designers intentionally hide, just to make you run around.

Playing the game, in Bog Easy, simply go to Old Town and bomb the wall to get to Blot Alley.

In Blot Alley, drop a clock. Drop a TV for the spatter and spladoosh to watch, and paint them. (Any other time you run into a Spladoosh, don't waste minutes slowly walking past them, just run up, touch them, and move far enough that you don't get hurt, but close enough to keep him awake.

In OsTown, drain the pool, go down, paint the gears, and proceed.

In Rainbow Gulch, kill the monsters on the right, and jump the platforms.

In the gulch, use one energy orb and take the train out of Dodge.

After the train, paint the wire by the crashed train, go down to energize the wire, and go out the exit there -- don't even cross over.

Emeeloo hit the nail on the head by saying that the game abruptly stopped. Mickey didn't make it back home to our world, so he can greet kids at Disneyland and make Cartoons.


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Mcbasilrocks asked:

"Why do people keep complaining about this game's length?"

Now, he agrees with the 3 ladies who were posting at the time.

And, he has contributed to the evidence about the game's length.


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I don't like the length because it clearly ends abruptly. After beating the game from the first time it's painfully obvious that the ending was rushed and thrown together like crap. Upon further research (mainly your guys input/info) I learned how the game was truly only 50% complete. Plus, it comes nowwhere near to the same time it takes to beat EM #1. Sequels, IMO, should be at LEAST the same length as the previous game....not shorter.
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What does "EPIC"  mean?  
My dictionary says  EPIC  means ... at length ... of unusual size or extent.

Does   EPIC  MICKEY  2   fall into that category of being  "EPIC"?
They didn't just call it a normal Mickey Mouse game.  They falsely named it "EPIC" and had a list price of $59.99, which is $10 more than the previous game, which I was charged.

Therefore, the complaint about length is relevant  AND  justified.   
(Other complaints are discussed elsewhere.)