What Topples Oswald Tower, and Can It Be Repaired?

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On Mean Street North, there is a Water Tower that is shaped like Oswald.  It is beside the Camera Shop, and can be made to fall and block the door to the Camera Shop.

I played through the game many times without the tower falling.  I read a post about it, but didn't understand.  Later, while playing the Thinner Path, I was able to topple it.  I thought it was the thinning of the robot statue in Mean Street South, but???

QUESTION #1:  Is  it  possible  to  repair  the  Tower,  and  unblock  the  door  to  the  Camera  Shop?

QUESTION #2:  What specific activities are necessary to topple the Tower?  Or, can it be triggered by any number of things?  At what point in the game is it possible (not until after the first boss)?

QUESTION #3:  Does Gremlin Jamface offer to repair the tower?  Where is he when he offers to do it?

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So, it just took me 3 hours 20 minutes of doing everything thinner and bad that I could think of to get the Oswald Water Tower on North Mean Street to topple.
I kept returning to see what worked.  Nothing.  I destroyed the Robot Head, and destroyed the Fire Station Roof Entry.  I kept engaging the gremlins, only to refuse to help.  So, I played past the first Boss using thinner.

After the First Boss, I returned to Mean Street North, to see the scrap metal appear where the Oswald Water Tower fell in front of the Camera Shop.
Fairy Wings will not raise it.
Gremlin Jamface talks, but does not give me an opportunity to pay to fix it.

In the beginning of the game, in Mean Street North, there is not a Fireworks Bomb Dispenser between the Windmill and the Cinema.  But, it is there, when I toppled the Oswald Water Tower.


EDIT:  Does anybody have info about what exact steps trigger the toppling of the tower?  Can it fall before the first boss?  Can it fall without destroying the Robot and Fire Station Underground entrances?

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Here I am! Sorry for the late reply, I've been meaning to answer this for a while, but it's taken time. But the wait was worth it, as I believe I have found the answer. The Oswald water tower in Mean Street North is not, contrary to popular belief, purely a result of thinning the robot head. I believe this occurs if you: A) Destroy the Robot Head, B) Use fireworks to access the OsTown DEC on your first visit. Apart from this, I do not believe it is made abundantly clear what causes it to fall (it may actually just be following the Thinner route in general), but in my experience those two factors are certainly contributors.

You wouldn't believe how many files I had to go through to work that out. As for Gremlin Jamface, I managed to get him to offer to rebuild it by talking to him near the pin shop (the balloon area). He said something along the lines of :'Oh, mes amis. The water tower has collapsed! I won't say I'm happy that you did that, because, well.... I am not. But not to worry. Bring me some Scrap Metal, and I will fix zis in no time'. Gus then told me that it would be done if I came back later. So I left for Bog Easy then returned, and, wouldn't you know it, the shop door was open again.

I wish all the best of luck with this - it's definitely one of the more confusing things in the game, aside from *coughunresolvedplotpointscough*.

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I'm personally insulted that Jamface offered to help you with the Water Tower, but, try as I may, I couldn't get him to offer to help me!!!


I did notice that, after the fall, you went to Bog Easy, which was after the first Boss.  So, I think that time is a factor, too.

I appreciate you and your work!

Thanks, again.