Walkthrough for PS3 (not that it matters)

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You can tell that the walkthrough is being played on a PS3, because the "A" button is a green circle.  On a Wii, the "A" button is a white circle.

Gameplay is the same for all platforms, unless you want to start a  "New Game".

When you get that far, ask about the differences.

Here is the walkthrough.  Like Nike's slogan, "Just Do it"


If the YouTube walkthrough you have been viewing is not split screen, with a line down the middle, with Mickey moving on the left side and Oswald moving on the right side, then it is Single Player, with one player using one controller.  Oswald is moving automatically.

IGN  has good pages, walkthroughs, and videos.  

For the Written Walkthrough, when you get to that site, Press Prologue to get Yen Sins Lab

Their videos have GUIDE in red beside the beginning, and the Part #.
The YouTube video for IGN is at

Part 2 is

Part 3 is

But, I recommend just wandering around, and taking it easy on spraying thinner.

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the reason i asked was cause the part i'm on is the 1st generator? or whatever it's called and in the one on you tube you see oswald doing some of the work hence the 2 player mode. and i was curious on how mickey could do that. with me having ADD seeing it does help me a LOT. just a heads up

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If you play the game, you will get the hang of it better.  It is like walking or swimming, just do it.  You do not need to ever control Oswald -- Mickey presses a button to signal Oswald, and Oswald does the activity.

While in game mode, I turn up the brightness of my TV, so I can see things.

I don't know where you are, but I'll tell you what I know.

Generally, when there is a power box, Mickey stands in front of it.  The game will put up a symbol in a white balloon, telling you to quickly tab a certain button to call Oswald over, and quickly tap the same button to have him zap it.  (If you press and release the button, Oswald will fly or do other things, so barely tap it.)  (If Mickey gets zapped and says, "Hey, watch it", it is a sign that you did it right, and can move Mickey an inch to let the electricity through.)

(I have a Topic posted with all the PS3 buttons.)

In the castle, on the bottom floor, you have to paint pipes, conduit, or wires between the generators, and above the generator, to get the electricity flowing.

When the center pole drops steps to climb, people try to power up the generators on top.  It does not work.  On top, you just go out the archway, to the chest on the balcony, and jump/spin down.  If you keep spinning while falling, you do not get hurt.

On top of the Ice Cream Parlor, there are pipes on both sides of the generator that need to be painted, before you can power up the power box on the third side.

SOME  THINGS  cannot ever be done -- and some can be done later.

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Your post on "I've got a question" talked about "moving a generator".

I call those movable things "fireworks bombs" explosives.

You open the cabinet that they are in by pressing and holding A to grab the Mickey Knob on the side.  While holding A, you move to pull the handle out, and open the doors.

Go to the fireworks, and hold A while moving to drag it where you want.

Standing near it, press the "call Oswald button"

When he arrives, the game will signal you to have him zap it, to start the fuses and explode it.

You do not need to move Oswald, you just press a button that tells him to come here, and press a button to have him zap it.

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no it's not the fireworks. ok here's where i am i thught about how to describe this to you cause i'm not the best at doing that but since it's pretty early in the game i can i think safely say you i hope will figure it out pretty damn quickly he he. 


anyways, i got the 1st underground tunner or whatever it is. freed the 1st gremlin. left there and when up onto that street and into that corner where you go behind that building that' you fall down and have to use your paint to well paint a place to go and than you go and use that zap button to go into the i think 1st underground place NOT the DEC where you i looked this up on you tube where you i believe had freed the 1st gremlin. but in order for you to do this



you have to move that generator think into those blue boxes of some sort:? platform i think is the word i'm looking for. and you put them on i dunno  2 or 3 of them to open that door back into the said room that you let the 1st gremlin loose i believe.


i figured out how to use the zap to put it on the ledge but once it moves the place when you are suppose to put that onto the 1st blue platform i keep dropping it into that gray mist? or whatever it's called where if you call you just start at the begining of that stage again. and i just can't seem to figure out how to do this. and i saw on you tube that if you play as oswald hence the 2 player it's easier to do cause you can just use his electricity to move the damn thing into the corner. but since i'm a single player i can't seem to get mickey to do jack **** and put it where i want him to put it hence throw it i guess is what i'm getting at.


does this help?

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I'll say this again:

Stand at a power box and quickly tap a button to call Oswald over.

Tap the button indicated, and Oswald electrifies the power box.


Oswald has an Artificial Intelligence that responds to buttons Mickey presses.

- - - - - -

I know the cubes AND the where they need to go, that your're talking about.  You run into them twice, so here's general information. 

- - - - -


You can get near them and grab them, holding down "A" and pushing or pulling them places.

You can move them a little ways by putting "FAIRY  DUST" on them, like in  "OsTown", if you've been there, yet.  (Do you have fairy dust?)  You sprinkle fairy dust on them and spray them with paint to move them.  The platform needs to be nearby.  Oswald only helps activate the power box and the platform to get it nearby, but you do not need two players or to play as Oswald.

When generator cubes get near the edge, put it between where you want it to go, and where you are, raise it with fairy dust, and move it onto the platform by spraying it with paint.  The paint spray pushes it.

- -- - - -


Oswald can electrify electric boxes, like I mentioned before -- Mickey stands near it and signals Oswald, and signals him again to electrify a box.

When a box is electrified, it can cause a platform to move, or other things to happen.- - - - - -


Several places in the game there are platforms that spin, but you want them to stop in a horizontal position, so you or the "generator" can get across.

Paint the gear to make them spin.

Thin the gear to make them stop.

It may take several times to get the hang of it.

Position the Generator Cube so you can spray paint it straight onto the platform, without painting the gear, and making it spin.  When it landson the platform, jump on and move it close to the edge, so you can get behind it, fairy dust it again, and move it with paint.

- - - - -

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calm down i was telling you what i saw in the video on you tube. and i wasn't trying to play as oswald. and no i don't have fairy dust yet. and i can't leave the place that i know of in order to go and get it. can i?

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1)  If you jumped down to the ledge, jump off, and you reappear on Mean Street.

2)  If you are inside, and cannot get out, quit the game completely.  Maybe even turn off the console.  Then, you may restart on Mean Street.

3)  If you know of a way to save your games on a card, you might want to do it periodically, so if you run into a glitch, you will have a place to revert to.

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well i FINALLY got past that part and put those generators at least that's what they look like to me in the right place. it took me a couple days to do that cause if you are like me sometimes you just don't have the patience to do this or that on certain games. and you at least i do take breaks from the game and later go back to it. anyways with the help of you tube videos i'm not up to the rainbow falls. and than i burnt out from playing the game and quit for the night. 

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The game gets easier and more fun.  Even after you see the crredits, you will  CONTINUE  to explore and play.  You will find ways to  warp to areas, without all the struggle.

DIRECT  ORDER:  No matter how frustrated you get, NEVER, ever  "DELETE" the game you are on.  Even if you want to start over, do not go the "delete" route.

This may sound confusing, but, the PS3 and XBox only has  ONE  GAME  SLOT  for Epic Mickey 2.

When you turn on the console and choose Epic Mickey 2, there are 3 things you can do:




If you continue, you continue what you were doing, but appear at a certain point in that area, not where you quit.

If you press  "NEW  GAME", it looks like when you first started, but, you have kept all the pins and trophies that you got before!   With  NEW  GAME, you have to start in Mickey's bedroom, and do all the bosses and chores again, but you have a chance of getting Challenges that are mutually exclusive in other runthroughs.  Even if you are not interested in the Challenge to Repair all the Train Stations versus the Challenge to Destroy all the Train Stations, there is no reason to lose the pins and trophies you earned.

If you  DELETE  the game, you lose everything you worked so hard for.  Why?

- - - -

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i did delete it once and only once and that was on ostown before i came on here for help. i really hadn't gotten that far and i was very frustrated. and it did dawn on my pretty fast that it was only 1 slot. but i restarted the game and i ended doing stuff i had missed doing actually. so doing it a 2nd time for me helped me think a bit more clearly than the 1st time i had done it. 


for example i had no idea that you were suppose to go to that generator room that i was stuck in all week damn near. so i had missed that for example. buildings i hadn't go into to do i i went into. and even areas to get pins i had either missed or hadn't figured out how to do i got. it's odd how it went that way but oh well i guess. 

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now i'm at angel cavern and i haven't figured out quite yet how to do that without either kiling myself or being killed. i swear i dunno how people can play any game without getting killed do you?

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You're going to get killed at least a hundred times.  I still get killed when the camera moves during jumps.

Did you arrive here using a projector screen in the round Rainbow Falls Control Room?  If so, here is what I do.

When I enter the cavern, drop a watch.

I run up to the big purple spladoosh, and run right, so I will be out of the way when it explodes.

If you are really hurting, you can spin a gold crystal for something.

I go to the statue that is to the right of the spladoosh and button it was on.


On platforms behind the statue are two broom sweepers who will throw buckets of thinner at you.  So, drop a watch, set your anvils, and drop an anvil on one.

Move back, so you don't get hit.

When the timer is up, drop a watch, move closer, and drop an anvil on the other.

(I have a hard time pointing at their heads and dropping the anvil exactly, so it takes me several tries.)

Now, you can paint the rest of the platform you are on -- with the statue.  (You cannot paint something you are standing on, so you may have to move back to paint it all.)

From the platform you are on, double jump to the dark-gray platforms, that look like a peanut from where we are, but are really two platforms close together.

Jump and climb, and paint platforms, around to the far side where there is a huge angel carved in the wall.

When you paint the last platforms, move quickly to get on solid ground, because a couple sweeping-brooms will come out and throw thinner on you.

I fight them by getting close, spinning them, and thinning them.  You can also spin them off a cliff.  Just keep spinning and thinning.

Next to that platform is a projector screen, that will take you to the next area, called Disney Gulch.

- - - -

Later, you can warp back to the area from the North Mean Street Cinema, using any projector screen you have already used.  That way you do not have to fight all this to get here again.  When you come back, you can explore downstairs, where there are DEC manhole covers, on both sides.

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Look into the middle of the fire maze and see a red chest.  Next to that chest is a special handle that turns off  ALL  THE  FIRE  FOREVER!!!

If you are looking from the manhole to the fire, to your right is a well where you can become yellow invincible.  Then, you can slow time with a watch, walk to the chest and handle, and turn off all the fire -- except there are two enemies - robots with red buttons on their head that you need to jump on and fight, until the spatter inside pops out and you spray him.  (You do not have enough time or space to drop a TV for him to pop out and watch, while you spray him.)

The thing about the well that you are going to jump into, is that it is gray rock, like a lot of other gray rock, and it is behind yellow crystals.  So, you have to spin or thin the crystals to get to it, and thin them all to get it to flow yellow ink.

Know where you are going, and walk slowly with the ink, to the red chest.

- - -

With the fire gone, continue across to a large platform, with another robot enemy.  Jump on his button, and kill the ink spatter inside.

When you turn the handle on that large platform, a smaller platform rises, so you can jump into the mouth of the devil statue, and go down the DEC  manhole into Disney Gulch, just a little lower than the projector screen you will have arrived through if you did the previous post.

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A  THIRD  SCENARIO -- when I have replayed to get something, and ended up on the upper level of the caverns (upper level is Angel, lower fire is Devil).  To me, this is the easiest way to get across.

Arrive on the upper level.  Explode the Spladoosh by going near it and moving far enough away that the explosion does not hurt you, but close enough that he does not go back to sleep.

Go near where the Spladoosh was, and look down at the fire falls.  Helicopter with Oswald down to the large area to the left of the falls. 

Then, exit the way I said in the previous post.  You entered on top and exited on bottom -- which completes a task.

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for that room yes i ended up splashing the 4 brooms guys or whatever you call them? from a distance befriending them.


i forget what else i did  but i'm sure i missed some stuff. i don't have the manual yet so i prolly did miss something. i did get to the point where i got the projector working. so i went through that and i did get the balls that you roll around unfortunally after i had left i watched a you tube video and i see that i missed freeing a gremlin. he was hidden apparently. and i had thought i had done everything. i gave up trying to kill that guy who shoots rockets at you and left him  and now i'm at the dragon and i gave up for the time being cause i was burn out from playing. so far i've got 10% completed 

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Even though the game tells you you are 10% done, you are really 25 to 33 percent done (the first of three bosses).  The game designers threw in a bunch of running around like a chicken with its head cut off -- that you can do if you  CONTINUE  after you see the ending and the credits run.

- - - - -



While you are getting used to the game, the easiest way is to thin the dragon, then thin the spatter who is in a compartment inside his stomach panel.

If you crossed the JUNK bridge and started on the bottom floor, you will have to thin the dragon down there, and run up some rock-ledge steps to the right / zag back and up to a solid metal ledge.

If you went through a projector at the first place you came to from the train -- Jiminey Cricket's Tongue Projector Screen -- you will start the Dragon Boss on the top level, skipping half the Boss.

(You may want to run along that top platform, past enemies, and jump to a little ledge that has a little, shiny lunch box.  It will not be there, later.)

An amusing thing is that, on the upper level, the dragon's fire breath does not hurt you.

The head-butting spatters hurt you, and re-spawn if you kill them -- so just ignore the dragon, completely thin all of the  THREE  roof supports,  AND  spin the head-butters when they get close to you.  (A head-butting spatter comes to you, pulls his head back, and hits you with his head.)  Spin them, and thin the supports, repeat, spin spatters and thin supports.  More health and thinner cans will appear on the ledge or gears laying there that you spin -- or thinner will appear on your meter after a bit.

When I was thinning the supports, I made it so there was a thinned blank area in all three of them, which would make them fall in the real world, but I found that I had to thin every speck of each one.  Then, the ...

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well i was going buy what the PS3 says is complete. i have so far 7 trophies so far. and how i got to the dragon? oh that's an easy one i CAN answer and it was through the projector with that old west if you want to call it that ? how can you get in a different way?


is it each system is different or something? and thanxs for the help like an idiot i wasn't using thinner on the dragon but paint. 


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ok it wasn't the old west but it was a building in the projector that you were in

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AFTER  THE  FIRST  BOSS, before you follow the walkthrough through the projector screen to do the things in the swamp called BOG  EASY, get some money and go through the projector screen to VENTURELAND, and buy an  ANVIL  sketch.  It will help you to drop anvils on enemies, even in Bog Easy.  (It just dawned on me that I made a mistake when you were in Rainbow Caverns -- about dropping anvils on enemies, when you didn't have anvils, yet.  Sorry!  But, you did fine, spraying them.)

Also, TVs that you buy in  BOG  EASY  are great to drop in front of enemies, to watch or have them electrocute themselves.

- - - - -

General Explanations:

All the systems are exactly the same for playing the game. (After the game is over, the Wii has 3 game slots, and the PS3 and XBox have "CONTINUE" to get more goodies and explore, or you can go back to start a "New Game".)  But all the scenes and gameplay are the same for all three systems.

- - - - -

Using blue paint on the Dragon Boss is the harder, good-guy solution, that makes the Dragon be your friend.

Using thinner on the roof supports, and having the roof fall on the Dragon Boss is the easiest way to get through the game the first time.

Do either one to get a pin, and the opposite pin appears in the pin trader.  (Happy Dragon Friend vs. Mad Dragon Enemy)

- - - -

After you finish the game the first time, if you want to mine for  ALL  the trophies or challenges, you can come back here and follow this link to a Trophy Guide

PS3 Trophy Guide and Roadmap - Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - PS3Imports.org

- - - - -


After the caverns, you came to the Old West or Disney Gulch, that had an old-time saloon.

Then, you took a train ride to the second half of Disney Gulch.  There on the piece of land, where you landed, are wires on the ground to paint, and a rope railing to thin with steps to a box that electrifies something.  What you go through is a "red carpet" mouth.

OTHERWISE, maybe using all three spheres in the container on the first part, you can jump off that piece of land, across things to get to the far side of the gulch -- past the rope to a dish, the top of a hat and a tennis racket and a landing with a sweeper and get on a moving comic book to another landing with a projector, where there is also a Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock.

I think there are 6 places in the game that have two ways to go to the same place:

Like from Ostown back to Mean Street; Like from Rainbow Control Room to Rainbow Caverns; Like from Rainbow Caverns to Disney Gulch; Like from the second half of Disney Gulch to the Dragon Boss; Like from Fort Wasteland to The Floatyard; Like from Wonderland to the Second Boss.  The game has many ways to go.  And, ways to warp back using the Mean Street Cinema, while plalying around and exploring after the game is over.

- - - - - -

After you have used a projector screen once (playinng through the 2-D cartoon), you can go to Mean Street Cinema and get there, again.

Or, from a projector screen that you have used, you can stand in front of it, and spin the gear about four times.  When it stopps showing the title of a cartoon, and simply shows Mickey surrounded by rays of gold and white, you can then use that screen to immediately warp back to Mean Street Cinema. 

- - - - -

P.S.:  You are doing fantastic!  Once you got rolling, you really went fast and far.

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thank you for your kind words, i'll prolly get it on the Wii cause that's just how i am i like to have it for different systems. i don't do this with every game that comes out mind you. but with say Harry Potter i got Deathly Hallows 1 i believe for the wii and i can't for the life of me even get past the damn 1st level or even get really hit anything cause the controls are crap cause of the way the wii's designed. i did a tad better on the PS3 version cause the controller is different and it's what i'm used to.


for some games for the wii some games are hard as hell for me cause of the way the control is, it can be very difficult on some games for me. i don't have a wii U but i have a feeling that Batman that just came out on it not to long ago will be far much more harder for me than the PS3 version cause for one i can sit down to play on the PS3 version. but on the 1st game for Epic Mickey i'm not great at playing it but i can tell you in the guide what page i'm on page 31 i believe. the level where you save that gremlin in that booth from some enemey. 

anyways i watched on you tube some dude who did a walkthrough of course and this is for the x box version and when people do commentaries that really doesn't bother me to be honest cause sometimes you do get one that knows there shat and others that are just idiots and aren't funny. though they try to be. anyways, and in Epic Mickey 2 i think iv'e gotten a LOT farther cause it's for the PS3. anyways i watched him play the area i'm on and he used paint and he started just where i went in at the bottom and you know what it looked damn hard to me even though he played the walkthorugh by the look of it for the 1st time playing it. 


cause you had to find the area's where you had to paint in and reaching it looked pretty damn hard. i dunno how he did it. 

what did you do? paint it or thin it the 1st time you played the game? 

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I used paint my first time through, but I'm much wiser, now.

Having played Epic Mickey 1, I bought Epic Mickey 2 the minute it came out, but did not buy the guide.  The Wii has 3 game slots, and I save on an SD card transferred to my computer, so I played 5 games, as thoroughly as I could. 

After the credits, in Ostown, the pause menu says, Epilogue, and tells Mickey and Oswald to work together to open a way forward.  Now I know that there is no way forward, the game was shortened to get it out for the Holidays, but then, I spent a lot of time looking.

So, I thought I could not get some things done -- like blue paint/water in the fountain in Ostown and Mickey back home -- like in EM1.  So, I got zero results on different searches and Forums.  So, I bought the EM2 Prima Guide.

- - - - -

EPIC  MICKEY  1  TICKET  BOOTH  area with the Teacups and Dumbo rides.

When I get there, I run to the water on the top-right, spinning the head-butting spatters into the water.  For the eye-ball seer, I let him roll toward me, and double-jump over him, so he rolls into the water.  The eye-ball seers make a noise, jump up, and roll in a straight line.  So, if you are standing around 2 feet from the water, and double-jump over them or out of the way, they die when they hit the water.

That is even my strategy for the sweeper-brooms in this game -- run to them and knock them down, then spray them.  Except in this game, we have unlimited watch sketches!

- - - - -

Nintendo used to have the classic style controller that you have on the PS3.  I use it for GameCube and older games like the Zelda and other "Virtual Console" games we can download from the Shopping Channel (after buying a shopping card in a store).

I love the Nintendo Wii with its wand and nunchuck, so I can point the wand and cursor at where I want to shoot paint, an arrow, or even the clawshot.  Wii Fit has juggling and boxing where you move both hands (wand and nunchuck). 

But, most people agree with you and your control preference, which is why Nintendo made the Wii  U.

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i have't played the wii U yet so i have no idea how to even play or even know how that one even works. Nintendo has gotten stupid  i think. i've been playing the NES going back to the original system since i got it for x-mas in (1988) i'm 34   and with each controller that has come out it has taken me sometimes years to learn how to even use it. it took me ages for the SNES and even longer than that for the N64 cause of the camera in that system.  what they should just do is give you an option 


on thier system for most games where you can use a controller if you want to but on certain games like the last Zelda game since that is motion than you are stick with the wii controller like you sad the wand and nunchuck.  kinda how like the PS3 & the Xbox does it where you have the option of using iether a Kinect if that's your thing or a PS Move if that's your thing.  though i don't like how you have to spend $100 something bucks on those if you want to get them. yes the move is a bit cheaper but if you look at all the things that can come with it, if you want everything it can cost depending on where you get it at least $100 bucks or over that.  anyways like is said for some games the wii controls are just to hard for a guy like to use them. it's not on all games mind you only certain ones. 


when  i FINALLY got around to buying the PS2 i (2009) i bought the PS3 in March of (2011)   what i did was this cause i was terrible on the controller. i went out and boughht a puzzle game that was pretty much a crossword puzzle game cause i like to do a good crossword now and than and that helped me learn the controls much faster actually than it normally would have. also if you still have your game cube a guy you just gotta buy is "Buffy the vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds' you should get that one online cause it's a hard as game to find. even when it was NEW it was for some reason hard to find. i dunno where my folks even found it when i got it for x-mas one year.  it's a great game.  sorry for going off topic a bit but i need to go back and read what you posted cause i lost track. 

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Good post.  Interesting.  It's nice to share experiences.

But, there was no reason to write, " sorry for going off topic a bit ...", because I made this Topic, "Walkthrough for PS3", just for you to communicate.  

Write whatever you like. 

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now i'm stuck cause i jumped while killing this stupid dragon and the area i jumped i think is the wrong area cause at the top is steam that i can't seem to jump over and oswald is for some reason no where near me! so i end up getting killed as i fall into the lava cause the way ends up sinking into the lava any help?

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You Wrote:  now i'm stuck cause i jumped while killing this stupid dragon and the area i jumped i think is the wrong area cause at the top is steam that i can't seem to jump over and oswald is for some reason no where near me! so i end up getting killed as i fall into the lava cause the way ends up sinking into the lava any help?

- - - -

I died there, many times, but I kept coming back to life, before I learned that you only have to do a minimal fight -- whether you use paint or thinner.  I recommend thinner.

Turn up your TV brightness so you can see the dark and light areas that are rocky steps.

Drop watch sketches.  Paint areas that the dragon broke, or double-jump over them.

Did you enter through the first land area where you arrived after the train ride -- or did you cross over a lot of stuff, like hats and tennis rackets, to get to the other side?  Which projector screen did you come through.

FROM  THE  BOTTOM  FIGHTING  RING, there are stone steps to the right, but you must be quick, because the lava rises. 

Don't even fight the dargon after you see the rocky steps up, just go!

If the dragon thins part of the path that you cannot double-jump, paint it, and keep going to the metal platform above.

After you thin all the roof supports, and the roof falls, there will be a projector screen out.

- - - -

I don't think it is necessary for you to fight the dragon -- just drop watch sketches and run and avoid, because I think you entered through the first projector screen.  I think the steps will appear for you within a minute of your landing there.

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Clarification:  The lava only starts rising, forcing you to find and run up the stairs, AFTER you fight and win the first half of the battle.

But, you do not have to fight the first half of the battle if you entered the projector screen near the trains where you arrived. 

Shortly after the Dragon appears, the stone steps are to your right, maybe three sections over, and you can just run up them.  The camera turns so you are in a position to make another sharp right across some platforms, to a solid metal platform, that never gets lava.

The more time you take, the more time the Dragon will have to thin out your path to the solid platform.  So, you can paint or double-jump -- because metal parts stay solid.

Anyway, keep your eyes open for those rock steps, and go to them as soon as you see them, instead of waiting for the lava to rise.  I don't think you need to thin or paint him.  Just run and double jump.  Maybe paint in the place he thinned.

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after taking a break from it for a couple of hours i did find a way up there. than i decided to take another break from it for the time being as well. the reason i do this is cause if i go into a boss's lair to kill it straight off than most of the time i lose and end up gettig killed. so what i learned in reacent years is that i can pause the game an do something else like go online or watch tv. 

and i go back to the game when i'm ready to play it again and than i have a better chance of beating it. that's how i've been doing this boss level, play it a little bit and after dying so many times and being frustrated i than realize i'm just not ready to get further into the stage so i take a break and go back to it when i'm ready to go a bit further. even if it's just a little bit. it helps me clear my head and lower my blood pressure too. he he. 



actually i suggest it to everyone to be honest. it helps me a LOT! 

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#29 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

Good job getting to the upper level.

Use watch sketches.

You can run past the three roof supports, that are on the edge of the ledge, between you and the Dragon.  Then, jump up to the small next platform to get a little lunch box, that you pick up just by walking into it. 

Then, jump back to the "situation".

There, on the upper level, you can still decide to use paint, but I strongly suggest just fully thinning the three support pillars that actually hold up the roof.  This is the place where you spin away the head-butters, and thin the supports. 

Spin Oswald when he gets too near you, too, because he attracts enemies far more than he electricutes them.

Gears laying on the ledge have health and paint/thinner.

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#30 Posted by wildhoney66 (306 posts) -

oh i knocked a few into the lava and i didn't befriend any i just pretty much b&ch smacked them. i missed that lunchbox you were talking about. and i didn't have a stop watch sketch at the time i just bought actually after i beat the dragon. and i took your advice i just used thinner on everything. well that had to do with the dragon that is. the top was i think the fastest of all the stages of the 1st boss for me to get through to be honest. i didn't expect it to be but it was. the head butters weren't to bad actually. 


i was expecting it to be far worse. so i killed the dragon and the doc did his song and now i'm back in town. i brought up that thing in the middle of the street and got the scrap that was in it. and talked to the gremlin and now nearly all the gremlins have dissapred. ah sorry about my spelling. what now i wonder? 

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If you can, fix the Mean Street Train Station.  Talk to the conductor inside the ticket booth.  Stand by or on the luggage in front of the station; drop a watch sketch; and quickly tap the Oswald button that sends Oswald up to fix the clock.  (If you press the button too long, Oswald flies around Mean Street, instead of up to the platform above the ticket booth.)  Afterward, talk to the conductor inside the train station, and he will tell you if it is fixed.  Only after Oswald has gone up there and fixed it, will you be able to go up there. 

(You cannot actually use the train to warp anywhere until after you have fixed another train station.)

- - - - -

What you did at the round Rainbow Falls Control Room repaired the projector screens at the end of Mean Street North. (If you spin the screen so both heads are on the left side, it will be easier to get the film reel that is in each 2-D cartoon, so, later, warping from the Mean Street Cinema will be free.)

The second Projector Screen on the left goes to BOG  EASY swamp, where you can pick up some Easy Money, and buy a TV in the first building.  (see my post of March 3 entitled "Easy Money and Goodies".

The first Projector Screen on the left goes to VENTURELAND, where you can buy an Anvil in the first building on the left -- that is a Tiki Mask Shop.

The third projector screen goes to OSTOWN.  It is quicker than the DEC underground you took earlier.  I go through the 2-D cartoon, walk 2 steps, turn around, spin the gear/projector screen approximately 4 times, until I no longer see the name of the cartoon, but see a Big Mickey face with gold and white rays.   Now, that screen will warp you to and from the Mean Street Cinema. 

THEN, THE  WAY  TO  THE  SECOND  BOSS  IS  THROUGH  BOG  EASY -- the second projector screen on the left.

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well i'm not quite ready to go to the bog easy quite yet cause i want to get  crap done before that. so i went and got the 2nd dragon pin and got the jukebox running to start with. and i was giving the jamface some scrap metal to build stuff before i ran out of how much he needs. might as well get some stuff done 1st ya know? and yes i also got the train station working again if you are wondering if i did that yes i did that. i sent oswald up to fix that. and i didn't know what to do after that so i went to the other mean street north. or whatever it's called?  i also got the machine running by putting paint in it as well. 

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You can come back through the projector screens anytime.  But, you do not have to fight the cartoon again, just spin it until it tells you you can go straight to the Mean Street Cinema.

I believe an Anvil Sketch and a TV Sketch are each $500.

After you go to VENTURELAND (where there are no enemies),and get the Anvil, you can come back to Mean Street, through the projector screen.

After you go to  BOG  EASY, you can come back out.  In addition to Easy Money and a TV Sketch, THERE  IS  ONE  CRAB-SKILL-SAW  BEETLEWORX  MACHINE. 

Survey the dock from where you land.  Drop a watch sketch, cross the non-moving alligator floats, and land on the dock -- going to the right side where there are two large metal doors where beetleworx are generated, a red light inside the open doors, and a thinned-out power box beside it. 

During the battle, if you want, you can go on the building or back near the projector screen to catch your breath.

1)  You can PAINT the power box and trust Oswald to zap it (but Oswald is uselessly fighting the Beetleworx, even killing it, causing the doors to open and generate another Beetleworx).

2)  You can wait for the doors to open and  THIN  the red light.

After the Beetleworx machine red eye is THINNED, or is  PAINTED, with a nice Beetlewrox walking around, you can get  EASY  MONEY  and a  TV.

Then, you can go beck to Mean Street and do things before going through the path from  BOG  EASY  to the  FIRST  BOSS.  Actually, I go back and forth several times, instead of just going in a straight line.

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i went into that tounge or whatever it's called and fixed those gears but i was unable to get to the red box i think it was? cause of the distance. 

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It was hard, but you have defeated the Dragon Boss, and made it back to Mean Street?

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i used the underground for there instead of paying the fee. i went back to the mad docs lab and got the lunchbox and gave it to the gremlin in the telescope or whatever it's called?

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Great!  I feel enthusiastic.  You are really getting a handle on this game!  Next, you will be helping your brother.  Does he live in the same town as you? 

It doesn't matter whether you choose to give those special items that fall from the sky to the Observatory or the Museum -- just don't mix them up.

Give all the sky items to the same place.

But, you can still sell ordinary stuff to the Museum -- until she has 20 things and gives you a trophy.  Then, after you get the trophy, if you want the stuff for another Quest, you have to buy it back for 50% more than what she paid you for it.

Welcome to Wasteland!

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#38 Posted by wildhoney66 (306 posts) -

actually i think i did do that by accident. and the gremlin did remark about it and honestly i didn't mean to do it. but oh well i guess. i am now in blot ally and there i quit for the night actually. i did go to ventureland 1st and i played around there for awhle. i  didn't get anything from hook though. anyways as for my brother he doesn't haver a PS3 only a wii. 


i think i am doing better at this game than i am at the 1st game that's for the wii to be honest. lord knows i'm much farther in this one than in that one. he he. as for that room i started Jamface said that it's fixed but not working. so i must have missed something?   anyways i did rescue the gremlin and he's i guess the one by the train station or something? 


i fixed those blotworks? or whatever those machines are called hence turned them friendly. which wasn't that hard really. 


now i'm in blot alley and on this one i'll prolly have to look at you tube so i don't do nothing that will get me killed! 

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IN  BLOT  ALLEY, Ghost Ian wants you to make it through without disturbing the Head-Butting Spatters, who will run to ring one of the many bells if they see you, because they do not like Mickey.

Of course, you can thin them, anyway.  But I have a great  PAINT  method!

The game has Disappearing Ink Wells, that I have not used, even once.

What I do is:

Peep around corners and from behind carts, to see where the Spatters and the Bells are for each area.

Drop Watch Sketches to slow them down.

Drop TV Sketches near them, for them to go to and sit down and watch.  (As soon as they see the TV and start toward it, they do not pay attention to you.)

PAINT  THEM  BLUE,  so they will never ring the bell.

(As soon as you start painting one, he stops watching TV, so be quick.  Later, when there is more than one watching TV, position yourself so you can paint one without "waking" the other, until you are ready for him.)

- - - - -

You might use a combination of using Disappearing Ink until you know where the spatters are, then using my method.  (If the Ink Well is dry, paint the flowers around it to get the blue Disappearing Ink to flow, then jump in.)

- - - - -

You do not have to worry about getting all the Teddy Bear Parts or other goodies, because you can come back for them, when you continue the game, after the credits.  And, you can come back on another errand, later.  Just concentrate on getting through peacefully -- or gang-busters!

- -- - -

SPLADOOSH  blobs watch TV, too, even though they do not move from where they are.  From afar, drop a Watch and TV, then, paint the first one, and stand back so you do not disturb the second one.  Then, tackle the second one.

- - - -

TABLES  AND  CHAIRS and some bushes  are a good source of paint and thinner.  Save some to come back to, in order to refill your paint containers, so you can start painting with a full supply.  If you run out of paint while painting a spatter, spin the spatter, so he can't ring the bell, while you wait for one container to automatically refill.

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BRIGHT - BLUE   WATER  will slowly fill up your hearts / health, and give you guardians.

- - - - -

There are three colors of "water".

Bright Blue comes in certain areas, when things around it are painted.  It comes in handy when there are enemies and fighting around. 

Neutral, dull blue/gray will neither hurt nor heal you.

Green will hurt you.

- - - -

IN  BLOT  ALLEY, Ghost Ian approves when you paint spatters.  He disapproves when you flip paint guardians at them, even though they look and act friendly.  (I think I've made every mistake possible.)