Two Important Things

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OK guys, it's not my big reveal yet, but to tide you over here's some tidbits I discovered.


So THIS is what Warren Spector was doing when he should have been perfecting the game and finishing it on time. Riding rides at Disney World just chatting about parts of the game that he didn't know weren't true... BECAUSE HE WASN'T THERE.

2. Also, did you ever notice that the ending in the extras menu changes if you go back in the Epilogue and finish up Horace's or Donald's quests? It changes to match what you did. This is clearly a programming error, and an obvious sign of the game's truncation.

There we are! Thoughts, everyone?

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No comment on the words under the bottom video of the male blogger,

"Near the 7:30 mark, Warren and I snuggle up on the Peter Pan ride "

and the video ending with them getting off the dark ride's gondola, and Spector saying,

"Yea, Yea, it was hard!"  before the video abruptly ended, cutting off their conversation.

(Mind you, Warren Spector lives in Texas, which isn't a liberal state.)

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Mcbasilrocks shared what employees of Junction Point thought about Warren Spector, during the chain-sawing of the Epic Mickey 2 game.

In theWikipedia biography of Warren Spector, we find out that the Deus Ex staff didn't think too much of his skill, either:

QUOTE:  "iamwarren" is one of the game's cheats (it causes electronic devices in the player's vicinity to malfunction spectacularly, a joke by the development team).

That should have been a warning to Disney!