Trouble with First Diorama - Train Tunnels

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i've painted in both arms and the clock face and spun the wheels and abe still won't open the transport tubes for me. there is still electricity flowing through the right arm. gus just keeps saying, "i'm pretty sure that's not how the arms should be moving" and "it looks like the electricity powering the arms is exposed. that might be part of the problem." i have no idea what i'm missing or doing wrong. please to help.
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Stop reading when you get the amount of hint that you need.

Does the clock face look like it sticks out too far?

Does it look like there is a thin-able wall to the right?

Answer, if you free the gremlin behind the wall to the right, he will stop those platforms from moving. 

Then, you can jump on the arm to the left, and onto the platforms.

Up by the clock are gears that Oswald and Mickey can spin, to crank the clock face into place.

There are other places to thin and explore, after you have completed your required tasks.

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i have done everything that you have written. there is still an electric current going through the right arm. i get the notice from oswald to electrify it and i do so but nothing comes from it. i've watched all the video walkthroughs and once people have filled in the arms, gus seems like that's that. but i continue to have electricity flowing through the right arm and messages/hints as i've written above.
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OK, maybe when the end of the arm was thinned, so you could see the power panel on the end of it, Oswald did the thinner thing and zapped it.

So, follow the thinner path.

Still rescue the gremlin.

Thin both arms and the ends of both arms, so you can see the power boxes on the ends, and have Oswald Zap both of them.

Climb up on an arm, and  THIN  the face of the clock.

Climb up behind the face of the clock, but instead of spinning and spinning the gears beside the device that is holding the face out ( so the face goes in near the wall) --


That way, you have done all four things -- right arm, left arm, clock face, and device that extends the clock face out.

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thank you for your help. (you might also want to let people know that, in addition to oswald's elecrtifying the arms, that you also have to use thinner to thin out the control boxes on both ends of the arms.) this game can be so wonky and unintuitive sometimes. it's frustrating!
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The whole Dioramas segment is a mess for people who never played the first Epic Mickey. The entire zone just keeps assuming that you played the first and starts throwing things like 'hey, remember when we fought the Blot?' and 'aw, man, remember the Mad Doctor battle? That was cool.' And what's worse is that most of the diorama puzzles are nigh-on impossible to work out without having played the original (how would you know, for instance, to mess with the Clock Tower's arms, or that the purple buggy in the Mad Doctor diorama is meant to go crashing into the machinery and not the Thinner?) It's just one big: 'Hey! Did you play the first game? No? THEN YOU'RE STUCK!'
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You are so right. 

For me, the problem this person is having with the "electricity" is the worst part of that diorama -- and the worst parts of the whole game, e.g. WHEN  TO  HAVE  OSWALD  ZAP !!! 

And, sometimes he zaps on his own, like when you thin out the robot on Mean Street South Fountain, and Oswald automatically zaps.  If you later thin the other side, the robot distructs AND the water tower on Mean Street North falls in front of the Camera Shop Door, blocking it forever.  (I think that is what topples the water tower.)

In EM2, the very first time Oswald zaps machines in the castle, we are taught that zapping is the "good, paint path."

Then, you never know.  In an underground with a paint tank, if you fill it with paint and have Oswald zap, it gets reset to where it was when you entered.

What does zapping do?  How do I know what to thin out, while looking for Hidden Heroes, in order to avoid Oswald's automatic zapping?  Should I have Oswald zap, or not?

That Clock Tower Diorama was even confusing for me -- who had played EM1 -- and didn't know to jump behind the clock face -- and did it before I freed the helpful gremlin. 

I even had Oswald zap the cages where the extra monsters were -- which, also, opened the other side with a treasure chest -- only to have  ABE  (Jimmy Stewart) complain.

I still do not know when to zap and when not to -- except through the school of hard knocks.