The conductor in Ostown went missing?

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I'm trying to complete the side mission, "Wasteland Limited", and from what I have read, in order to fix the train station in ostown you have to use a fairy sketch to lift the roof. BUT there's no conductor! For some reason he's gone and it won't let me "raise the roof". Can anyone help me?
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What part of the game are you in? Or how much progress have you made? I know if you take to long/visit Ostown to many times without fixing the station then it's broke forever. So maybe that's what happened. Also, when I did it I painted the whole building first. Then I used the sketch, so try doing that first.
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Look in your Challenges Menu, that is a page in your Pause Menu.  

There is a challenge to "Shutter" the train stations by letting them keep getting earthquake damage.  Then, finally, after visiting so many times, an earthquake permanently damages the station beyond repair, and scrap metal falls all over the place.

Then, the conductor is missing and the station is shuttered up, permanently, and it is marked in the challenge menu.

Naturally, you cannot permanently damage a station, and get the Quest for repairing all four of them.  The quest and the challenge are mutually exclusive on a Wii (You cannot get both in the same game slot).  On an XBox and SP3, when you play a "New Game", without deleting the old game, you lose everything except your pins and trophies.

I had to play the game several times to get coordinate all the quests (including the Quest to repair all the stations and, especially, the "One Toon's Trash" Quest).