Spector wanted to do his own sci-fi game, not Mickey

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Junction Point founder, Warren Spector, did not really want to do a Mickey Mouse game.
It wasn't his style.  But, he needed money and a job.  
He had gone to Disney with a science-fiction fantasy.  Disney wasn't interested.

Spector settled on doing a Mickey Mouse game.
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WARREN  SPECTOR:  "I sat down with Disney talking about a fantasy -- about a science-fiction game I wanted to do, and they were not particularly interested in it, frankly.
Instead, they asked me if I was interested in doing a Mickey Mouse game."

So, Warren Spector was making mega-bucks as "General Manager & Creative Director", while he was just phoning it in to what he called his "virtual team" in the USA and UK.  
When it got to Epic Mickey 2, he never played 5 minutes of the game, or watched the game being played for 5 minutes.

All this is because his heart was in his science-fiction game that nobody would fund.

Even now, any work he did on his dream while under the employe of Disney is Disney Property.
Any thoughts?