Something interesting in the ending...

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People are always going on about how this is a truncated game, and that Mean Street was meant to be made a whole by the end. Well, I found this little number:

It's the ending, so obvious spoilers, but: watch when Mickey takes a bow at around 3:06. What's that in the background? A reunited Mean Street! It also looks pretty whole behind the Dragon as well. And surely you'd need a street WITHOUT deadly cliff edges and deathpits in the ground for a parade?! What are those Gremlins on?!

Additionally, look at the castle when the fireworks are going off - hey, wasn't that ravaged before, as this: concept art shows? It's suddenly mended! Heck, the first stage is all about escaping BEFORE it collapses!

Either some weird, time-altering paradox occurred during the ending, or something's amiss here....

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Of course, I totally agree with you !!!

ABOUT  THE  CASTLE: In the beginning of the game, I was in the castle when it was falling apart!  And, later, one of the "Jamaican" ladies on Mean Street talks about hoping it can get repaired -- but the game ends before anything is done.


that you think the Animation Team had the endings / cutscenes done and in the can, the way the game was supposed to end?

... But, meanwhile, the programmers didn't have the game finished?

(Maybe they ran out of time for a holiday release; maybe they were 213 million in the hole;  maybe they were moving)

So, there is a gap between where the game I played ended, and what was seen in the ending?

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That makes sense.

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Oh, and I found this concept art as well:

It just PROVES that there was to be more to the game. Look at the expressions on the Pete's faces, and all the other details. Prescott, despite having a relatively small role in the end, is also displayed prominently. Just what is going on here.....?

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I just realised something else as well: I guarantee you that the whole Pete thing was actually going to be like a second half of the game. When you're in the Attic, thinning the big signs reveals some Pete-shaped costumes, and Oswald remarks that they aren't the Mad Doctor's size. My guess is that Pete was going to be in on the Mad Doc's plans, but they scrapped him at the end and moved his 'sequel hook' to after the credits. Unacceptable, Disney.