Some more revealing concept art - some are terrifying

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Take a look at these: 

Yet ANOTHER Disney employee has posted their EM2 concept art on the net. Here, we can see several areas that weren't in the game, such as that utterly terrifying melting Pinocchio face - what?!

Plus, this one is interesting: note that this area isn't in the game. Also note the shadow of the Mad Doctor on the floor - it's easy to tell that this was pretty important. this one is weird. Where was this in the game? Nowhere. If you look in the background, you can see Rainbow Falls, so clearly this was an extension of that area or somesuch.

Now this one's a gem: 

It's the Attic, but note two things: the TV is still there, but it now has this demonic eye in it, hinting that it was originally going to have a lot more... violent... purpose than just broadcasting a silly TV show, like we got. Also look behind the vault door - in the game, that leads to the projector to the final boss. Here? No projector, and you can see machinery inside the vault, showing that the area would have extended further. So here's my theory of what they were going to do with the plot - the Mad Doc would have used the TV to open a portal to the real world, then send an army up there or something. Just a thought. Oh, and there's no TV camera 'ant' in the picture either, so that was clearly a rushed addition. I also wished they'd kept the lightning - a lot more epic.

And this: I still can't get over that *shudder*... what the heck is it?!

This too: it's some Mean Steet art. But note the title: 'Iterative Process'. An iterative process is when a place or object goes through a series of versions, or 'iterations'. We can apply this knowledge to the picture: note how in each panel Mean Street gets more and more destroyed. Clearly something epic was going to happen to Mean Street in the game. More Attic art. 

And where is this?:

That's a lot of theories. What do you guys think? Enjoy looking at the art! Just don't get nightmares....

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Great Find, Mcbasilrocks !!!

You just keep getting more and more evidence about the TVs.

(I think the iteration sketch is just where we can thin.)

I wonder how many of the other scenes were in various levels of being programmed, and then got chain-sawed.  For example, Warren Spector had even done a demonstration of Alice in Wonderland, and all we got was one area.

I would really like to know what the accepted script was, before the chain-saw.

I can't put all the TV info together as well as you.

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Well, first things first every game ends up with unused concept art.  Some ideas are changed and others are scrapped all toghether.   So some of these could fall into that category.  


However, there is no doubt that this game was cut in half, or "chainsawed" as Katydid said.  

the biggest dissapointment about all of this is the amount of fans that feel "screwed over'.  Unfortuneatly there aren't very many. I mean theres a few of us here, but not nearly enough of us to make a impact.   

I'd like to see a sequel, but have it be done right.  But due to the low numbers of angry fans I doubt Disney or anyone else will ever listen.  

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Actually, I think that the valid complaints were heard, and had a major impact.

Our complaints about EM1 led to promises by Warren Spector that he would fix them in EM2.  He didn't.

Disney listened to the complaints about EM2, shut down Junction Point, and had nothing more to do with Warren Spector.

If you or a potential employer Googles "Warren Spector", you find our comments -- and the fact that he is still without a job as of his interview on April 5, 2013.

Let your voice be heard.