PS3 version Prescott's Arena Heeeeeelllllllp!

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After much searching, no one seems to have any suggestion of hints on Prescott's Arena Boss on the PS3 platform. It's significantly different from the walkthroughs that are out there right now. The fight is set in the round, with the animatronic in the middle of a field of hexes that are covered in a killer force field in straight line points from the boss. We're stuck. any clues?
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When you arrive in Prescott's Arena, Prescott will hop into a Mickey-shaped turret. This phase is simple - Oswald will dash round to the other side and distract the machine. This will make it turn round, revealing two tanks on its back. Spray them full with Paint. Rinse and repeat until the tank is full, at which point Oswald will reprogram the machine to turn it partially friendly. Repeat the tank-filling and reprogramming twice more and the phase will be over.

Then there'll be a short cutscene and you'll hop out of the big Prescott head's mouth. This phase is a bit trickier - the head has three distinct attacks: orange lava balls, which you can Spin to dispose of, green thinner bombs which land and explode shortly after, and balls of junk which hover around a bit and land where you are, signified by a growing shadow on the floor to mark its target. There will be six yellow panels on the floor. When Prescott throws some junk, stand on one of these panels and move away at the last second to break it some. Each panel needs three hits to open. When they are all open, look for the three ones which contain thinned gears. Paint these in. The other three contain fuseboxes which Oswald should power up shortly after you Paint the gears in. Once all three gears are painted and powered up, huge crushing walls will close in and smash the Prescott head, earning you the Paint upgrade and adding to your 'good guy' playthrough if that's what you're after.

Good luck!

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ok... keep doing what i'm doing until it changes, then do something else. got it.