Projector Screens -- Warping, Film Reels, and Pins

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Projector Screens -- Warping, Film Reels, and Pins

I assume that you have powered the Power Box on top of the North Mean Street Cinema (where you never see the man who runs the projector).

1)  WARPING:  After you have used a particular Projector Screen once, you can use it forever to  WARP  to the North Mean Street Cinema.   Look at the screen, spin it as the heads on top go left and right, and you see the Title of a 2-D cartoon.  After spinning it approximately four times, you see a Mickey face with gold and white rays coming out.  
When you press A, it will ask you if you want to go to the Mean Street Cinema.  You can say YES and warp there immediately, free, and without playing through a cartoon.

This is especially handy when you are getting something between Mean Street and a Boss, and you do not want to go from place to place, but just want to get back to Mean Street.  Or, even if it is your first time through, and you want to relax or go back and get something, before cotinuing through the "dungeon to the Boss"  (I think it is a Duneon, even if it is called Disney Gulch.)

FROM  THE  MEAN  STREET  CINEMA, you can warp back to a place where you have used a projector screen.  If you touched the Film Reel that was in that cartoon, you can go for free, as many times as you like.  Until you get the Film Reel, you pay $50.

2)  FILM  REELS:  An old-fashioned Film Reel is in each 2-D projector screen cartoon.  I find it easiest to get all but two of them if I start by spinning  BOTH  heads that are on top of the projector screen to the  LEFT.  The two that are different is the Disney Gulch Jimeny Cricket Tongue  and  the  Ventureland to Autotopia one.
All of them give you infinite chances to go back and get the reel, except the one from Alice in Wonderland's Balcony.  
Even if you started in the Mean Street Cinema, and see the Mickey Face on the projector screen, you can spin it and the heads on top, to be able to play a 2-D cartoon, and get a Film Reel that you missed, so you do not have to pay $50 every time you want to warp.

3)  If Mickey Mouse wears a  STEAMBOAT  WILLIE  costume inside a 2-D cartoon, he can see a pin inside each cartoon.   Otherwise, the pin is invisible.

Steamboat Willie is the first costume I buy at the MAD  HATTER'S  SHOP (Habberdasher) on Mean Street South, with a big hat on top, next to the Detective Agency.  Another post about Easy Money also covers Easy Cloth.
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THE  TRAIN  RIDE  is, also, an immediate  WARP.