'Popping sound' on the Detective Agency roof

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I'm sure that this is just another artifact of the game's truncation, but whenever I head to Mean Street South, the Male Cow by the Museum who usually gives me instructions about Walt's Apartment keeps telling me about a 'popping sound' on the roof of the Detective Agency. This is after I beat the game, and fixed the Haberdasher's Mad Hatter shop, so it's not that. Obviously it's impossible to get onto the roof of the Agency, so what could this be...? Let the speculation begin!

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My guess is it was like other things in the game, an idea or something that was going to be included in the second half, but since the game wasn't finished it got cut.  However, they didn't go back through and elminate that voice track from the male dog.  

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i was looking for it too. it wasn't finished? what do you mean ? 

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In the beginning of the game, thin the Detective Agency / Hatter building.  There are three places to get above the first floor, but not way up onto the roof.

Move the luggage that is by the manhole halfway to the door of the Detective Agency, and jump up there to the noisy fan and electric box that needs to be painted and activated.

It will stop making noise.

But, there are many places in the game where the sloppy programmers do not change what characters say.  The male dog continues to tell you about getting into Walt Disney's apartment and the noisy fan, even after it is done.  The Train Conductor in Bog Easy continues to complain about enemies on the dock, even after they are gone.  Goofy in Ostown does not update his speeches.  Gremlin Jamface talks about the Windmill not having power, after all the undergrounds are repaired and the windmill is turning.

I think this one instance is just a shoddy flow chart and workmanship -- no matter how much more time they had.