OsTown Pump Mission GLITCH NEED HELP

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I just started the game yesterday and am on the mission where Goofy and a certain Gremlin are each trying to get me to fix the pumps to the OsTown fountain a different way. The Gremlin wants me to use one pump and Goofy wants me to use three. I already started doing it Goofy's way and locked two pumps in. The third one on Ortensia's roof, I brought down and it suddenly disappeared. I can't find the pump anywhere and I cant't do it the Gremlins way with one pump because the other two are already locked in. Is this a glitch, or will I be able to find the pump? Do I have to start the game over?
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This is a glitch, but I think you can get that device to reset by going down into the manhole that you came out of, turning around, and coming back out. (You don't have to do the whole thing.)

FIRST, though, try to spray thinner on all of the houses in that area.

Then, climb up the side of Clarabelle's house, and check some more, even if it means spraying thinner on all the sky and trees in the background behind the houses.

It may have gotten stuck in the thick layer of paint.

BTW, using 3 energizers is the best way. It is difficult to do it the other way.

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Hi. I was just wondering if you had managed to get past this part yet? As I am also stuck on this part and am looking for advice. Thanks
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Yes, I have been past this part -- I have played through "new games" nine times.

If the lost pump is in thinner, deal with it the way I deal with the last pump that is in the river.

The newest post didn't say anything about losing the pump, or what difficulty you are having, so you may have to write back.

1)  Use the 3 pump method, because you saw that when Goofy tried the 1-pump shortcut, he blew up.

2)  Have you been able to find the pumps?  When you get close to a pump you will see a signal to press a button to grab and pull the pump (for me it is "A")  Sadly, the grab button is also the jump button.

One is on top of the pretty house.  Thin the houses with thinner.  Go to the left side to jump up to it.  Jump, spin, or grab the pump and get it to the ground.  Pull it onto the pedistal that is around the thinner.



3)  After a pump is on the platform near the thinner, stand in front of or next to a power box that is next to the pump.  There will be a symbol for Mickey to very quickly tap his "Call Oswald Button"  (for me it is minus).  Oswald will automatically activate the pump, and the thinner level will lower.  (Often, if you are doing it right, Oswald will hit Mickey with his electrical zapper, and Mickey will holler, "Hey, watch it!"  But, Mickey will not lose any health.


4)  Another power pump is on the balcony of the Gag Factory.  There is an accordian lift on the side.  Jump up, go to the pump, grab it, and gently get it over the side.  If you push it too hard, it can land in the thinner river.  Pull the pump over to another pedestal near the thinner pool in the middle of Ostown, and stand beside the pump, in front of the power box, and when you see the symbols for Oswald to do a burst and you to press a button, quickly press your button, and Oswald will zap for about 3 seconds.


On one side if the river is Mickey's house that is thinned by spraying thinner.

Go to the other side, where a pirate is leaning against the wall.

Position yourself so you can point at getting the pump onto the Mickey side, near where goofy is standing.

Quickly press your sketch button until the FAIRY  SKETCH  icon is on the bottom, meaning it is the active sketch.  Now, point at the pump that is in the water, to raise it up and make it float;  spray it with paint to move it to the side of the river by Goofy.  The sketch only lasts a few seconds, so keep doing it until it gets on dry land.

Then, go around, across the bridge, and grab the pump.

Drag it to an empty platform, and stand in front of that platform's power box, to activate it.


7)  Before going to the turnstile where the thinner pool used to be, I suggest going to the train station.  Talk to the station master.  With the fairy sketch on the bottom, signifying it is the active one, point at the station's roof and press -- which will raise the roof.  Paint the entire building.  Talk to the stationmaster.

Otherwise, if you wait too long, the quakes may permanently damage the train station and it will be closed forever.

8)  In the middle of OsTown is a brown circle with handles.  Go there and press A, or whatever your grab button is.  Oswald will join you, and you can now explore underneath -- since you drained a little of the thinner.

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Thanks for the long and detailed reply. Ill keep all that information in mind for when I pass this part. I have found all 3 pumps. The gag house and river ones are in place but the one on top of the pretty house is the one I have lost. I got it off the roof and over towards goofy to put in that pump hole and the pump thing just sunk into the ground and disappeared and I have tried everything to find it again. I have been all the way back out to mean street and done all the levels again thinking it may reset and no such luck. I tried ringing Disney and they say its a game play issue. Surely things aren't supposed to disappear???
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I am just a nobody that bought the game and struggled with it, too.  I have nothing to do with Disney or any Forum.  I have no inside info.  Sorry.

I truly think you are going to have to start a new game.

If the pump got thinner on it and melted into the ground, it may need paint to revive it.  To demonstrate for fun, try it with the character near the train station.  Spray him with thinner and he melts, spray him with paint and he revives.  (Who would make it thinnable by the fountain spray, and not the river or Mickey's thinner?  Anyway, paint.

It really is close to the beginning of the game -- so you may have to go to an empty slot and start a "new game".

Disney lied to you about it being game play!  Of course, they cannot admit they have a defective product.  The Prima Guide lies in so many places, too, and did not even play the game -- like in the other post where the guide says there are 10 gremlins, when the quests and challenges require 11.

All I could suggest was to use thinner and fairy sketches everywhere, hoping it would pop up once everything else is thinned.

Or, maybe it got thinner from the fountain spray on it, and needs to be painted and fairy sketched.

Goofy just has routine statements, but maybe one of the characters will say something.

How much liquid do you still have in the broken area -- can you see the brown manhole cover turnstile, so the pump maybe fell into its platform?

Have you watched the YouTube video of the area?

It is perplexing enough to me that I hope you have a way to save the jinxed game, maybe on an SD card, before you eventually delete it.

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I  HAD  A  GAME-ENDING  GLITCH  JUST  BEFORE  THE  FINAL  BOSS.  In an attic, I had reprogrammed wo of three Beetleworx mechanical enemy generators / replicators.  As I was working on the third, everything was going well, with the good guys attacking and destroying the bad guy.  As the doors opened with a newly generated bad guy, one of the good guys got stuck inside.  The doors closed.  I could not reprogram the power box and I could not thin the red eye inside the doors, because ...

Anyway, I left through a projector screen and came back, but the game was glitched with them fighting inside closed doors...what could I do but abandon the game and start a new game?

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I have gone back to a saved game, and really tried to duplicate your game glitch, but without any luck.

The closest I could come was to move the pump into a thinned bush, and then paint the bush, to sime-hide it.  Or, I could get it into Mickey's doorway, between the thinned porch columns.