One Toon's Trash Quest -- I need help to get 20 museum items

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So, "One Toon's Trash" is a quest, not just a challenge.
And, as careful as I have been during this last play-through, I have done little things I would like to change -- like putting the hands on the fort's clock, giving the Teddy bear to Horace's Assistant, or giving the gear to fix Donald's Boat.

For this quest, I should have kept everything, and sold it to the museum, so I would have 20 items?  After the game gave me credit for the quest, then, I could buy them back, at a 50% markup?

But, I missed a few items, and now I am scrambling to see what I can do -- how much leeway do I have?  How many museum items are there?

-- Melting Ice Cream can only be purchased before you fix the A/C;
-- Ice Cream Cone
-- Pipe to fix the transporter in the construction zone;

-- Fake Gear for the forge to fix Donald's Boat;
-- Real Gear -- fix the boat later;

-- Teddy Bear only counts as 1;

-- Original Flower Costume from the Fort battle;
-- Flower costumes from the Mad Hatter for Clarabelle  OR  the discount coupons she gives you;
-- About 4 Ethnic costumes for Ian's spatters in Blot Alley;
-- Thank you note via Clarabelle;

-- Stradivarius Violin;;
-- Toon Fiddle;

-- Clock Hands;

-- 4 pieces of Captain Hooks Costume;
-- Giant Black Pearl;
-- Ventureland Treasure from up on the cliff?
-- Compass;
-- Map of Tortooga;
-- White Pearl of Wisdom found in Autotopia;

-- Tires from Autotopia?

Thinking about it, I had to give the Teddy bear to Horaces Assistant to get the spatter flower costumes / discount tickets.