No more Epic Mickey games. Ever.

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Well, there goes any chance of any more Epic Mickey games, ever. Or any more appearances of Oswald. What a shame. Still, with a game as unplayable as EM2, you can't really blame Disney. Still, it's disappointing that we'll never get to see Warren Spector's true vision realised (and never find out what the Petes are up to.)

What do you guys think? Are you sad that Junction Point is shuttered?

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All that means is that Warren Spector was basically fired, without a big contract buy-out and lawsuits. Remember, Disney bought and owns Junction Point. So, today, just because Warren Spector is no longer involved, does not mean that there will not be any more Mickey Mouse games -- or even that Mickey will not eventually be a character in Disney Infinity. There were Mickey Mouse Game cassettes way before Warren Spector, and there will be better ones with him gone! Remember that anything Spector did while in the employe of Disney is the property of Disney, including the plans for EM3, if Disney thought it would make money.

Also, remember that Warren Spector did not have a substantial script for Epic Mickey 2, before they started making the game. He was constantly contacting the 700 people in Europe who were making the XBox and PS3 versions, of script changes. It was all fluid and Mickey Mouse! So, it isn't as if he knew from day to day where the story would go. Mcbasilrocks writes better scripts than Warren Spector and his team.

Lower on the web page where I find your post, is another section of Topics. This morning it was posted as a rumor: RUMOR: Epic Mickey Dev Junction Point being shut?

My reply was:

You say it would be a shame -- you haven't suffered the glitches in EM2 that many others have.

I think both Warren Spector and QA Irvin Chavira should not only be fired and sued, but put in jail for cheating Disney and its customers. The posts on GameSpot and GameFaqs prove that neither of them even played the game they were in charge of.

Spector said in interviews that you can get all the pins in one runthrough, when anyone who played the game knows you don't even get the Autotopia Quest and pins until after the credits have run. And, many Quests cannot be completed until the second runthrough.

QA Irvin Chavira said in a You Tube interview in May 2012 that you can play the game without even using thinner. But, anyone who has played the game for 5 minutes knows you can't thin Mickeys walls and get out of Mickeys house to start the game without thinner. You cannot get up the telescope without thinning its platform. You cannot get up to the planets without painting the wings. You cannot get across the planets without using both thinner and paint.

And, during the interview, we could clearly see that Warren Spector hasn't even played the first 5 minutes of the game, or he would actually know the truth.

They are both liars and cheats.

Warren Spector was hired because of his past successes.
He did interviews that included his Quality Control manager Irvin Chavira.

Then, on September 5, 2012, when the game is ready for shipping, Warren Spector gave an interview that quoted him, "Spector remarks, "You can literally get through the game without ever using paint. Or, without ever using thinner." "
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Googling the topic of Junction Point Shut Down still makes it rumor, but, for months, we have speculated that the reason EM2 was quickly truncated was because they were moving (had bought studios in Washington and Korea). And, had used studios in Europe to do the PS3 and XBox versions. And, they had lost 213 million, going wild, spending over a million just to see if Roald Dahl had made a recording in the 1940s for his gremlin voices. The game doesn't work, but Spector is spending exorbitant amounts of money on voices that others could do well.

No worry, because there is too much money in video games for Disney not to continue Mickey with their other studios -- renaming Junction Point facilities, and continuing.

What do you think? Do you have any links or insider info?