List of unresolved plot points

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Here's a complete list of subplots that are introduced, then dropped. Can anyone help me out with these, or did the game designers just get lazy?:

1. The earthquakes. It's never made abundantly clear what caused them. They're the main focus of the story. What?

2. The Mad Doctor's 'reformation'. Why did he pretend to be good first? Why not just go all-out evil on them?

3. The Blotworx. The Mad Doctor really bigs them up, and they're portrayed as this 'army'. Where did they come from? What happened to them after the ending? Or are they just there as an excuse for a new enemy?

4. The Mad Doctor 'falling apart'. What's all that about, again?

5. The projectors. We're basically told that Prescott broke them, but we're never told why. Why?

6. All the business about the construction site. Daisy says that it's 'full of secrets', but all I found was a projector. What?

7. The Guardians. They just suddenly, randomly gain a major role towards the end, and there's no buildup to it. But then, of course, the game never really elaborates on their role.

8. Prescott in general. Just a few:

- We're never told what that weird thingy is that he's seen holding in OsTown when we first see him. He throws it away when the gang enters, so it looks important. But, no mention made.

-The projector situation, obviously.

-We're never told explicitly why he went bad. He just suddenly starts saying 'oh, you don't get how clever I am, so I'm going to kill you now.'

-His relationship with the Mad Doctor is never built upon. Ever.

-It says later on that he 'built a TV' for the Mad Doctor. When? We spend half the game chasing him, during which he'd have little chance to build anything.

-The whole hypnosis deal during Cutscene 7 (after the Prescott boss). What's all that about?

-When he starts talking random gibberish in jail. We're never told why.

-The 'secret project' in Ventureland. We see the site, but we're never told what it was.

- And he basically just disappears from the story towards the end. That's confusing.

9. Introducing the 'Mad Doctor TV Show' as a plot point right before the final boss. It's never hinted at. Once. Comes out of nowhere. Seems like a rush-job to get the game out for release.

10. The Mad Doctor's Ride. Never built upon. It just suddenly appears. Seems like it was made up just to be the last boss.

11. The 'World of Evil' level towards the end. I can sum this up easily: WHAT. THE. HECK. IS. THAT? It's THE most random level ever. And why does he say things like'after the break' and 'welcome, boys and girls'?And why is there a giant cardboard cutout of him?This level makes no sense! And what's worse: NO CHARACTER EVER MENTIONS IT AGAIN. EVER. NOT EVEN THE MAD DOCTOR.Explanation please, before my sanity dies out?

Any help with any of these would be appreciated.

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Does anyone know anything about any of these? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. I actually raise a few of these points in my recent GameSpot review of EM2, here:
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Just to bridge the gap until someone replies: I found this screenshot. It's really early, but... Let's pick it apart, shall we?
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Response to Mcbasilrocks review:
I gave Mcbasilrocks review a thumbs up for an excellent review that expounded on all the points that go into judging a game.

Still, I gave Epic Mickey 2 a  ZERO,  because it is not a playable game for the children Warren Spector said could play it.  Specifically, he assured potential customers that if someone could not do a certain feat, there were other ways to play the game, so it was an appropriate game for all the members of the family.  Unfortunately, EM2 is not even playable for experienced, competitive gamers who are monitored at

You can prove by their interviews and published statements that Disney Management, Quality Control, Prima Guide, and IGN did not play the game!!!
Disney, QA, Prima Guide, and IGN did not play the game!!!

Then, they gave misinformation about playing and tasks.  Consider Clarabelle and other questions on  ALL  the GameSpot and GameFaqs Forums, for all the platforms (I have 12 bookmarked, due to tabs for questions and answers).

True Achievements is a site for experienced, competitive gamers, who agree to be monitored, and compete for bragging rights and prizes.
On Friday, January 26, 2013, which is 2 months after EM2 came out:
2,015 tracked gamers have this game, 39 have completed it


I would not go as far as one Mcbasilrocks post, and write about suing a large corporation like Disney, but I give Epic Mickey 2 a  ZERO, or minus several points.

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I have very little response to your jpg of the Mad Doctors Old Attic simplistic "screenshot" that was given to Nintendo Life . com.

Why don't you tell us your views?

Clearly, it isn't a real screenshot, as advertised, because there are no stats on the screen.

During play, I did not get a close look at the tanker beetleworx.

Because I had played EM1, I knew how to use my unlimited Watch, TV, and Anvil sketches (once I had 99 each). Also, when we emerged from the projector screen into the Mad Doctors Old Attic, a cutscene showed us where to go in the rafters. Therefore, I dropped all my sketches, painted a wire on the floor, and climbed up the central steps to the rafters.

It only took a few minutes to complete the area, except when the game malfunctioned with a befriended pirate beetleworx fighting and killing a tanker, then going inside his doors, to fight the next generated one, and getting trapped when the doors closed, so no part of the game worked as far as being able to thin or paint. Even when I stopped the game, or went through the projector screen, or even turned off the console, the game's saved memory still had him inside the doors, fighting the tanker. THANKFULLY, I had a saved game on an SD card to revert to.

Anybody else who runs into that glitch, that close to the end of the game, will have to start the game over, from scratch, with zero of everything!!!


I did see part of a walkthrough on You Tube of this area. The poor schmuck, who was an experienced gamer, just kept fighting and fighting beetleworx. Because of EM1, I knew they would regenerate until the generator was shut down. But, he didn't, so he kept on fighting and fighting.

(Truthfully, I have never defeated most of the beetleworx,except for hoppers to get anvil sketches. I just drop anvils or TVs or avoid them -- like at the lagoon in EM1, where I run past the spiner, spin a valve, and run to the corner behind the fallen thing, until the spinner leaves, and I can jump up.) I avoid fights.

POINT, experienced fighters lose lives because EM2 is not intuitive, and did not give them time and knowledge of what to do.

EDIT: I went to to download saved Skylanders games, to play their opened extra levels without buying the equipment. I had done it before with games like Dance Dance Revolution, where I only wanted to do the things I wanted to do, without spazzing to music I don't like to earn the next level.

So, while I was at Wii Saves, I looked up Epic Mickey 2, and found only one saved game -- and he had not completed a few quests, much less challenges. This speaks volumes for a game called "Epic" that has been out for 2 months.

Platinum007 said, "This game sucks, true hallmark of a good game is if you miss something that is one time only you want to play it again to get it, this is not such a game, enjoy my last saves as I'm now done with Wii games."

Mcbasilrocks gave an excellent review, but most people would not give the game a 5.5!

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I only gave it 5.5 for the musical numbers and cutscenes, which I found charming. If it hadn't been for those, my score would have been much lower. As for my views on the picture, I can note two inconsistencies that don't hold with the final version: - Way, way in the background you can see a projector with the Mickey logo on it. In the actual game, this projector leads through the World of Evil level (any explanation for that yet?) and has a looping picture of the Mad Doctor, not Mickey. My guess: World of Evil was forced in late in production to hurriedly cover up plot points. This would explain its randomness. - The design of the Beetleworx Tanker is off. The 'toxic waste' arm is different in the final game.
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1)  After you have used a projector screen once, you can spin it (approximately 4 times), to get the Mickey image with gold and white bursts, to have it take you to the Mean Street Cinema.  This is a handly way to warp.

2)  I don't know about the arms of tankers.  They always have paint and thinner machine guns, aiming at me, and all I could see was that Oswald was standing on a thinnable floor.  (And, stupid Oswald never gets out of the thinner, unless I keep pressing MINUS to get him beside me.  Even when I enter the area, he walks beside me, and I can hear him going blop, blop, blop, until he runs out of lives and cannot help zap the machines.)

3)  If a game is not playable, it is not a game and cannot be rated as a game.  If it is artwork, then rate it as artwork in a museum -- not as something that someone is thinking of buying.  It is not a playable game, so it deserves a  ZERO.

4)  Mcbasilrocks or anyone, can you help this person that is in a death scene glitch?

"Why is the game loading a death screen?
I was running the area near by Prescotts Arena that has the door that shuts when your near it. But when I turned the game off then back on the next day I'm in front of the projector with Oswald getting crushed by the door in front of me -- making me die instantly! the game won't let do anything , not even pause the game.

I dont want to erase it cause then I would've just wasted my time playing."