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i just bought this today actually. finally i got it new at "Sam's Club' for get this $12.00 bucks! NEW it wasn't used at all. i say it like that cause you know how some stores sell both new and used games. and i don't mean game stores. best buys for example. 


aynways. i get home and open it and it shows controls for The Move' which i don't have i have a couple other games that show you can use that on the game. such as the last Harry Potter game for example.  but you also can use the standard control for it as well. my question is it like it for this game? do you actually have to go out and buy the damn Move to play the game or can i play it without it and it don't matter either way.  thank you for all your help 

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Since you've opened it up, give it a try.

From what I've read on the forums, on the PS3, Mickey can play with or without the MOVE.  But, even if you own 2 MOVE controllers, Oswald can't ever use one.  Oswald  MUST  use the regular controller, when you are playing with 2 controllers.

Some people have had trouble calibrating their controllers, because EM2 has glitches.  I suggest just leaving the defaults where they are.

On the XBox, the Kinect does not work for EM2.

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so in short i can play it with the normal controls? sweet cause i really didn't want to take it back. i'll prolly also get it on the wii at some point. cause i just love getting some games on different systems. cause some games are vastly different of course. 


anyways thank you and what did you think of the game?

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There are several posts abut what people think about the game -- but decide for yourself.

The story and game are the same on all consoles.  There is only one  Prima Guide that was published -- for all consoles.

The only difference that I know of, between Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, and Microsoft XBoX is that the Wii has 3 game slots, and you cannot get all the Challenges in one game slot.  (There is a Quest to repair all the Train Stations; a Challenge to complete all the 20 Quests; and a separate Challenge to have all the Train Stations destroyed -- so that one is mutually exclusive.)

On the PS3 and XBox, after you play the game and see the ending and credits, you can press  CONTINUE, and get more pins, trophies, challenges, and quests.

Then, you can press  NEW  GAME, and keep your pins and trophies, but everything else is reset to zero, and you replay the game, even getting a different ending.

But, the story and moves and game is the same -- watching it on YOU  TUBE  is the same for all consoles.

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If you are into collecting all the Trophies, there is an excellent PS3 Trophy Guide at


(I play the Ninttendo Wii, where there are no Trophies.)

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ya know the tropies are a pain in the ass to be honest. and though there are a few games i've actually beat. i've never been one of those guys that can get everything in a game and beat a game easily. like i've only beat 2 of the Zelda games which is the 1st & 3rd one. but on the Zelda games for example on various games i can get only to a certain part and get stuck. each one various.


so my point is even though i've beat a few games for my PS3 i only have like 18 games now i think for it? i have never been able to obtain all the trophies. like for one of the harry potter games i think i got it up to 75% and i had beaten the game but yet the rest of the game is tropies i just haven't been able to get yet.  anyone else like this or is it just me? and thanxs for all your help as well

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So, is the game running on your console?

Funny you mentioned Zelda.  With the Wii Shopping Channel, I have been able to accumulate 5 old Zelda games, and I bought the three newer Wii games on disk.  With Zelda: Skyward Sword, when the way opens to the Plaza, you can set the game difficulty.  I think they are quality games, with interesting gadgets, and unique bosses.  Still, I am usually short a heart or two, because the idea of fighting 8 bosses in a row to acquire the Hirulean Shield doesn't appeal to me -- since the game and bosses are over.

But, in Epic Mickey 2, I have used the phrase "mean-spirited game designers" and "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" to describe the challenges.  For example, in Disneyland, I have done the "Hidden Mickeys" and looked it up on the internet.  They make people giggle.  But, in the game, you have to thin the paint off buildings and jackhammer the streets to find them.  Pretty soon it stops being fun.

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Wii Saves:

For many Wii games, like Zelda or Skylanders, you can download a saved game (data.bin), and use it to get to those places that are otherwise locked, because you could not do a certain task or boss.  (I do not know what to do for PS3)


They have instructions on the site.

For example, the folder that holds Epic Mickey 2 is called  "SEME"

I put an SD card into my Wii console, then go into the Wii circle on the lower left corner of the Wii Main Menu, to get into data management, eventually.  I press on Epic Mickey 2 and have them copy the save file onto the SD card.

Then, I label a folder on my computer desktop "001 SEME" and drag the save file onto it.

OFF THE INTERNET,  I download a saved game, and copy it onto the SD card, and onto my Wii Console.

Then, you can go to places you couldn't get to.

I learned to do this years ago when I got Dance Dance Revolution, because I liked a few of the songs.  Then, I found out I couldn't hear the songs I like, until I could get proficient at songs I hate.  So, I searched the internet, and found a "Saved Game" where someone else had done all the work, and I could just enjoy the game I had paid for.

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interesting. actually no i haven't tried it yet. when i came home after getting i passed out on my bed cause i had woken up early.


and i wasn't in the mood to play yet. i watched some "CSI" and my shows were on tonight. so i'll prolly play it prolly this weekend. 

but i came on here before i tried to play it to ask. as for Zelda oh i love those games. some are better than others of course as in any series. i don't normally play games online cause i grew up playing games offline and that's how i like it. 


plus from what i hear if you are  new to the game say this one for example people can be mean as hell to you if you screw up. 

and while it doesn't bother me anymore having people call me names. i'm used to that now. that really isn't helping anyone who wants to learn how to play the said game. i'm sure not everyone is mean like that but a great number are i'm sure. plus i prefer playign offline anyways. it's just my comfort zone i guess. 

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I play offline, too.

But, the Wii has a "Wii Shop Channel", where you can buy a "Wii Credit Card" at Wal-Mart or GameStop, and use it to buy and download games from the Wii Shop Channel -- to play games alone on your Wii.

You said you like to try various platforms, so, I assumed you had access to a Wii, and it had access to the internet.

With the Wii having wired or wi-fi access to the internet, you can download various channels, like the shopping channel.  That channel has

1)  regular games and free demos;

2)  Wii Ware that are games exclusive to the shopping channel;

3)  "Virtual Console" where there are old Nintendo games that you play with an older-type controller. 

It is from the Virtual Console that I got the original 1987 Zelda for $5, and the 1988 Zelda II for $5.

By 1998 Zelda got good, 3D games like Ocarina and Majora's Mask for $10 each.

2006 Twilight Princess and 2011 Skyward Sword might just be my most fun games, ever.

- - - - -

I know what you mean about  ON-LINE  play.  I had Dial-Up Internet around 1999, and decided to play "Half-Life" online.  A guy must have been notified anytime someone would join, because he sat on a ledge and killed people before they could finish transporting and move one step.  I'm sure it made him feel really big and good.  So, I play off-line.  Then, all I have to worry about is how mean-spirited and inept the game designers are.

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So, WildHoney66 paid $12 for the game.

My game was priced $59.99, and Target gave me a $10 Gift Card, and tax benefit, so I paid $53.09 cash payment.

I think WildHoney66 got a great deal!!!

- - -

As for the Zelda Games, I do think Majora's Mask gets tedious.  The game doesn't explain itself.  Not only are there too many times to restart the 3 days, but there are too many quests and people to make happy.  You need to get all 20 masks.  Then, you need to do Boss fights at least twice (and more), in order to change seasons. 

But, I think, Ocarina, Twilight Princes, and Skyward Sword are great.  (Then, too, I had PONG and ATARI  BREAKOUT.  I had games on floppy disks.  So, I love the gaming environment we are in.)

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oh i love all my systems i am 34 so i have  a LOT Of them. i used to have an intelevision until my mom throw it away in (1997) that still pisses me off cause it STILL WORKED! i still have all the games for it though. anyways i have a NES,the (1994) remodel a SNES, a game boy what i call the (1991) model cause that's when i got it. it still works too. though i rarely play that one anymore cause i have a DSi and a Gameboy SP as well. a N64, a gamecube i love my game cube. and "Twilight Princess' i think has the best graphics than of all the zelda games by the way. i have a PS1,2 & 3 and of course a Wii. 


i have since started playing Epic Mickey 2.  i like it but whenever i move sometimes and this is without the move mind you. 

i tend to use the thinner when i don' t mickey too. it's also very confusing as well. i'm on mean street so i'm not very far into the game and i'm still learning the controls. but i do love the 1st game. funny thing for you ladies and gents to laugh about is this,


my mom got me & my brother a wii for X-mas in (2011) ok well she also got me and him the 1st Epic Mickey game. i haven't gotten that far into that one. which isn't the funny part. but last time i asked my brother he still hadn't learned how to even play the game! granted i'm not very good at shooting enemies with the paint but i'm at least better at my brother who i think gave up trying to figure out who to even play the game! 

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The experiences of you and your brother are the reasons  JUNCTION  POINT  went belly up -- along with its negligent, lying founder, Warren Spector, and "Quality Control", Irvin Chavira.
Less than 2% of the competitive gamers at trueachievements.com, who were playing for prizes and bragging rights, finished Epic Mickey 2 -- but, I hope we can help you stick with it.  The things you absolutely need to do are very few.

You and your brother are welcome to use this forum to ask any questions, because there isnt a monitor, except for a computer-censor -- that would not let me use the proper name of the cactus pear fruit!

A contributor to this forum, Mcbasilrocks, has an amusing video walkthrough for the original Epic Mickey (under his UK name "Lemon Curd Addict").  You can share that site info with your brother.


and Lemon Curd Addict's playlist of all the Epic Mickey 1 walkthrough

- - - - -

The things to remember during playing are:
1)  You do not die, and have an Old Fashioned Game Over, and lose a quarter, so it really doesnt matter;
2)  When you fall, press "A" (jump) and spin-spin-spin, to not take damage;
3)  Run 3 steps...double-jump...and spin for extra distance to get across most gaps (that was my game-stopper in EM1, after the first gear in the castle.  I knew that falling would hurt, and there was a sizable gap between the first gear and the next ledge);
4)  SPIN  many items for goodies -- sometimes even if they do not shimmer.
5)  If an enemy gets near you, like a "head-butting spatter", spin him.  Usually, you cannot spray enough paint or thinner before he gets to you and head-butts you, so, SPIN.
6)  For big enemies, like the clock tower in EM1, something thinned stays thinned.  There aren't good tricks for paint -- do one side first, and pick up extra paint cans after each fist pound.

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Hey wildhoney, and welcome to the forum. It's always nice to have another active contributor around here. But yes, as katydiddd so acurately put it, I visit this forum pretty much every day, and it seems that katy does too, so if you have any issues with EM2, we're the guys to ask (to a certain extent, we're not perfect!) Need help with EM1? Well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but, as katydiddd said, I have a complete walkthrough set up on YouTube - just follow her links - feel free to use that for help, as I cover pretty much all the things required for the good ending and most of the concept art/pins. I'm sure you're aware of the situation with EM2, so again I hope you enjoy posting here with us.

See you around!

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well 1stly it wasn't the game he couldn't figure out it was how to play it! i forget where i am on in that one at the moment. but on the 2nd one like i said i don't have a PS Move and i really don't want to buy it to be honest. but on some of the things in it i do have a question, if you don't have it do you have to have both of your controls on so you can switch from mickey to oswald? 


cause i thought about trying that today but i dunno if that would work. i think i had forgot to ask that. thank you for all your help though. i actually DO look up games now on you tube cause even though i'm old fashion and still buy stragey guides. i love them. they don't always help on some things and you tube is great in helping it. cause i have ADD so the video's help a guy like me out a LOT ya know? anywyas thanxs again for all your help 

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You can play the game just fine with one controller.

The instructions during the game will give you a tutorial on how to signal Oswald to do things, like use electricity on power boxes, or carry you across gaps.

A single player with one controller is great.

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but can you play as oswald himself? cause there are parts that do kinda seem like you would need him instead of Mickey. 

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In the misleading advertisements, they make it seem like you can play as either one, but, actually you can only play as Oswald 1) if you get someone else to be play as Mickey, or 2) if you turn on another controller and have Mickey stand still.

Otherwise, Oswald does his thing automatically or when you call him.

You do not  NEED  to play as Oswald, ever.

Let me give you an example.  The game needs Oswald to zap a power box.  So, Mickey calls him over and presses a button that has Oswald zap the power box.  You do not need to be Oswald and walk him over and zap the box.  Mickey just calls him over and presses a button.

Stop worrying, and just enjoy the game.  You'll get the hang of it.

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well according to the you tube video i found it had them switch back and forth and no it doesn't say if 2 players are playing the game. do you have a good link where it's just 1 player on you tube playing so that can help me out? 

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If the YouTube walkthrough you have been viewing is not split screen, with a line down the middle, with Mickey moving on the left side and Oswald moving on the right side, then it is Single Player, with one player using one controller.  Oswald is moving automatically.

IGN  has good pages, walkthroughs, and videos.  

For the Written Walkthrough, when you get to that site, Press Prologue to get Yen Sins Lab

Their videos have GUIDE in red beside the beginning, and the Part #.
The YouTube video for IGN is at

Part 2 is

Part 3 is

But, I recommend just wandering around, and taking it easy on spraying thinner.

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the one i have been watching has mostly been just mickey but on certain parts the person who uploaded it played as oswald and it's not split screen but oswald kinda combines with mickey before you play as him. so maybe it is the 2 player?

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There are times when Mickey is not even on the screen, and Oswald is doing something.  But, those are "cut-scenes" which are movies.  They are not times when anybody is in control of any characters.

Most games make cutscenes on a smaller screen.  But, the only way to tell in EM2 is when you can see your health and paint meters, again, in the corner.  So, it is hard to tell in a YouTube video when someone is controlling Oswald and when it is a movie.

Anyway, I am a single player, and understand.

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Wild Honey posted on a different topic clarifying that he wanted the walkthrough for a PS3.  I did remember that his original post was for the PS3  MOVE.


You can tell by the green color of the triangle "A" button.

On the Wii, the "A" symbol is a circle with an A in it.

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yes i did orignally ask about the PS Move cause i wanted to know if it mattered weather you had it or not in order to play and you said it didn't matter. than i realized that on the you tube that it was a 2 player mode so i was curious if there was a video that fit for my system that would help me that's all. 

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here's another question and it's the different kind this time. am i the only one who sometimes when i sign in to play another game my thinner whenever the hell i want won't stop coming out? SERIOSULY no matter what i try to do stop it, it won't stop coming out. so i said fawk it and just shut my system off for the time being. 



when you try to move one of those generators as Mickey in mean town or whatever it's called? as mickey it's even harder when thinner won't stop coming out of your damn paint brush! sorry i just had to vent it's not towards anyone here. 

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I started addressing your problem at the "Walkthrough" topic.  But, this bothered me.

As for thecontinual spraying, I don't know if it is a game glitch, a gummy controller button, or if the button is getting pressed at an angle and sticking.

It is like life -- you muddle through the unfairness and glitches.

The good news is that, when the thiner has emptied, it automaticallly refills one can.  So, let it rest a second, and it will have one unit, again.

Just, try to keep thinner pointed away from anything important.

Luckily, you got a great deal on the game, and, nothing seriously happens.  So, just enjoy your vacation at the "reverse Disneyland".  Explore.  There is no time limit, and, actually, most things do not even need to be done.