Is this game worth it?

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So I found this game on my Xbox 360 Homepage this morning because of my Sonic games and I downloaded the demo. But is the game worth it? A lot of the people seem to say the game is full of glitches, but I like the demo, even after completing it I still replay it. So is the game good enough for me to get, and is the original version better?
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I hope you are talking about only paying around $20, because the game is 8 months old, and was so bad that Disney shut down Junction Point Studios, and got rid of Warren Spector.

Should YOU buy this glitchy, chain-sawed half-game?
It depends on how much time and money you have to waste, and how much aggravation you enjoy.  Sadly, on the Wii and Wii U, I can never get "100% complete" in any game slot, the way you can playing on the XBox or PS3.
Otherwise, you can watch Epic Mickey 2 on You Tube.

It is definitely not as good or long as the Original Epic Mickey game, which had problems that they promised to fix -- but didn't.

I use a Nintendo Wii, and I watched a 30-minute demonstration to about 8 middle-aged executives, and they all hated it. I could see their crossed arms reflected in the TV screen.
The display of an expert playing the beginning of the game, and unable to do tasks, caused a man to ask what would happen if someone could not do something, is it "GAME OVER"?
The person had had experience of not being able to complete a game, because he could not do certain tasks.
The disrespectful young demonstrator said, "Oh, anybody can do it."

I bought the game, anyway, and would do it again -- just for the experience.

After buying the game, there are numerous, significant glitches, and all the progress is lost, except I knew to save games on an SD card, and transfer them onto my computer, at least once an hour. Unfortunately, sometimes I cannot go an hour without a freeze or glitch.
Then, there are "death scenes" that the games auto-save saves on, so you cannot get out of a place where you are repeatedly slammed on by a door or elevator. Even when you turn off the console, you open to inescapable dying. So, having only one game slot, you have to start a NEW GAME, instead of CONTINUE.

There is a Trophy Guide for the XBox and PS3 that lets you know how many play-throughs it will take (or choose what you will do without on the Wii):

Mcbasilrocks (Lemon Curd Addict) posts on this site, and has 21 entertaining videos walking you through the game:

EDIT:  During the demonstration, it wasn't just a double jump over a chasm that the expert player missed, and it wasn't just the camera angle moving in the middle of jumps among the asteroids. 

It was the inability to spray the paint and thinner where the indicator was pointing.  In the observatory, Mickey had thinned and painted a planet to jump onto.  Then, while on the first planet, he was going to thin and paint the next one.  BUT,  instead of the thinner going to the next planet, it thinned where Mickey was standing, and he dropped to the floor and lost health.  All the playthroughs I have seen have Mickey aiming up and forward, at the asteroids, but the paint spraying down at his feet.

Games are about struggling to get through the story.  This game has the additional struggle of getting through the glitches and intentional mean-spiritedness of the developers. 

STILL,  since you were curious enough to ask, GO  FOR  IT,  so you can get the experience.