Is Master Pin Collector possible?

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In Epic Mickey the New+ option allowed us to keep the pins we achieved. How do you get all the pins in EM2 since you start over every game?
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You can buy some choice-exclusive pins on Mean Street North's Pin Trader, the Shanty Shop, Old Town Shop and Tiki Sam's. Apart from those, you have to find the rest yourself. It is possible.
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It is possible.  I have done it.  But, it was tricky.  The 176 collectible pin requirement is every single pin possible. 

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STOP  READING  when you get the amount of info you want.  Come back later for more.

Some of the pins are not even available until after you "finish" the game, see the ending, see the credits, and are playing the Epilogue.

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A lot of the pins we can help you with, when you are down to needing less than 20, and get a list of what you need.  Many Quests and Challenges have two paths to completion.  When you complete one path, the pin that you would have gotten for the other path will be available at the Pin Trader, or at the main stores in Mean Street, Bog Easy, and Ventureland -- or Old Town Bog Easy Ghost Shop or Bertrand's Magic Shop has two.

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I got the pin list from the Prima Guide Appendix, and looked at another site with a shoddy list, and spent an hour at the Pin Trader, checking off which pins I did not have.

When I was down to needing 3 pins -- two opposites from an Autotopia Race (that kept jerking me around), and a pin from under the Ventureland Crows Nest, I was a mess.

I could see the pin area under the crows nest, that I paid a gremlin to repair, but could not get it -- and I still do not know the formula.   I used paint, thinner, anvil, fairy wings.  I climbed up into the middle of the nest.   I dressed Oswald into a gremlin costume.  I dressed Mickey into costumes.

The Tiki Shop had nothing I wanted, but I went in, and it still was sold out of everything.

I went back out, and there the red chest was.  I just walked up and did a spin move.

Don't ask me why!!! 

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Thx. I'm going through the films as Steam boat Willie to get more generic pins to finish up the remaining ones in the pin shop. I bought out all the other stores. I know about the racing pins from autotopia but still working on those. I guess I need to explore more because as of this minute I only have 136 and all that's left in the pins store are an unknown number for 8 generic pins
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Two places to get more sheet metal are in Mean Street South and North, and take forever.

I put on Mickey's Construction Worker's costume, and go to the construction area behind the building on Mean Street North.  When you come out of the Underground, and go around the stone bridge, you see the balloon and a thinnable back of a building.  Thinning and spinning things gets metal, too.  (Go into the underground and come back out, and everything will be reset.

On Mean Street South, between the Fire Station and the store, thin the area used to jump up to the gorilla compactor.  Oswald will turn into a boomerang, and break something.  Use Oswald to fly to the ledge that dropped, and has about 15 sheet metal pieces in it.  You can double jump back.  Go into the underground and jump back out, and everything will be reset.

ONLY  IF  YOU  HAVE  DONE  ENOUGH  OF  THE  QUESTS, start breaking things for the metal.  Like, the Jug Band in Bog Easy (spray thinner in the funnel above the band).

Break stuff -- like the windmill -- use Fairy Wings up on the sides, to open panels, and see a box for Oswald to zap.

As you go around, break stuff for the metal -- if you have seen the credits, and have the ending cutscene permanently in your extras.