Interview with Warren Spector in Article Dated April 5, 2013

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Article dated April 5, 2013, has an interview with Warren Spector.

AAA game development can be 'soul-crushing,' says Warren Spector.

QUOTE:  "As cool as triple-A games are, the time and money that go into them now is just soul-crushing, at least for me."

Deus Ex, Epic Mickey designer says working on big-budget games is "a lot less fun than making games should be."

Ah, Gee, he didn't like his job, so that's why he didn't even spend 5 minutes trying it out or watching it be played.  He kept getting the big pay check, but wouldn't do the work, or let someone else do the job.

Not having fun is his excuse for why we paid big bucks for an EPIC game, and received much less.