Incredible find - lost dialogue from the game's past

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The following post is from a topic that I started on GameFAQS, but I'd like to put it here as well so it reaches the maximum audience:

I'll keep this short, but if you want some insight into the game's actual development, then head here:

I'm always on the lookout for revealing stuff about EM2, but this one really is a gem. Not only does it give a detailed description of how the game was animated and produced, but also allows us to discern more about the scrapped portions of the game. Listen to Prescott's dialogue at 2:49 in the video. Does he ever say that in the game? No.

It makes it sound like you were going to find out more about the whole 'TV show' thing and the World of Evil, but, as per the norm, it was truncated.


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Now, we definitely add the Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil to things that were in the script, but got chainsawed at the last minute -- if it doesn't just reference the cartoon or the Mad Doctor's Old Attic.

I think it is the Boss Area that is supposed to be the new ride area -- and we see it from where Seth is -- where there is eventually a rollercoaster.

Your amazing research skills have given you another knowledgeable employee to contact -- Omar Amador.  Click on Omar Amador, and click on leave a message.

When you Google Omar Amador, he has many entries.  Pick his brains -- and add to the list of what was supposed to be in EM2.

What is your analysis?

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I've emailed Mr. Amador - currently awaiting a response. Here's hoping he's as generous as Mr. Fenton! Will update soon.
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OK, I have literally only just noticed this, but it's so obvious. Look on the back of the game's instruction booklet. In the upper right, there's an ink splodge with Mickey and Oswald flying out of it. Look at the upper right of the splodge. There, you'll see a mansion-like building that isn't Lonesome Manor (because that appears rather obviously in the same picture) that never appears in the game. The same building also appears on a loading screen (at 6:35 in this video: and in the Mad Doctor's diary, as part of Ventureland (0:28 in this video: 

What do you guys think? It appears thrice in various game media, so it was clearly going to have a purpose. And yet, no explanation. 

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Honestly we just got 50% of the game.  There were probably going to be 6 chapters instead of 3.  It seems like someone(s) screwed up and took to long making the game.   

Something went wrong and Disney was forced to release the game when they did.   So Junction had to scramble and make up whatever they could in order to meet the shipping date.  So they scrapped half of the game.  

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Not really relevant in any way, but a minor nitpick from me after watching this:

It's the game's ending, direct from the animators, Plastic Wax.

Would it really have killed them to add the extra voices to the parade ending (cheering and chanting Oswald's name), as seen in the video?