I bring you some pages from the EM2 Graphic Novel

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So I've been doing a bit of scouting around the internet, and I managed to come across, online, an Italian copy of the Epic Mickey 2 graphic novel which thus far has only been released in Italy. I snapped up the deal quickly for a rather hefty sum, scanned the first 27 pages, then posted them onto my blog which I use to promote my videos. It is therefore with great pleasure that I offer you this link: http://lemoncurdaddict1234.blogspot.co.uk/

If you would like some of the text translated, I can do that for you (I can speak a minimal amount of Italian.)

This book does offer some interesting tidbits about the 'chainsawing' at the end; I need to get round to scanning those too. They'll be up soon. For now, enjoy the first 27 pages! By the way, for the optimum view, right click the image, press 'Open in new tab' and then click the image to zoom in. This should let you see the details. Enjoy!

EDIT: Some are duplicates, uploading error. Sorry. In the middle of doing the last few pages now!

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I'm enthusiastic about all of them, but my favorite is slide 14, Page 100 in Bog Easy.
SPOILER.   The botworx chased them.  Then, Oswald looked in the mirror at the bite marks on his cotton-tail. It was a funny scene, that we did not get in the game, and would have missed without your posting it.

No translation necessary.  I don't speak Italian, but, because English is half French / Romance origin, I can pick out enough root words.

You've really whetted my appetite to see more.  So, I've moved the bookmark / subscribe up to the top.

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Alright, next batch of comics is up! These cover Ventureland to the World of Evil, and, my, is it different. For a start, I find it HILARIOUS how Oswald just KO's Pete Pan to get by - now THAT would have been cool to see in the game. Also, note how in Autotopia they just shove a car into the machine to blow it up - rather amusing, I say. And geez, look at how they handle the World of Evil! It looks so different; PLUS Mickey and Oswald actually have a genuine conversation inside, it all seems to be Disney Gulch, and the Mad Doctor's song is... odd. I translated what I could, and there's a bit about how a bird sang to him to 'show him the way' and there's a cardboard bird in the foreground. Also, for your convenience, I translated Prescott's song in jail for you, here: 

'I defeated enemies, crushing them once and for all! Build a new building now, to forget the bad things!
Somewhere there is a world! A cardboard cartoon, endless ....'

And from what I can tell, in the World of Evil, a lot more is said about the Blotworx and where they came from, which would also have been nice to see in the game.

Anyway, what do you guys think of these? Do you think the World of Evil looks different here? Does it tell you anything about the game's chainsawing? Maybe not, but it's fun to spot the clues!

If you want me to translate the Mad Doctor's new World of Evil song, just ask! Happy to help.

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Some of the language doesn't matter to me -- like your Page 31, the book's Page 113, where you noted that Oswald does his thing on Pete Pan.  There were routine root words, guarda, non passa, POW!  Ne sei sicuro?

BUT, some of it makes me giggle, like your page 20, the book's page 102, in the Clock Diorama, where it says, "Una banda di Monstriciattoli Inferociti!

If it had just said a bunch of little spatters, it wouldn't have seemed funny to me, but having the huge words in Italian -- Inferior (small) Monsters -- made me giggle.

- - - - -

Anyone else have favorite pix or pages?

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I really like the Graphic Novel Oswald a lot more than the EM2 Oswald.

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Alright, next lot is a-go! These cover up until the 'final battle', and where our game ends. For now, enjoy the -very different - Mad Doctor fight. Oh, and notice how they completely omitted the Mad Doctor's Attic. Go figure.

I've translated them for you as well, here:


Mad Doctor: Then come and Prescott, the Gremlin I have adopted, Gus he venerated as a father, but was often ignored. His genius in that factory was wasted! But I know how I would have used! A different television invented for me, that would keep everyone breathless! As I realized my plan, but was distracted, that shrewd move, projectors sabotage you! But not lived, was about to betray, so I was constrained to take action!

Gus: Just to make me feel guilty!


Oswald: We've heard enough!

Mickey: We were very naive!

Gus: Because both see the good in others and always! It's not a defect, but a virtue! Keep it up!

Mickey: Oh, thanks, Gus!

Oswald: OK, enough with the gooders! We must act!

Mickey: Hey! I smell Thinner!

Oswald: And the sound of gears!

Mickey: Is it him?

Oswald: It is! I feel.... safe,,,,, oh, no! 


Mickey: Oh, no! Autotopia wasn't the only place the Guardians were trapped! And there are Horace, Ortensia and Clarabelle! 

Mad Doctor: Here we go, one more step and the three that I have captured most of the world will not forget! They are in danger and if you want to save something in return I'll have to deliver! What I want, and quickly said, will make me an elected! I become the most powerful and will rule the world without end! I know that I will have success ... if the brush is in my possession!


(no translation necessary. The English version of this page can be seen here: http://nova100.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c684553ef017d3e0d887a970c-pi)


(again, no translation necessary (lazy me!) as the English version can be found at the bottom of this page: http://www.fabriziopetrossi.com/wordpress/gallery-portfolio-2/disney/disney-graphic-novels/epic-mickey-2/#)


(this scene is awesomely drawn, by the way!)

Mad Doctor: Ha ha ha !

Mickey: He laughs best who laughs last! Be careful, Oswald! (hits Mad Doctor with Paint) How are you feeling, man? Behind the body of metal and returned to be something to it?

(Doc picks them up)

Oswald: Urgh! Apparently not! Paint some more, Mickey!

Mickey: Too late!

Oswald: It's over!



Oswald (when the Doc takes off) Or not!


(for some reason, they land in Disney Gulch. That might be worth looking into. Translation: I'll look into that. Maybe the Doc's lab did play a bigger role before....)

Clarabelle: They are safe! I cannot believe it!

Ortensia: Uh-huh! No-one can get the better of my sweet bunny!

Horace: Yeah, no-one!

Mickey: In reality, we're only here because of....

Mad Doctor: A scientist would imagine never regretted it seriously? In the end, I brought nothing but trouble, and you have helped me!

Oswald: Yeah, and you, before, you saved us! How come?

Mad Doctor: I'M A TOON AGAAIIINNN! (No, not really): I felt something inside, peace, gratitude, an infinite good! He was suffering, that joy! Scream to the world .... Hurrah friendship!


Mickey: Ulp! What's going on?

Oswald: The Blue Guardians have got him again! For what purpose?

Horace: They will want revenge!

(I like this next bit where it hints the Guardians might have killed the Doc, but then it shows him as a Toon. Adds emotional weight, I think)

Mickey: This cannot be! Revenge is destructive and they are not capable of violence!

Oswald: Mickey is right! They only have the power to.....

Mad Doctor: (as a Toon) Build, create, all the things I love to do! It's not a dream, I hope! They made me go back a whole character!


Mad Doctor: I'll be good from now on! This is also thanks to you!

Oswald: Also?

Mad Doctor: To be able to work well, what's the first thing to do?

Mickey: Stopping singing would be a great start! 

Mad Doctor: Of course! I'll find another way to express my happiness! I already have a couple of ideas that...

(Wow. So this is basically saying that the Mad Doctor organised the parade. That's cool.)

Yen Sid (wizard): And so, the brave mouse and the lucky rabbit beat the Mad Doctor's machines. Mickey and Oswald did not know, however, that their next adventure was waiting soon.


Yen Sid: But together, they could conquer it all! 

(nice little drawing of the end parade.)

Small Pete: Do not listen to the 'wise guy' narrator!

Petetronic: For now, the story is over....

Big Bad Pete: But no one can know what will happen tomorrow ...

Prescott's Sign: End! (what's funny is that in some contexts 'fine' can translate to 'help' or a general plea for assistance, so it works both ways.)



Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this part of the novel! What did you think? Would you have rather seen this version of the final battle and ending, or the game's? Did my translation help? Fire away!



.... now to look up that Disney Gulch theory......










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Thanks.  I downloaded, read, and enjoyed it all.

I'm still contemplating this "Toon" vs. "Animatronic" situation.