I bought the game...

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and I honestly like it. I haven't encountered any game breaking glitches so far, and if anything the two player is awesome. I've been playing it all morning with my brother and we both enjoy the gimmicks of each character. However, I'm stuck on the pirate mission in OsTown. I can't find any 'fair blue creatures' infront of their mothers home.
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Blue creatures come later, when you rescue the blue "Bunny Children".  You will not be able to miss them, because they will come to you, and be all around you in places like Mean Street South, Disney Gulch, Blot Alley, and part of Fort Wilderness.

Ortensia's pretty house is there in Ostown.  But, the thing to remember is that the owner of the Ice Cream Parlor, also, wants you to send the bunny children into a tube to him.

So, when it is time, be sure to activate the power box on the RIGHT side of the suction tubes and send them to their mother.

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wow this board is till active? good, i started playing this a little bit recently. than i got tired of it and put some Ratchet & Clank in. 

i dunno if anyone here is a fan of that series but if they are and have R&C collection if they would be so kind to help a guy out on that board? it's pretty dead over there. 

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Put " Ratchet & Clank" as the topic in various game message boards, and you might find someone.  And, it might turn up when someone searches a search engine like Google.

(Your message was really buried in this topic.)

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well ok. since this forum is mainly about epic mickey i saw no point in posting a thread about ratchet & clank here that's why i picked a recent thread and one that only  had a couple of posts rather than one that was like 5 or 6 pages long for example.