How to pull lever in Dark Beauty Castle

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Been stuck on this for ages can someone tell me which button when using wii remote makes Mickey pull the lever and oswald fire pls help :)
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When you are told to "press" a button, like the minus button, do NOT do the usual pressing. Just barely touch or tap it, very quickly. Because, actually pressing it for even half a second will send Oswald flying. So, just run your thumb quickly off the edge of the button!!! !!!

For the "good" paint path, there are 3 machines. (The blue chest with its power box are not required. You simply stand in front of the power box, press the minus button to call Oswald over, prress the minus button when you see the symbol, and Oswald zaps the power box and the blue chest opens. Sometimes, Mickey says to watch it, but that does no harm to Mickey.)


1) Oswald automatically zaps the first machine in a cut scene;

2) From the first machine, go left, and there is a machine with a GOLD MICKEY LEVER on its right side. Walk to the lever.

Press A to grab the lever;

While holding A, press your "move" joystick on the nunchuck to the right, to pull the lever out.


3) Paint everything you see, especially pipes and wires that look gray. I turned the brightness of my TV way up, because the makers of the game bragged in interviews about intentionally making it too dark.

4) Go left to the third machine. Use your pad to turn the camera upward, to see the thinned pipes above the machine. Paint them.

Go to the power box in front of the machine, and stand really near, almost directly in front of it (you can move a little when Oswald starts zapping. Press "minus" to call Oswald. When he comes, press minus again.

5) If all three machines are activated, in order, and all pipes are painted, the center tower will open steps to go up.

Go up. You can spin some generic chests on your way to the archway at the top.

6) Jump to the Archway and go outside, to the red chest (which you can spin open by shaping the remote wand, and an opening in the balcony where you can jump down into a courtyard.

* * * * *

METHOD #2 -- the "Thinner Path" -- gets you to the same courtyard as the other path, and has no penalties, except missing a red chest.

THIN all the wires that I told you to paint, especially those above and beside the third machine. It will break the machine, and the wall, and you can go into the courtyard.

- - - -

Many people actually had everything, but didn't know what to do with the machines at the top of the stairs (nothing), or didn't want to kill Mickey by jumping down so far into the courtyard. Whenever Mickey falls, press the "A" jump button, ahd "spin" by waving the wii remote. Then, Mickey will not get damage from falling or jumping -- although, clearly, you can see that a jump of 6 or more stories into the courtyard would do serious damage.

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thank u i will try that :)