How Many Times Has Oswald Lied To You? (SPOILERS)

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How many times has Oswald lied to you?  (SPOILERS)

A player is in Floatyard Candy Canyon, trying to get a watch on a ledge.
I know that if he Helicopters to the right ledge and makes it, Oswald will leave, so the player cannot continue to Helicopter to the watch.  

1)  Oswald keeps saying, "I'll be right there", but he won't.  

2)  If you land on the Candy Canyon floor, and have to go around again, Gus says you must work together spinning levers.  You spin and spin, while Oswald says, "I know how to do this" and "I'm all over it".  After you spin 20 times, and nothing happens, you turn the camera angle, and Oswald is playing with his remote and his leg.  So, you walk over and spin Oswald, and trade levers, to try to get him to work.

3)  The worst time Oswald lied to me was in the very beginning, when I was trying to power the machines in the castle, BUT had missed painting a dark wire.  Oswald told me, "I know how to do this" and "Leave it to me" and "Don't worry" and "Trust me".  But, he didn't do anything except fool around, and lie that he was working (like Warren Spector and Irvin Chavira).

When has Oswald lied to you?