how do u take pictures?

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for part of a mission in epic mickey 2, the power of 2, it says to take a picture of something think it was a blue house for someone and then bring it back to the pirate to help refresh his memory....but i have no idea how to take pics can someone help?
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When you first get to Mean Street South, the character Seth is down the ramp from the train station. He talks about getting pictures and getting a camera from the camera shop in Mean Street North.

The camera shop is in the bottom, left corner of your map. When you come out of the underground tunnel, go up the curving bridge and jump up to the mainland. Hug the left side of the cliff, and the camera shop is there in a back corner. It is across the way from the Ice Cream Parlor.

She will give you a camera for free.


1) When you take a photo for a quest, pull out the camera, point it at what you think is a quest. If the sight in the middle of the frame turns green, it is a correct picture. Press to take a picture, and Gremlin Gus will make a favorable comment.

2) When you see something you like and want to put in your album in the camera shop, take out the camera, and the site will not turn green. Take the picture. Your camera will only hold 6 personal photos, so return them to the camera shop and empty the film into your album whenever you get a chance.


His house got thinned to a gray color. You have to paint it. Spraying it with paint will color it blue. Take a picture of it when it is blue. Then, take it to Moody, if you want to do his quest instead of the quest of his cousin pirate who is standing outside.

LOOK AT THE QUEST in your pause pages, and you will see that there are two different paths that you can choose to complete the quest.

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Awesome! thank you so much! now i can help my daughter lol thanks again!
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The game has a lot of glitches. I searched the internet for help with a "Heads Up" challenge and ended up at a site called "" There were 934 competitive players who had bought the game and were being tracked to verify that they get prizes. A month after Epic Mickey 2 came out, only 11 people had managed to finish the game. So, let your daughter know that it is an extremely difficult task to even finish the game.

I recommend getting through the game, then coming back for the quests.

After the ending scene and the credits, you find yourself back on Mean Street. One of the quests cannot even be obtained until after the last boss and the credits.

Wasteland has a central hub of Mean Street North and South, and various undergrounds.

Then, it has three branches that eventually lead to a boss fight.

After the first boss fight, you can have and buy 4 sketches, that come in very handy -- especially dropping a watch sketch to slow down enemies.

Did she buy a watch sketch in the Gift Emporium Store in Mean Street South.

She automatically got a Fairy Sketch when she entered OsTown.

After the first Boss Battle, she can buy an anvil sketch by taking a projector screen transporter to Ventureland. And, she can buy a TV sketch by taking a projector screen transporter to the Haunted Bog Easy.

I live by using a watch to slow down my enemies, dropping a TV to distract them, then dropping an anvil on robot monsters. Or, spraying ink blots with paint or thinner.