How do I get up to the fan for the train station in Mean Streeth?

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I have the clock sketch but I can't figure out how to get up to the fan. Any suggestions?
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Go to the train station window in Mean Street South.

Stand near the cargo boxes that are nearby.

Start a watch sketch, get close to those containers, or even on one, and Oswald will have a white hand - boost up notification above his head.

Oddly, when you very quickly tap your Oswald button, HE goes flying up and fixes it !!!

Any other time in the game, Oswald can fling you up, or you can fling him up. THIS TIME, it will only work if you have the WATCH SKETCH going. It may take a few tries, but keep setting off the sketch.

(For me, it is the minus button (-). If I hold it down a second, Oswald turns into a helicoptor and flies around Mean Street South more than ever before. Other times, the minus button is for him to flip me up. But, this time, he does it.)

- - - -

NOTE: only after Oswald has fixed the clock will he be able to fling Mickey up, if Mickey wants to set the time on the clock.

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Awesome! Thank you I just did it with my first try!
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I feel like a pain. How do I repair the station in Ostown? I don't see anything to repair. The guide says to use the fairy sketch on the broken part but I don't see anything broken.
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Talk to the train station manager.

Rotate your sketches so the fairy sketch is on the bottom -- making it the active one.

Look at the train station, point at the roof, and activate the fairy sketch.

This will raise the center of the roof.

Paint the entire building, including its sides and roof.

TALK TO THE TRAIN STATION MANAGER, and he will give you a pin.

You can ride the train to any station you have opened.

In the end, you will have to talk with the MAIN STREET SOUTH train station manager, but this can wait, because you cannot go to the other two areas until after you beat your first big boss.

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For Kate Sun and others, here are the rest of the Train Station Instructions:

Each area has a sketch you can buy at their local store, and you must use that sketch to activate that area's train station.

Mean Street South: watch sketch, slows down time.

OsTown: Fairy Sketch, lifts things up.

Ventureland: Anvil, smashes things, monsters, pressure plates like Autotopia.

Bog Easy: TV, used to power things, even in 2D cartoons.

- - - - -

The train station in Ventureland is fixed by pointing at what looks like a fallen building roof to the right of the train station. Activate an anvil on it and it disintegrates. That is the only rubble you can clear. Go back to the station master and talk until he offers you a ride and shows you a map. That way you know it is really fixed.

- - - - -

The train station in Bog Easy is trickier.

Take care of the beetleworx generator / replicator, and see a wooden pad between the generator and the train station. Prepare a TV sketch. Oswald will zap the power box at the back of the pad, and Mickey must drop a TV sketch on the pad while Oswald is zapping. If you do not get the TV dropped quick enough, walk around and try again.

When you first arrive, the stationmaster is by the back door of the store/out house.

After you take care of the monsters, he still doesn't come over to the dock, until after I went to Old Town and entered the projector to Blot Alley. When I arrive at Blot Alley, I turn around and go back through the projector screen to Old Town and Bog Easy.

Eventually, the station manager comes to the dock and stands by the forge. Talk to him, drop a TV about 1/3 of the way between him and the train station. He will walk a little way to watch the TV. Wait for the TV to wear out. Talk to him, and drop another TV between him and the station. He will walk toward it and watch TV. Talk to him. Eventually, he will say that he will open the station.

Talk to him when he is inside the ticket booth, and he will give a pin, offer rides, and show you a map.

- - - -


- - - - -

WARNING: Every time you go by a train station, quakes threaten its integrity. If you wait too long to repair it, the quakes will ruin it beyond repair. Then, it is considered "shuttered", as in the challenge to shutter all 4 train stations.

Once a train station is fixed, it cannot be shuttered.

Once a train station is shuttered, it cannot be repaired -- and you collect a lot of scrap metal.

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Can I get the anvil sketch anywhere else? Tiki Sam won't let me shop in his store.
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I don't know if there is a cure for your problem. Ventureland may just have to survive without a train station. And, you can play the game without an anvil.

I suspect that, instead of buying the black pearl for 1000 E-Tickets, you found a way in the back of the store from the Jungle Cruise, and walked to the black pearl -- meaning that you stole it.

Have you finished Autotopia, yet. Just past the garage is a chest with a white Wisdom pearl. Maybe if you have it, you can trade.

Sorry, I don't have a solution.

I cannot say enough bad things about the game designers.

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As for Ostown I have been pointing at the roof with the fairy sketch nothing happens.
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If you wait for too long to fix a station, it becomes irreparably damaged by the quakes.

Question 1) The sure way to tell is to go into your Pause Menu and into Challenges. What does it say for "Shuttered All Four Train Stations"? (Once a station is shuttered, it cannot be helped.)

Question 2) In the beginning, a man is in the train station window, and you can talk with him. Is he still there? (If he is gone, the station can never open.)

Question 3) In the beginning, the roof of the station is flat and you can barely see the center part sticking up. When it is raised, the center is raised about the height of a character. Is the center raised?

Comment: You don't need the station, anyway, because you can warp to Ostown from the Mean Street North Cinema, and you can warp back by spinning the movie projector screen until it shows a big Mickey and asks if you want to go to the cinema (as opposed to having to play the cartoon to get to Mean Street North)

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No, there is no longer a man there.
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If there is no longer a station master there, then it is too late to ever fix the station in your current game. 

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I am so lost! Need help! I have followed all instructions for this, and can't do it! I even started the game over after completing the first time, just so I could try to get the train station clock fixed. There is never an indicator for Oswald to throw Mickey. Every time I try, he throws ME. I somehow accidentally got the fan to stop (I don't know how), but the only way for me to get up there is to climb over the building, which is not supposed to happen, and it's very difficult. Once I get on the platform, the clock is open, but Oswald won't fix it. I even try setting the clock my shimmying around to the clock face (on the EDGE of the platform, because it's open) and nothing I do will set the clock; it stays at 9:50. I have tried thinner, I've tried paint, I've tried spinning in front of AND behind the clock, nothing works. I really want to get this, it's bugging me so much! I already completed the rest of the game even on my second run-through, is it too late? The guy on the ground still talks about it, he heaves a big sigh now and says, "You still don't get it, do you." Then he repeats his instructions. So frustrating! What should I try next?
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1) The clock is fixed! One of the times when Oswald was flipped up there, he stopped the fan, and others fixed it. It doesn't matter if it is open or closed, it counts as fixed. When you go to the train conductor, he gives you a pin, and, if you fix another station, like OsTown, Bog Easy, or Ventureland, you can go there.

* * * TALK TO THE TRAIN STATION MANAGER, WHO IS INSIDE THE TICKET WINDOW, to complete the task, and have the station count on your task list. * * *

2) The only reason to do anything else, like set the clock, is so you can get into Wald Disney's Apartment over the fire station.

In order to set the clock to 4:30, it is Mickey who gets flung up to the ledge. If the clock face is open, carefully shimmy to where the face and hands are. When you are in front of the clock hands, keep hitting the spin, to make Mickey spin. it will take approximately 4 spins to move the hands to 4:30. If you fall off, like I did the second game I plalyed, keep going to that pile of cargo, and get flung up.

The key to getting flung up is to take two steps and QUICKLY tap your "fling" button. For the Nintendo Wii it is the MINUS button. If I hold down the MINUS, then Oswald becomes a helicopter. If I just press the MINUS, I fling Oswald.

SO, BE MOVING TOWARD OSWALD a few steps, and press the "fling" button.

Up in the air, move toward the clock.

3) Go to the fire station, and thin the area above the fire truck. Jump up on the balcony. Above the balcony, there is a tower with a bell. If you cannot see it, paint and thin and paint, and jump on the roof until you can see the bell.

When you jump to the bell you can see, it will ring.

Then go onto the balcony above the fire truck, and you will see a symbol, the same as when you open a door. Press and hold your "open door" button, and you will be inside.

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For others who read this, the way to tell if it is too late to repair the train station is to talk to the Train Station Master, who sells tickets under the clock. Is he still inside the ticket sales window? If he is, it is not too late! What does he say?

(When it is too late, the station gets irreparably damaged by earthquakes, and a huge amount of sheet metal falls around the ticket booth.)

As for the man who wanders around the plaza saying, "You just don't get it..." He will say it forever -- even after you have been in Walt Disney's apartment. Glitches in the game do it. You probably wasted hours or days because this game has glitches.