Get Money to Buy Watch -- Before and In South Mean Street, So No Backtracking

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Get Money to Buy Watch -- Before and In South Mean Street, So No Backtracking

After you talk to the Train Conductor, it costs 250 E-Tickets (money) to buy a Watch Sketch at the Mean Street South Emporium Gift Shop.

The Watch Sketch is necessary to fix the Mean Street Train Station, to provide a convenient place to warp to.
The Watch Sketch slows down enemies and other things, making it easier to get through the game.

You can buy the watch and other items, without having to backtrack.  Therefore, you can just proceed from Mean Street South, through the manhole to Mean Street North, through the manhole to Ostown, and get on with the game.

Unfortunately, players often find themselves in Mean Street South, at the Emporium, before realizing the need for money and how to get it.  No problem.   I will elaborate on how to go into the manhole, turn around and come out, and the money will all be reset.  You can get all the money you want, by repeating this.

(What you get per spin depends on what you need -- health and paint come before money.)
- - - - -

11 ~ Spin pots by walls, Total 11
- - - - -
10 ~ Thin door in kitchen, Total 21
- - - - -
30 ~ Thin picture to the left of the telescope, total 51
60 ~ Thin Telescope Base, Thin all brooms that pour water, pan camera to Paint Pictures that pour water, open 2 chests, Total 111
4 ~ jars up the telescope, before wings, Total 115
2 ~ Thin and Paint planets, Total 117
(100 ~ bad choice to thin half the chest picture)
- - - - -

15  ~ Spin Armor (depends on your paint supply), Total 132
27 ~ 2 chests past doors and before cave-in area, Total 159
52 ~ Round Control Room Chests, Total 211
- - - - -

Plants, Plant Pedestals, and Armor, Total 232
* * * * * *

3 construction barriers / saw horses
6 blue light posts
1 pink fire hydrant
Gear lying down on top of fire station
Gear on top of Gift Shop
Gear behind Museum
2 Gears behind Train Station (thin orange ramp and go down and right)
Chest by thinning boards to the right of Detective Agency door
- - - -
My Total 261  (The cost of the Watch Sketch is 250)
* * * *

Walk to the steamy manhole cover, to the right of the Detective Agency.
Press A, and say yes to enter the underground.
Turn around and turn the camera around.
Walk to the wall, and press A.
When asked, Shall we exit?, press A.
- - - -
All the goodies are reset, so you can start spinning the chest, fire hydrant, posts, gears, etc.
- - - -
After you have gotten the Watch Sketch and opened the Train Station, you can go to the next area of the game through that same manhole cover.  
Remember to drop a watch sketch to slow down the bad guys.