General Advice on getting Oswald's cooperation

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I have seen several cases of people asking how to get Oswald to perform one of his various necessary jobs. (This is assuming you're playing solo.) There are quite a few spots that call for Oswald's cooperation--among them, when Mickey needs to be tossed higher than he can jump, etc. (There is, in fact, one film reel that can only be obtained by a cooperative toss--I think it's the one in the Mean St to OsTown projector.) 


What I do is have my second controller handy. If Oswald won't do his thing (and he often won't--he's a little ADD that way, and likes to goof off,) you just push the split-screen/2 player button on Oswald's controller, make Oswald go where you need him, then set it down conveniently beside you. Grab your Mickey controller again (because you need it to control Mickey's jump,) then quickly push the "throw Mickey" button on the Oswald controller. Once you've got Mickey where you need him you can exit split-screen. 

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But how do you control where Mickey goes?
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Let's use the first throw in the castle as an example.

When it is a place in the game where a throw is programmed,

have Mickey walk to the place where you want Oswald to stand.

Press the "Call Oswald" button.

Have Mickey walk two steps away, so there is a straight line from him to Oswald to where he wants to go.

Have Mickey  run two steps and press the "throw Mickey" button.

You are already steering Mickey toward the place you want him to go, and that's where you keep steering when he is in the air.

(You cannot do a zig-zag steer.  It has to start in a straight line, with Mickey facing and running to where he wants to go, and Oswald in the middle, giving him a boost.)

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actually to me it doesn't look like he's throwing him up in air but kicking him in ass to do so. it's a bit funny really. and if that's not what he's doing than it's just me and i'm fine with that but either way it's funny ya know?