Epic Mickey 2 Tips (Tips for anyone)

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Tip 1 : Join co-op if Oswald is being annoying. I've done numerous times, and even though it's hard to control 2 controllers at once, it is VERY helpful (unlike the Oswald AI itself). Tip 2 : Paint any objects that are not visible when you go to a location. This game has many goodies for people with a keen eye. Paint objects like chests, or sometimes things like Plants that provide you with ammo or health. (To be updated! Any helpful tips in the replies will be added to the thread when I am online again)
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Thanks for sharing.  We have more on the GameSpot Forum:

1)  Easy Money and Goodies


(Basically, spin everything that shimmers, even if you wouldn't expect it to contain anything.)

2)  Instant warping to and from the Mean Street Cinema, Film Reels, and Pins inside 2-D cartoons