Epic Mickey 2 Questions and Answers - Shortness Theory, CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE

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#1 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -

I thought it would be a good idea to gather all the evidence we have about the game being truncated, shortened, cut, rushed etc. in one place. Basically so people don't have to traverse 10 threads to find an Epilogue solution, when it may not even be possible. And yes, that does mean good ol' copy-and-paste, so apologies if you've read this stuff before. Yes, I do like the game. It's stupidly short, but what little content there is is magical.

OK, so I have been absolutely bombarded with questions about this game, most related to the OsTown fountain, and the Epilogue. I'll post my thoughts on the questions here, and others can do the same Thanks to katydidd for the main questions - most users are wondering similair things, so I'll use your questions:


1)  Postulate where you think the transportation tubes that are one level under the fountain will go.

2)  Have you seen any other door/transportation tubes that you cannot activate?  (Even the door beside the good door on top of the Fire Station can be opened by destroying the good door)  All of the doors and transportation tubes can eventually be activated and opened, if we do the right things even those metal doors in the first underground can be activated from the other side.

3)  How many legs do you have on your statue of Oswald?

4)  The fountain of Oswald in Epic Mickey has two legs on Oswald, 
the two water bowl levels that we see in EM2, 
AND  thinner coming over the edges of the bottom level, pouring into a pool of water,
AND  the broken pieces that we see on the ground in EM2 are on the fountains bottom bowl as pour spouts that pour thinner into the  POOL  SURROUNDING  THE  STATUE  and 2 levels of bowls.   
Do you have your fountain fixed?

5)  The fountain in the real Anaheim Disneyland ToonTown has a pool of water around the statue of Mickey, and two levels of fountain that are in EM2.  The fountain in the Epic Mickey Ostown has a pool of thinner around the statue of Oswald.

6)  In Epic Mickey, the closing scene showed characters fixing things, and Mickey going home, and the Sorcerer swearing to lock up his stuff.  Meanwhile EM2 still has earthquakes, and all the reasons why we figured the game is only half a game.  
SO, do you think the ending of Epic Mickey   THREE  will have the fountain fixed, with 2 legs for Oswald or the pieces of the pour spouts attached, or a pool around the statue like in real Disneyland or EM1s fountain?

What do you make of the transportation tubes that are one level down from the fountain?


1. My guess is that those tubes are either a.) just scenery, or b.) originally intended to be used for the fountain statue quest. I don't think they are relevant in any way.

2. There's a door on the roof of the Detective Agency that you can't reach. Dropping an anvil over there smashes open some crates, no doubt hinting that you were originally supposed to go up there. It's easiest to see if you stand on the arm of the monkey trash compactor. Another thing that makes me wonder is in OsTown, up on Moody's roof, there is a bubbling tub of thinner that sits on a support that looks thinnable. Additionally, the tub sometimes shimmers, as if it were Spinnable, but I am unable to interact with it in any way. Thoughts?

3. I just have the one leg on Oswald. Why?

4. If by 'fixed' you mean with the statues, then yes. If you mean 'do you have paint in it?', then no.

5.I actually visited Disneyland not long ago and was checking for similarities between OsTown and Toontown, and noticed that in real life, the fountain has a rather prominent manhole cover near it marked 'Toonhole' or something. Looking in OsTown, I couldn't find this, although there is a clear patch of ground that Gus insists in hovering over that may have originally held this manhole.

6. I still hold with my theory that the Epilogue is doable, even JP wouldn't screw something like that up. As for EM3, I think it'll have something to do with the Petes.

And then there's the whole mystery of the inaccessible manhole cover near Seth, that appears to lead off to a Small World structure in the distance. Check my thread for details.

And then there's my whole rant about Prescott, which I shall now paste here for your viewing pleasure, as I think it's unacceptable: HOW COULD THEY INTRODUCE A PLOT POINT ABOUT HALF AN HOUR IN, BUILD ON IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME (which is stupidly short, might I add) AND NOT RESOLVE IT AT THE END? DID THEY JUST FORGET ABOUT IT OR SOMETHING?! WE ARE NEVER, REPEAT, NEVER, TOLD WHY PRESCOTT BROKE THE PROJECTORS, OR WHAT ROLE HE PLAYED IN THE STORY. THE ONLY OTHER MENTION WE GET OF HIM IS A LINE IN A SONG: "I fooled Prescott into turning on his friends...." (which we already knew), AND THAT'S IT. AND WARREN SPECTOR SAID HE WANTED THIS GAME TO BE AS EMOTIONAL AS TOY STORY 3. WELL, IF THEY CAN'T EVEN SUSTAIN A BASIC PLOT POINT, THAT IDEA'S GONE! Whew. And no, I can't be bothered ranting about how random, sudden, and out-of-place the whole 'Mad Doctor TV Show' plot point is. No. I won't do it. Play the game, find out for yourself.

Additionally, we also have katydidd's argument: 

1) Of course, the biggest proof that EM2 is an incomplete game is that Mickey is still in Wasteland, with forgotten toons, instead of being back in his house in Disneyland, where he started the game, greeting children and making cartoons. 

2) The narrator says at the end that Oswald & Mickey do not know what lies ahead, but together they can conquer it all.

3) After the credits, the Petes kidnapped a gremlin into Mickeys Service Station in Adventureland. I followed to no avail.

4) The OsTown Fountain does not have blue paint/water that should cover up the turnstile. We should be able to use the transportation tubes that are under the turnstile to transport up, or someplace.

5) After the credits roll, when you say pause, it states to keep exploring Wasteland. Soon, it changes to Epilogue: Work together to use the turnstile and open the way forward.

6) The place is still in turmoil, with all the characters worried.

7) Gremlin Jamface says, "Strange, it looks all fixed, but still receives no power." (This is after I fixed all 6 undergrounds, and the windmill is turning beautifully. It occurs during a "paint" game, with 165 pins -- before I start demolishing things to get more pins.

8) Three Jamaican women talk about reuniting Main Street and fixing Dark Beauty castle.

Look to the booklet that came with the game and to the Prima Guide that thanks Disney for help in making it for clues as to what the goal of the game is, and whether they met it, or whether the game was cut short.

THE BOOKLET states: "only the combined powers of Mickey and Oswald can restore this once-proud home for forgotten Toons."

THE PRIMA GUIDE states on page 13: "As you explore Wasteland, Mickey and Oswald must discover who is really behind the 'quakes threatening to destroy the land and put a stop to it."

Epic Mickey 2 was cut short of its goal.

Then there's the smaller stuff:

1. The ending is ridiculously rushed, as if they simply ran out of time and needed to wrap up all the 'plot twists' in the space of a 2-minute cutscene. What's all this about the Mad Doctor having a TV show? Never mentioned again. What role did Prescott play? Nothing. Why did the Mad Doctor pretend to be good? Never explained. It's all just rattled off in a song. Some 'plot twist'. I was left more confused than satisfied. They have this huge-build up, like with the whole Prescott conspiracy, then just drop it and pretend it never existed. Incomplete game? I think so.

2. The shops have all these pins available for tasks that never existed - there's a 'Defeated Petetronic' pin? When did we fight Petetronic? Oh, look... there's a pin for restoring Madame Leona's art gallery... when did we do that again? Hey, it's a 'Battled Hook' pin! Great! When did we battle Hook? My guess is that these things were to be included, but were cut out but they left in the pins. That's just lazy.

I found this little number: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0diw7BbQIg

It's the ending, so obvious spoilers, but: watch when Mickey takes a bow at around 3:06. What's that in the background? A reunited Mean Street! It also looks pretty whole behind the Dragon as well. And surely you'd need a street WITHOUT deadly cliff edges and deathpits in the ground for a parade?! What are those Gremlins on?!

Additionally, look at the castle when the fireworks are going off - hey, wasn't that ravaged before, as this:http://tinyurl.com/bafppmn concept art shows? It's suddenly mended! Heck, the first stage is all about escaping BEFORE it collapses!

Either some weird, time-altering paradox occurred during the ending, or something's amiss here....

Oh, and I found this concept art as well:http://dalia1784.tumblr.com/image/39023641909

It just PROVES that there was to be more to the game. Look at the expressions on the Pete's faces, and all the other details. Prescott, despite having a relatively small role in the end, is also displayed prominently. Just what is going on here.....?

I just realised something else as well: I guarantee you that the whole Pete thing was actually going to be like a second half of the game. When you're in the Attic, thinning the big signs reveals some Pete-shaped costumes, and Oswald remarks that they aren't the Mad Doctor's size. My guess is that Pete was going to be in on the Mad Doc's plans, but they scrapped him at the end and moved his 'sequel hook' to after the credits. Unacceptable, Disney.

Need there be any more proof?

..... yeah, someone's gonna need to get in touch with Junction Point about this....

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#2 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

Thank you.  I agree with you.  I want to emphasize:

The original Epic Mickey was "epic" and a complete game -- with the goal stated in the first five minutes, and repeated throughout the game and the ending.

I believe that Epic Mickey 2 was designed to be a sequel -- an entire game, in and of itself.  During the two years of its production, it was not intended to be anything but an entire game -- maybe with hopes of having another in the series of entire games.

Throughout its design and production, and interviews, it was not intended to be an incomplete chapter of a trilogy, or more incomplete chapters.  Chapters and trilogies are written and marketed differently, as in the Harry Potter Trilogy, etc.

Only after Disney Interactive and Warren Spector had wrapped up production, and had to have the Beta Testing, and manufacturing, and advertising done, was there any talk that it was incomplete, and part of a Trilogy.  Of course, in business, rule number one is CYA, and say it is what you intended all along.  (Don't tell the truth.)

The game was meant to be more, but was hurriedly cut short.  Customers are surprised to suddenly see the credits.

"EPIC" means "of grand proportions" ...  "Of unusual size or extent".  Yet, you could run through the game in 1 hour 33 minutes !!! 

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#3 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

I just Googled "Warren Spector" and came up with:


"Warren Spector would love to see more Epic Mickey games"

and talks about "I'd love to see the Disney Epic Mickey series continue"

(NOTE:  series, not a truncated trilogy).


"What a coincidence!  I'd like to see  BETTER  ones."

"Epic Mickey (2 especially) plays to me like the bad early 3D platformers on PS1 and N64.... I don't see any way to justify that sort of shoddy game design in this day and age."

"80 more games? 1 was too much, and 2 is still beyond unbelievable to me. Believe me, I wanted the first one to be good. I followed it, read about it. You messed that one up, and from what I've heard, 2 is just as bad."

"I'd be inclined to agree with him if Epic Mickey 2 was a good game, but that's, well... not the case"

"Then make one that's a good GAME. Epic Mickey was annoying, but Power of Two is just awful (as a game)."

- - - - -

I, Katydiddd, didn't mean to get off the subject of the sudden ending and shortness of the game, but you have to read the comments.  Warning, there are words this site doesn't accept.

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#4 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -



AND AT 7:43 IN THIS VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVkzdob_20A



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#5 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

I am so amazed at Mcbasilrocks skill. Thanks.
It is true that the second was the most obvious:




Clearly, both of the footage URLs you gave were not from the game that you and I could buy in a store, but were from Beta versions -- and lies that Disney released -- showing many other marketed things that are not really in the game. THINGS THAT THEY CUT OUT and covered up !!!

(It isnt just the designers mode, like in Epic Mickey, where someone posted that she had finally been able to beat the last boss -- but when I looked at the top left corner, she only had 3 hearts -- the number you start with. You cannot possibly get certain places without having more hearts forced upon you. I didnt post a reply, but I knew she had a special game version / like console mode.)

I think the designers of EM2 intentionally ripped me off, selling me a cake that they had gutted the insides.

But, when Disney gutted the game, they did not take out dialogue and epilogue that used up hours of our lives -- the gremlin under the fountain, saying he is working on getting the others repaired; the epilogue saying to work together using the turnstile to find a way forward.

- - - -

To change the subject -- look at the fountain at 6:31 - 6:33 on Mickeys side. You may have given me a rebuttal about getting water in the fountain -- because they shrunk the fountains pool that surrounds the statue and two bowls and pitchers pouring water into the pool.
In the video version you gave, there is a pool, and a rim that a visitor could sit on, around the bottom bowl.

NO. Im still not satisfied. Today, if I go to Ostown, the ground still has the pitchers that need to be attached to the rim of the bottom bowl. Then the bottom bowl and pitchers need to pour water into the fountains pool.
The only change is that the fountains pool is much smaller--and you have a road before you get to the sidewalk, yards, and houses.
- - - -
Im going back to watch both the great footage you found -- over and over.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What do you think about what we were sold as a "game"?

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#6 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -

Also note that the flowers, clouds and hands that make up the 'floating scenery' in OsTown are moving. This is most noticeable at 6:47 on Mickey's side in the second video. However, the gameplay is clearly set during the OsTown pump mission, as Goofy is present, as is Prescott. It is not possible to mend the 'floating scenery' until after fighting Prescott in the actual game, when a Green Gremlin replaces him in the Gag Factory and offers to fix it for you. This hints that possibly the OsTown visit was to be later in the game, with more areas before it, adding to the 'areas scrapped' theory we have going.

Additionally, the way to Mickeyjunk Mountain (seen at 7:30) appears to be sealed by a corrugated metal door, rather than the 'pile of junk' that we have in the final piece. This obviously shows that Mickeyjunk Mountain was to be accessible, but at the last minute they just covered it up with 'junk' and pretended it never existed.

Look at 7:16. The turnstile is above the Thinner, unlike the actual game, where it is submerged. The transport tube near the Gag Factory appears somewhat open as well. Ideas? 

Just an unrelated note, look at Oswald's electrodes near the pumps that he needs to power up. Personally I like their old design better, with his ears.

Look intently on the ground at 0:20 and you'll see a book. Scrapped plot device maybe? Who knows?

Have a look at this, too: http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/viewer.php?mode=article&id=44916#top_banner

Spatters underneath OsTown? I'm positive they aren't there!

As for your question, katydiddd, I do actually mildly like the game. It feels cheap and incomplete, but I love the songs and Disney references. In short (ha! See what I did there?), it needed more content and more time working on it, but what little content that's there is... alright, I guess.

And I'd like to ask one more question to you, katydiddd.... what did you think of the whole 'Mad Doctor TV Show' plot point at the end? It wasn't hinted at once throughout the story. No buildup to it, and once it's been said, no mention is made of it again. At all. His diary just suddenly says 'oh, yeah, hey.... you know that guy who's evil? Yeah, well, he has a TV show. I know we didn't mention it before, but... yeah. There's your plot twist. Bye!" Big Lipped Alligator Moment? Yes, yes, yes. Planned beforehand? No, no, no.

Found any more interesting stuff in those videos? Let me know!

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#7 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

I totally agree with you, but need more time to respond to the topic and questions.
I hate to get off on a minor tangent, but Mcbasilrocks wrote,
"As for your question, katydiddd, I do actually mildly like the game. It feels cheap and incomplete..."

Katydiddd responds: Personally, I don't object to the game as much as I object to Disney's lies and cheating.

1) I have not returned the game to the store as the defective piece of stuff that it is, but I have, also, kept over 30 Wii and more Mac and PC games, have a joystick version of Pac Man, and download original 2-D platform games from the 90s;
2) On the Forum, I recommended that a person keep and play the game he got as a gift from his parents;
3) On the Forum, I approved that another person buy EM1, because he has a Nintendo Wii, and asked if he should. So, I asked him what else he has to do with $20 that EM1 costs at Wal-Mart.
4) But, I never went so far as to recommend that Mcbasilrocks buy a used Nintendo Wii (for $100 or less at Gamestop) and EM1 (for $20 new at Wal-Mart), just to get context and more complaints on EM2. You can't know how truly important Mickey Junk Mountain is if you havent been there, where Oswald lives, and where THE INK BLOT is bottled up (the other ink spatters and big slobber are only drops that occasionally escape from the bottle.)
- - - - -

I'm sure that Warren Spector wanted to win a VGA (Video Game Award) for Epic Mickey 2: best video game, song, score, graphics, multi-player. Like in the Mary Poppins song: "A man has dreams of walking with giants, to carve his niche in the edifice of time..."

Dream on...Not even a nomination or mention from Spike TV or any other source.
Nothing in all the time and money they spent on music grabbed me, or made me want to buy the music CD or book.

Many games, like EM1 and Zelda just have mumbling, instead of spoken words.
I believe that EM2 spent OVER A MILLION dollars getting words -- even traipsing all over England, trying to find Roald Dahls recordings of the voices he imagined for his book, "The Gremlins".
But, I would have preferred that they FIRST produce a better game, then, if they have time, money, and inclination, worry about dialects and dub them over.

Just because I find the game seriously lacking, and not living up to its name as "EPIC", doesn't mean that I cannot find happiness in an imperfect world. I play many inferior games, but they don't lie and do phony advertising.
- - - - -
I think about what Mcbasilrocks wrote, and will respond. He is awesome!

EDIT: I write on a Microsoft Q&D word-processing document, using dashes, apostrophes and quotation marks. These marks show up when copied to the submit form, and disappear when submitted. So, they need to be installed again. Boo!

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#8 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -

But, I never went so far as to recommend that Mcbasilrocks buy a used Nintendo Wii (for $100 or less at Gamestop) and EM1 (for $20 new at Wal-Mart), just to get context and more complaints on EM2. You can't know how truly important Mickey Junk Mountain is if you havent been there, where Oswald lives, and where THE INK BLOT is bottled up (the other ink spatters and big slobber are only drops that occasionally escape from the bottle.)


I'm sorry if I in any way insinuated that you were asking me to buy the first game. As a matter of fact, I do own the original, and I've played it through several times. I'm well aware of the significance of Mickeyjunk Mountain and the plot. I just thought it would have been cool to see it in EM2, maybe piled even higher with more Mickey junk?

Sorry again if I offended you in any way. The way you wrote that post made me feel bad....

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#9 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

Mcbasilrocks, I am sorry for any misunderstanding. That is not what I meant at all. I am sorry. I was just rambling on, without realizing how it might sound to a stranger, who cannot know my mood.

I was thinking about how funny various parts of Epic Mickey are. Like the Bunny Children!!!

The first time I went to the Mickey Junk Mountain crane area, the Bunny Children surrounded me and threw me in the thinner !!! Soon, I learned to jump to the left area, or paint the TV before I was told to.

Later, I would spin and run to the telephone area, and watch the Bunney Children eat a splatter that spawned behind the crane !!! He-He-He !!!

The game has so many neat "Easter Eggs" and innovations.

The Bunny Children can even throw you over a cliff on Mean Street, if you gather them from the Train Station and other areas. Spin them to get them off you, until you have all 5, then they will throw you off!!! I think that's neat.

For all its camera problems and spraying problems, and inability of newbies to beat the bosses, EM1 does have the socially redeeming quality of making me giddy and smile. (when I turn up the brightness of my TV).

On the down side, replay the area where Mickey first gains control and runs up the steps to spin the first machine. He gets ready to make his first jump, and Gus tells him about jumping. Then, you line Mickey up to do the first jump, and in the middle of the jump, the camera moves, and you land on the floor. I warn newbies to aim to the right, and if they fall, to press the jump button and spin, so they don't lose a life.

NEWBIES QUICKLY BELIEVE ME that the designers are itty.

After newbies or I make the first jump, they can easily jump back and forth across the cracked area, never falling. It is just that first jump where the camera moves. WHY? Without me or my warning, they cannot jump to the machine, and just die, and die, and die !!!

I'm glad to hear that you have Epic Mickey.

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#10 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -
Also, get this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp2I1RNcjkw It's an early speech by Warren Spector. But, if you skip to 16:05, he shows off a cutscene. It's the Club 13 scene, but lengthened. Surely this shows that some cutscenes/areas were trimmed down? What do you think?
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#11 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

As usual, you're right. Good hunting!

And, as Warren Spector said, there really is a Club 33 (not 13) at Anaheim Disneyland, which is only for VIPs. It is in New Orleans Square, over the Blue Bayou Restaurant. And the audience sure loved that he was giving them gifts and taking them to that 5-star restaurant.

And, the door to Club 33 looks exactly like Club 13 -- including the side panels and the design of the insignia.

Everyone in the audience got the "cell" of the picture Pete-tronic was holding, but it sure wasn't in the game.

- - - - -

The entrance to Rainbow Falls' Control Room 7 Dwarfs area, through the fan, was changed, too.

- - - -

Warren Spector said he would let the audience decide abut the camera repairs -- mine stinks. At one point in Autotopia, I have done the thrid thinner controls, where you jump over the tires. The camera keeps facing the controls, even after I have fixed them. And, when I contact Oswald to go, pressing the button to grab his feet just makes me jump or grab the handle. I have to move far away, and call him far away, and end up in the thinner, with Oswald blocking my way.

Does that sound like a good fix? Over and over, the camera turns, especially when I am in mid-air -- like jumping across Disney Gulch Junk Bridge, to the second projector screen. Or, jumping on the tennis racket.

Warren Spector is such a liar -- because the truth is that their team does not have the skill to correct the camera angles, like Zelda does, or many other games.

WHO in the audience would choose "voices" over playability?

EM2 was not even nominated for any VGA (Video Game Award)!!!

(But, he is quite a showman -- like P. T. Barnum who said, "There's a sucker born every minute.")

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#12 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -
A couple more things:- 1. Warren Spector at one point in the video mentions that we'd be able to visit a Wonderland area. He really bigs it up. Of course, there's absolutely no such area in the final game. 2. Also, on a less serious note, I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwAKIsHgu9s It basically mocks how short the game is by telling the story in nine minutes and forty-seven seconds. Check it out, tell me what you think.
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#13 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

I haven't finished watching the video (have it on another tab and bookmark, in case this post disappears).

The "WONDERLAND" that Warren Spector really bigs up ends up as only a generic house at the end of Floatyard. If you stand behind the turnstile and look at the balcony, you see the eyes of "Alice in Wonderland". The scenery has the roses, and bushes to paint and thin in the shape of the the four suits of cards. It isn't quite the "Wonderland" that you expected, and misses all the scenes in the book and in the ride at Disneyland. You were expecting more than a generic house, with scenery thrown in.

I'm going back to your video


It starts out so good.

I am having a great time watching all your videos, again and again !!!


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#14 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

The video showed that the relevant clips from the game could explain the whole story in under 10 minutes.

But, if he hadn't restrained himself to clips from the game, I bet he could explain the diminutive plot in 3 minutes.

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#15 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuhfA-Xx__8 Warren Spector is such a liar..... or at least he's over-hyping this game, way, WAY too much.... I think I'd better stop with the videos now. VIDEO OVERLOAD! So, yeah, did you ever get round to the whole 'Mad Doctor TV Show' thing? What's your opinion?
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#16 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT_FSWqoml8 OK, one more video. I couldn't help myself.... this one is just so obvious. RIGHT AT THE VERY BEGINNING (00:04 to be exact), you can see a list of levels on the screen behind Warren Spector available for demo-ing. BUT.... notice how it says Disney Gulch Lab (where you fight the dragon) Visit 1. THEN further down the list it says 'Disney Gulch Lab Visit 2'. WHAT?! YOU ONLY VISIT IT ONCE IN THE FINAL GAME! AND WHY WOULD IT BE MARKED 'DISNEY GULCH LAB' AND NOT 'DRAGON BOSS'? MAYBE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ORIGINALLY GO BACK THERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE MAD DOCTOR'S PLANS? AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!


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#17 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

No thoughts on the Mad Doctor's TV show or the Table of Contents, yet.

I'm doing personal stuff, and dusting, and carpet cleaning, AND checking out the PS3 Trophy Guide.

PS3 Trophy Guide and Roadmap - Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - PS3Imports.org


Usually, I can help the Gamespot and Gamefaqs Forums for all the tabs and Answers. But, some things are beyond me. You would be good at helping them.

How do I end the game and do a 2nd playthrough?


Like Epic Mickey 1, PS3s replay the game, going from thinner to paint path, but, I do not know which series of buttons to press to accomplish it. (They have 1 game slot. Do not delete, press "new game" and they keep their trophies?)

I'm just a customer who bought the game, had problems, came on the internet looking for answers, and bought a Prima Guide, and i still don't know the answers.

What console are you playing EM2 on?

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#18 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -
I play my copy on the Nintendo Wii. Also, it seems I may have to eat my words about the Mad Doctor's TV show not being hinted at - when you first see Prescott, he's fiddling with a mini TV, and he looks like he's trying to get a connection with the Cartoon World. But apart from that, zilch.
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#19 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

Mcbasilrocks, you have an excellent game review.  Compile your posts, and submit them as a game review to all the game sites.  And, you could publish your own free web page about EM2.

(Of course, give us the URL for it.)

As it is, when I search an EM2 topic, your forum posts, especially this one, comes up.

Promote yourself!

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#20 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -
I've actually started a playthrough of the original game on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42XmV-JY5wM Don't mind my accent (I've only been in the States for a year or so now, lived in the UK since birth) and awful commentary/quality (people always tell me I sound younger than I am), just tell me what you think. Oh, yeah: about my YouTube name.... I created my account in 2008. That should explain things....At the time of writing, there are 6 parts up. Thanks for the support!
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#21 Posted by katydiddd (332 posts) -

Before watching Part 1, I was prepared to council you to turn up the brightness of your TV, before turning the camera on it or recording. So many You Tube videos are naturally dark, and Warren Spector decided to make Epic Mickey even darker.

BUT, you did it. I can even see your video!!! Thanks from those who watch it.

You do Gus' voice very well, of course.

Your commentary is helpful. As you progress through the game, consider people I know, who are new to video games, and really don't know how to do things.

I'll watch some more, after breakfast.

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#22 Posted by Mcbasilrocks (113 posts) -

Oh, don't worry. I don't mean anything by those comments - I don't really think I'm a loser etc. It's all in the spirit of comedy, and at least an attempt to make the videos watchable. Thanks for viewing them anyway, sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry if they offended you at all. They weren't meant to be taken seriously. I just really get carried away... I really have fun making those videos! Oh, and I bet whenever you read any of my posts from now on you won't be able to unhear my real voice.....

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The most disturbing thing about your You Tube walkthrough is that it does not have any links to the next part.

I even made a "print screen" of the final 12-block scene and the right side bar of


Usually, there is a link to the next part -- and multiple links to other things you have done.

For me to see Part 2 through Part 6, I had to click on your name, specifically, and click on your playlist and other things you had submitted.

Maybe you can correct it with "tags" or something.

(I can't vote, because I, usually, do not join sites. I only joined this one because I was desperate to see how to get blue paint in the Ostown fountain!!!

- - - -

Parts 3 through 6 are very entertaining -- you do have a great personality and quick wit.

I especially like the way you started to pan the camera -- like jumping up on the Gremlin Village Clock Tower railing, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Thanks a lot for the positive feedback! Don't worry, I'll be more careful about what I say in the future. I've got some great one-liners prepared for Big Bad Pete and the Card Guards though, so I'll have to see if I can restrain myself from the obvious "DEALING out some punishment" and "not PLAYING fair" puns.
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Go for it. Most of it is fair game.

Have you read what I said about the abusive, dead-beat, absentee-father Oswald, who threw his bunny child off a cliff???

Where was Oswald when his bunny children were throwing people off cliffs and into thinner. Then they were put in jail, because their mother was "stone dead", and their father was sitting on a throne watching cartoons?

And, have you noticed how many other girl friends Oswald has in other cartoons? By the time you are the baby-daddy of over a hundred children, something should be done.

BTW, every single cartoon from EM1 was available on the internet. I got the list from Wiki. I know that one of the cartoons was deleted, but I'm sure the rest are available.

And, they were good cartoons.

So, go ahead and give it to most of the characters. I sure do -- especially from a female point of view. Ha-Ha-True

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Social Commentary:  By the time little girls are three years old, they are busy "finger-waggling" little boys, bossing them around.

In that spirit, here is a suggestion:  In your written comment for each of your walkthrough videos, you could place the URL to the next video. 

This is something you can edit immediately, without waiting for You Tube to get your links posted.

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Point taken. YouTube has recently fixed up my links, and I've just uploaded Part 7. Here's hoping YouTube sorts that out too.
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The guy at the Arcade wants pairs of pins to activate the arcade games.

After each boss, you take him the boss pin, and its mate that you got from the Pin Trader.

When you have finished with all three, you get a pin.

Look it up by clicking on the first (empty) board inside the Pin Trader:


Playing Flynn's arcade games sure brings back memories."

When I first played through, I expected more. After all, in Epic Mickey and these DECs, we see cassettes from old Mickey games. Later I was disappointed. Now, I think it should be noted on this board.

I've downloaded old Zelda games from the Wii Shopping Channel, and it wouldn't hurt Disney to give a couple minutes of vintage Mickey. That's what they hinted at. Didn't you expect something?

(The pin is a circle with green in the upper left; blue in the upper right; and white on the bottom.)

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On the subject of the game being short, and things that are missing:

Do you remember when Ghost Gilbert gave you a "fake gear" to give to Gremlin Sparks, and you were promised to see something really funny and spectacular if you did?

Did you do it?

Not trusting this game to keep its word, I saved a game before doing it -- but I did it out of curiosity, and because I really wanted a laugh.

Sure enough, it was just another item for your list of unfulfilled promises -- shortness due to running out of time, or ...

Warren Spector said on April 4, 2012 that they had had around 800 people working on the game.


What a waste of money. They could done no voices, or have had Mcbasilrocks do the voices well, and probably cheap (like getting to tour the studio, his name on the credits, and a lifetime pass to Disneyland). Instead Disney spent over a million dollars trying to find Roald Dahl's original recording, find voices, etc.

With all those 800 people on the payroll, they should have spent their time finishing the game and getting the bugs out. (Or not intentionally putting in bugs like moving the camera unexpectedly in the middle of jumps, requiring adjustment of joystick direction.)

The article said Warren Spector expected EM2 out in September.

We, now, suspect that when EM2 wasn't ready, they put it out anyway on November 18, 2012 -- and we ended up with a short, incomplete game.

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HELLO ALL. ULTIMATE EVIDENCE HERE. VIEW THIS: http://epicmickey.wikia.com/wiki/Wonderland?file=6874.Epic-Mickey-6.jpg-550x0.jpg YES, YOU SAW THAT RIGHT. IT'S CONCEPT ART. FROM EPIC MICKEY 2. THAT WASN'T IN THE GAME, WAS IT? NO! NO, IT WASN'T! LIES, LIES, LIES!
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I've recently been speculating how awesome the story could have been if they'd put more time into the relationship between Gus and Prescott. In that light, I've written a script for how I think the story should have gone. This follows on immediately after the diary scene, where Mickey, Oswald and Gus enter the Mad Doctor's ride. They see Ortensia etc. The Mad Doctor stands near a huge TV device. Prescott is with him. Mad Doctor (not singing): So, Mickey and Oswald, you made it. Mickey: Knock it off, Doc! Shut off the Thinner! (The Mad Doctor laughs evilly and moves to press a switch which will cover Ortensia, Horace and Clarabelle in Thinner. Mickey screams and fires a barrage of Thinner at the Doc's hand. He screams in pain.) MD: Ooh! Surround them! Tie them down! (an army of Blotworx materialises and pins the three to the floor, unable to move. MD cackles.) MD: I take it you read my diary, eh? But what it didn't tell you is that I have plans for the Cartoon World! The heart energy I have gotten from becoming famous up there is growing by the minute. As people watch my TV show, their appreciation flows down to me. But, as I am animatronic, I am unable to receive it. Thus, I needed a vessel for the power. Prescott! (Prescott flies out, his eyes burning red. Gus' eyes widen.) Gus: No! MD: Yes! Once Prescott becomes loved, he will be able to leave Wasteland! But that is not all! While you were doing battle with his silly machines, I had him build THIS! (He stands aside, revealing a large glass case containing tons of Blotworx. There is a chest attachment on one side that Prescott puts on his chest.) MD: Once Prescott activates the machine, his Toon AND Heart power will be drained, rendering him inert, and transferred to my Blotworx army! They will then be able to enter the Cartoon World, and do my bidding! Hahahahaha! (Oswald watches in terror, pounding his fists against the ground.) Prescott: W-what? Wait! You never said anything about being inert! You just told me I'd be famous! All-powerful! That no-one could defeat me! MD: And you were foolish enough to believe me. Now, activate the machine, Prescott. Prescott: No. MD: What did you say? I told you to activate the machine! Prescott: No, DOC. I won't do it. MD: I WON'T ASK YOU AGAIN! ACTIVATE THE MACHINE! BLOTWORX! (A demon Blotworx hops forward and hypnotizes Prescott, whose hand begins to move towards the machine. He tries to resist.) Prescott: No.... n-no.... Gus (desperately): PRESCOTT! STOP! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING! THINK OF ME! THINK OF MICKEY AND OSWALD! THINK OF WASTELAND! HE'S LYING! DON'T.... (the Blotworx pins him to the ground, silencing him once more) (Prescott's hand touches the button). Prescott: I-I'm sorry, G-Gus.... (his finger presses the button. Suddenly a huge burst of lightning erupts from the machine and spirals into the sky, opening a link to the Cartoon World.) Mickey: My home.... no! (He tries to blast Prescott, but Gus slaps the Brush from his hand at the last minute, sending it down into a Thinner pool.) Gus: No, Mickey..... Prescott doesn't deserve it. Mickey: I... I understand. (He looks sadly down into the Thinner as Prescott screams in pain, his Toon energy transferring to the Blotworx army, who, one by one, begin to ascend up through the portal to the Cartoon World.) Oswald: Stop, Doc! You don't know what you're doing! Things are bad enough down here, leave the outsiders alone! MD: Silence, fool! I will find what lies beyond this petty little world! Once my Blotworx take over, I will use the Guardians to become a Toon and follow them up and out, leaving Wasteland in ruin! (Prescott's eyes close. He stops screaming. His body turns completely grey. He tumbles backwards, limp, into the Thinner, his energy drained.) Gus: No! (He wriggles free, and gives a warcry 'Once a Gremlin, always a Gremlin' before attempting to follow Prescott's body down the pit) MD: What? No! Stop him! He's seen too much! (The Blotworx attempt to shoot and grab Gus, but he escapes and follows Prescott, out of sight.) MD: No matter. He's dead either way. (He looks up into the sky. Vast numbers of Blotworx from across Wasteland are flooding through the portal. Cut to the Cartoon World. Famous Disney characters like Donald and Goofy are already being cornered by the Blotworx that are appearing through their TVs, which have been linked to Wasteland. Cut back to Wasteland. The last of the Blotworx go through the portal, which slowly closes. The Mad Doctor claps.) MD: Yes, it won't be long now.... (He spins around to Mickey and Oswald.) MD: And as for you, you meddling mouse and not-so-lucky rabbit.... you seem to be friends with that Gremlin... so.... (Their eyes widen.) MD: (singing to the Blotworx holding Mickey and Oswald) Dispooooooose.... offffff.... theeeeeemm! Mickey: No! (He tries to break free, but it's no good.The Blotworx hurl Mickey and Oswald down after Gus and Prescott, where they quickly use Oswald's ears to glide to safety over the Thinner, where they find Gus holding a limp Prescott.) Well, that's that. What did you guys think? This would have been the ideal story, in my opinion. Basically, the rest of the game would have seen you finding a way to reopen the link to the Cartoon World, get out there using Mickey's heart, leaving Oswald behind to fight off the remaining Blotworx (you'd switch between them occasionally, giving you the chance to control Oswald). Mickey would save the famous characters, then return to Wasteland where he finds that Gus has discovered some way of restoring Prescott, who sides with them. They gather all the Wastelanders together and tell them the truth and they all form an army to go after the Mad Doc. This would certainly have made the game longer..... I don't know, I just thought I'd put this up here. Maybe an idea for Epic Mickey 3...?
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Also, I just noticed this. You know how in various parts of the game, you can see other visitable areas off in the distance? Like in Disney Gulch you can see Fort Wasteland, in Mean Street you can see Dark Beauty Castle etc. Well, look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r4_wq7bfik&list=UU6JGjB-nnSf_sruQ5J0nBSg&index=3

Ignore the guy talking, and skip to around 12:20. Then pause. In the background, you can very clearly see a Tomorrowland area, complete with Space Mountain and the Astro Orbitor. This definitely shows that you were meant to be able to visit Tomorrow City (from the first game). Thoughts?

The evidence is really stacking up now. I wonder if we can sue Disney for false advertising?

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EDIT: You're too fast for me. I was responding to your last two posts, when another one appeared.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: I liked the concept art jpg and the article that it was on, from 2010.

Liked the part of your story, including Oswald's glowing red eyes.

EM1 had ideas deleted, from lack of time. My pre-order was due out November 9, 2010, then November 11. It finally arrived December 1, 2010.

Same with Em2, that Warren Spector said was due out in September 2012, and kept getting delayed.

Trouble is that EM2 was not surgically shortened into a complete game, it was abruptly truncated with a chain saw. Trouble isn't lack of ideas or time to complete them, the trouble is that, even after the truncated game was in the can for manufacture, Warren Spector was lying about Alice in Wonderland and other things being in the game, when he knew they weren't.

I greatly enjoyed your story up until Oswald's eyes. After that, it would make a good game. Em3, sure!

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You wrote:  " I wonder if we can sue Disney for false advertising?"

It's true that they are guilty.  I wrote in my last post, before you wrote this, that Warren Spector had lied.

But, they have armies of lawyers.  And, in California, when you lose a lawsuit, you have to pay all the other side's bills, including their attorneys and legal costs.  They drown opposing counsen with discovery, depositions, interrogatories, affirmatives, etc.  And, you have to prove  DAMAGES.  You have to prove that you tried to  MITIGATE  your damages, like by returning the game.

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I recently found an article saying that EM2 only sold around 270,000 copies in North America between release date and now. The original sold 1.3 million in the same space of time. I think we both know why that is.... And thanks for checking out my script. Just to clarify, it's Prescott's evil eyes that are burning red, not Oswald's. And it's basically just my idea of how EM2 could have continued after fighting the Mad Doctor.... just to clear up any confusion. Thanks again!
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Interestingly, I've been watching some footage of the HD (PS3 and XBox) games and noticed that the Thinner pool in OsTown in the final version:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I95Z8ZzvJ-E (watch from around 26:00 onwards)

significantly differs from the pool in the early screenshots:


(ie, this is much more detailed graphically)

My guess is that they:

A: Had to tone it down because it was taking too much time to render, and the game needed to be truncated as we've said.


B: They computer-generated this image just for publicity.


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(I meant Prescott.  Sorry.)

Both fountain shots that you referred to have a different European made XBox or PS3 OsTown Fountain, and not the American made Nintendo Wii version of the fountain.

My Wii fountain has nothing under or outside the two bowls, except broken pitchers lying on the ground.

The fountain you refer to has pitchers attached to and sticking out from the bottom bowl, and a rim filled with thinner, and, then, more of the fountain pool broken off.

I did not get on the internet for EM1.  I would have never gotten on the internet for this game, or bought the Prima Guide, if I hadn't thought there would be a way to repair that fountain.

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I am still thinking about replies to so much.

I am going to delete this, but thought I would confess that in 133 days (middle of June, 2013), I am going to be there for Disney Infinity.






I do not have any other games that use a base, and Disney's base is not even far enough for FCC inspection and authorization, much less manufacture and distribution. But, I am all for getting duped and cheated, again.

YOU? Do you have other games where you place a figure on the base and the game recognizes it?

Are you going to give Disney/Pixar your money?

When EM3 comes out, are you going to give Disney Interactive your money?

(I am.)

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Another thing that I've noticed on a subsequent playthrough of the game that makes it clear that it was rushed is that it includes pacing and cues for the voice actors in the subtitles during cutscenes. That is to say, it tells the actor how to say a certain line, what mood the character is in, where they are, what's happening etc., so the actor can voiceact accordingly. My guess is that when the actors recorded the voices, they were shown the cutscenes with these cues going along the bottom. But they were left in. They make no sense. Some examples:

In the opening, we have 'That was only the beginning. (BEAT)' This would have been to tell the actor to pause momentarily.

Also in the opening, there's (JUMPS AND RUNS) and (SMILES). These obviously make no sense as subtitles, as they are visual cues, not audio. These would likely have been to tell the actors what the character was doing, so they could supply sound effects (moans, groans etc.) for the situation.

In OsTown, we have (ON THE DEFENSIVE) for Prescott. Same thing.

And throughout the game, we have several other (BEAT)s and unrelated subtitles.

So, my guess is this: the subtitles that we have in the final piece were originally used as a script for the voice actors, and different subtitles were to be typed up for the game. Then, when release date grew nearer and the news that the game needed to be chainsawed in half hit, they made a hash-job of pasting the actor's script into the subtitles, to avoid lawsuits from the likes of the HLAA, etc. Thus, we are left with acting cues like (JUMPS AND RUNS) in the subtitles that make no sense. That is the very definition of the word ludicrous. 

Next time you play through EM2, count the amount of subtitles that are out of place, and that don't make sense. You'll very soon agree with me, I'm sure.

Just on a side note: the original Epic Mickey wasn't entirely spotless when it came to subtitle errors either. I know EM1 was text-only, no voices, but does that really excuse this little number that Gus says on the UFO in Tomorrow City Lagoon:

'Splendid? looks like we have some company!'

which, of course, should have been:

'Splendid.... it looks like we have some company!'

You can see the error at 5:23 in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slt0BroZUVc

So, yeah, that's my evidence-of-the-day completed for today. As ever, let me know what you guys think!

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You're right about everything.

Takes me awhile to reply, because I have to look up things like HLAA, even though I have taken a university class in American Sign Language, and have gone to their functions.

Oddly, when I watch your video from EM1,


I pay attention to the fact that the player has 3 guardians, and does not use them, but fights the sweepers and spatters.  I had to go back to pay attention to the subtitles.

- - - -

So, what about Disney Infinity?  and EM3?   Are you going to buy?

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I just bought Activision's Skylanders for Wii.

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Get this: http://nova100.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c684553ef017d3e0d887a970c-pi

It's an early sketch for the final boss scene. Assuming it's concept art. In the art, the scene looks a lot more fleshed out, and if you look closely, you can see that we'd originally have had another Mad Doctor song here, too. This shows us that the game was to be more fleshed out, but was cut down. As we've been saying for quite a while now.

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The first thing that grabbed me about the page was that it would tie together the fact that there is still the TV show, "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and that the Mad Doctor wants to be on TV, too.

There is a lot of Mickey on the Disney Channel.

But, what is this ?Italian? creativity site doing with this page?

I could not trace it back to find out who drew it, and for what purpose.

Was it just a genius like Mcbasilrocks exercising his mind, like Mcbasilrocks did with his story?

I really like the cartoon.

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You know, all this reminds me of an interview with Warren Spector that they had before EM2. I'll give you a link to it. http://www.playstationeuphoria.com/general/an-interview-with-warren-spector-and-marv-wolfman-epic-mickey-2-the-power-of-two.html Now then, let's count the lies. 1.' We had great actors to speak the lines (occasionally singing them)'. LIE. The only character that ever sings is the Mad Doctor. 2.'Your choices really do matter'. LIE. Your choices have absolutely no effect on the 'story' apart from a three-second difference in the ending. 3. 'Just wait for [Epic Mickey] 2! Its the power of TEN!' LIE. The original game is longer and far superior. 4. 'he can actually stun or take control of the robotic enemies in the game.' LIE. At no point are you physically able to do this with Oswald, as far as I can tell from numerous co-op playthroughs. 5. 'If you enjoyed the first one, [it's] more and better this time around.' LIE. EM1 is 14 hours long. EM2 can be beaten in under 2 hours. Need I say more? Can you spot any more?
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Something odd that I found a while back: on Wikipedia, I found a fairly recent revision of the EM2 article, which provided a very different plotline for the game. I'll copy it here:

The game is set some time after the original Epic Mickey. The Mad Doctor, whom Mickey defeated in the first game, mysteriously returns to the Wasteland, despite having been supposedly blown up in the first game. He claims to have realized the error of his ways, and offers to work with Oswald The Lucky Rabbit and the other residents of Wasteland to repair the damage recently caused by earthquakes in order to make amends.[3]

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Oswald agrees. However, not long after accepting the Mad Doctor's help, Wasteland begins to suffer even more damage than before. Becoming suspicious that the Mad Doctor is not keeping his side of the bargain, Gus the Gremlin, Oswald's friend and advisor, and Ortensia, Oswald's girlfriend/wife, decide to contact Mickey Mouse, who saved the Wasteland in the first game, to ask for his help. They do so, and Mickey, climbing through the same mirror that he ventured through in the first game, retrieves his magical paint-and-thinner-spraying paintbrush from Yen Sid's workshop, after having it confiscated at the end of Epic Mickey. With Gus's help, Mickey returns to the Wasteland to assist in uncovering the truth behind the Mad Doctor's supposed reformation, teaming up with Oswald along the way.

The two later discover that the Mad Doctor has been using his offer of help to lure Mickey back into the Wasteland. As Mickey and Oswald confront him in Dark Beauty Castle, the Mad Doctor reveals his plan - to extract the essence of the Phantom Blot that Mickey soaked up upon being transported to Wasteland in Epic Mickey to resurrect the Blot. The Mad Doctor does so, and also removes Mickey's Heart and uses its cartoon energy to restore power to the Blot. The earthquakes under Mean Street were caused by the Mad Doctor's machines at work underground. The Blot reawakens, and, bursting through Mean Street, begins laying waste to the land. Realizing their mistake, Oswald and Mickey decide to make the ultimate sacrifice - destroy Mickey's Heart, and the Blot with it.

The pair take the Moonliner Rocket from Tomorrow City, and, with Ortensia and Gus's help, neutralize Mickey's heart by overloading it with Thinner, thus eradicating the Blot and the Mad Doctor (who had been controlling the reborn Blot from the inside) in the explosion.

Dejected, Mickey comes to terms with the fact that he is now trapped in Wasteland. He heads to the peak of Mickeyjunk Mountain, where Yen Sid, the wizard and creator of Wasteland, touched that he made such a valiant sacrifice to save his friends, grants both him and Oswald a Heart, thus making them true brothers. The game ends with Mickey returning to the cartoon world, knowing that he can return to Wasteland at any time, and that Oswald can now leave if he wishes to. Mickey asks Oswald if he would like to come with him, but Oswald decides to stay, stating that the Wasteland is his home, and that he doesn't want to leave Ortensia behind again. Mickey returns home as all the Wasteland residents bid him farewell.

After the credits, a clip plays detailing the Wasteland's fate depending on how the player played through the game. The clip changes according to the choices that Mickey made throughout the adventure.

The link is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Epic_Mickey_2:_The_Power_of_Two&oldid=503133756

What do you think? What's interesting is that not long after this was posted, it was taken down following a complaint from Junction Point (the makers) hinting that this may have been the original plotline that was leaked to this guy, and Disney, not wanting their cheating uncovered, had it removed. They then released the shortened game.

What's your opinion? It wouldn't be there for no reason.

Also, just for fun, a much more recent revision, which actually makes the plot we have make some sense, here:

The game's story is set some time after the original Epic Mickey. On a peaceful day in Wasteland, the world of forgotten and rejected Disney characters, a large earthquake rips the main residential area, Mean Street, apart. As Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Gus the Gremlin attempt to fix up the damages, the Mad Doctor, secondary villain of the first game, surfaces, despite supposedly having been blown up some time ago. He claims to have mended his ways, and that he knows who is responsible for the quake. He offers to work with the forgotten Toons to make amends. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Oswald agrees. However, Ortensia, Oswald's wife, remains suspicious of the Mad Doctor, and has Gus construct a device to send a signal to Mickey Mouse to ask for his help. In the land of current, beloved Toons, Mickey awakens to see an image of Gus in his television. He jumps into it, and it transports him to Yen Sid's Lab. There, he retrieves his magical paint-and-thinner spraying paintbrush, after having it confiscated at the end of the first game. He restores the portal to Wasteland and jumps in, crash-landing in Dark Beauty Castle, where he is greeted by Oswald, Gus and Ortensia. Oswald mentions that the Mad Doctor came to warn them of the Blotworx, a strange half-Beetleworx, half-Blotling species that is on its way to attack Wasteland. Before they can talk further, however, another mysterious earthquake tears the castle to pieces, and the group manages to escape on a train, which takes them to Mean Street.

There, they meet the Mad Doctor, who explains his intentions in song: he will create a new batch of reprogrammed Beetleworx to help with the repairs. He flies off, but Mickey remains suspicious. The group make their way to the other side of the now-decrepit Mean Street through the sewage system, where they meet up with Gremlin Jamface, only to find the projector they intended to take to OsTown broken, along with all the other projector screens. Jamface tells them that the Substation in Rainbow Caverns, which powers the projectors, went down before the quake happened, pointing to the possibility of sabotage. Instead, the pair use the Dahl Engineering Corridors, or D.E.C.s, large underground tunnels made of junk, to reach OsTown, where they run into Gremlin Prescott, who appears to have undergone a significant personality change - he now seems bitter and sarcastic. Mickey and Oswald fix up OsTown and hop into the Rainbow Caverns D.E.C., leaving Prescott to what he calls his 'projects'. In the Caverns, the pair meet Small Pete, who tells them how to fix the Substation, which they do, after receiving a transmission from the Mad Doctor, telling them to come to Disney Gulch. After finding their way out of the Caverns, the group make their way through Disney Gulch, a vast expanse of sand, to the Mad Doctor's lab. There, they are confronted by one of the Mad Doctor's age-old defenses, the Blotworx Dragon. Mickey and Oswald defeat the monster, and come to find the Mad Doctor, whose robotic parts have begun to fall apart. He sings a song about his wish to become a Toon once more, and they all return to Mean Street, where the projectors have returned to normal. Small Pete, however, hails them and shows them a pair of gag teeth he found wedged into the Substation. This evidence points towards Gremlin Prescott being the saboteur, and Gus mentions hearing of Prescott heading to Blot Alley, an area within Bog Easy.

The group head to Bog Easy, only to have an army of Beetleworx turn against them. They receive another message from the Mad Doctor: his Beetleworx have been hacked. Oswald suspects Prescott once more, and the group navigate Bog Easy's thinner pools to reach Blot Alley, where Ghost Ian, the caretaker, welcomes them and tells them that Prescott headed to Club 13, an exclusive, members-only nightclub that he frequents. However, when Mickey and Oswald reach Club 13, Petetronic, the bouncer, tells them that Prescott headed to Fort Wasteland in the Gulch. Immediately, they are once again attacked by rogue Blotworx, which they manage to quickly dispatch. During a brief stop at the Train Tunnel Dioramas, an underground reconstruction of the events of the first game, Abe, the robotic voiceover man, tells them that Prescott left in an attempt to 'go somewhere where he'd be appreciated'. Mickey and Oswald soon find themselves at Fort Wasteland, where they follow Prescott's tracks with the help of Ghost Ian. After a sudden Blotling attack, they finally reach the Floatyard, where they find Prescott working on several suspicious devices. He flees, and the group give chase through the floats, eventually reaching a large arena, where Prescott tells all - he began to feel that the Wastelanders were not appreciating his talents, and to prove them wrong he created a large, robotic replica of his own head. After admitting to sabotaging the projectors, Prescott uses Mickey and Oswald as test subjects for his new creation, attempting to kill them. The pair eventually destroy his device, and Gus comforts Prescott. He admits that there was more to his plan, but before he can reveal any more secrets, Animatronic Daisy, Big Bad Pete and the Mad Doctor arrive. One of the Doctor's Beetleworx sends Prescott into a brainwashed state, which goes apparently unnoticed by the group, and he sings a song about how it was he that caused the earthquakes. Accepting this as fact, Daisy interviews the Mad Doctor, who announces that he intends to build an elaborate attraction on Mean Street to boost morale. Big Bad Pete arrests Prescott.

The group return to Mean Street, where they check on Prescott in jail, who has begun to speak gibberish. Concerned, Gus reveals a map of Ventureland he found in Prescott's office in OsTown's Gag Factory. It reveals the location of a secret construction site in the Jungle Cruise area, which appears to be a 'cover-up for something secret'. The group head to Ventureland, and, after getting past Mr. Smee and Pete Pan, find the hidden 'construction site' that in fact turns out to be an elaborate prop intended to disguise the location of a hidden Projector Screen. On further inspection, Gus notes that it is not connected to the main Wasteland network, and the trio decide to investigate. Entering the projector, they arrive in Autotopia, an area dismissed as lost to the Thinner seas, and as such had not been explored for years. Oswald is startled to see large machines extracting Guardians, ancient spirits which have the power to make an object Toon or inert, from the ground. He demolishes them, and the earthquakes instantly stop. A strange projector appears, which takes Mickey and Oswald through the 'Wonderful World of Evil', a pilot for what seems to be a cartoon of the Mad Doctor's own creation. This takes them to the supposedly abandoned attic of the Mad Doctor in Lonesome Manor, where they are surprised to find several machines still at work, large props for what appears to be a TV show, a replica of the device Gus built to contact Mickey, and a trapped Gremlin Jamface. They free Jamface, who opens a hidden vault in the back of the attic, in which he finds the Mad Doctor's personal diary. Upon reading it, the truth is revealed: the Mad Doctor used his offer of goodwill to lure Wasteland into a false sense of security. He tricked Gremlin Prescott into turning his back on Wasteland and building a large television device, which the Mad Doctor then stole and used to broadcast a TV show, 'Wonderful World of Evil', to the Cartoon World. This new-found fame would have allowed him to leave Wasteland, but he hit a flaw - his Toon parts were interfering with his animatronics, rendering him unable to go anywhere. To rectify this, he set up the Guardian siphons in Autotopia, then pretended to have reformed to gain their trust and have them turn him back into a Toon.

While Oswald is recovering from these revelations, Gus discovers another projector leading back to Mean Street. The group travel through it and are stunned to find Mean Street completely destroyed and turned into a twisted 'attraction' of the Mad Doctor's own creation. The Doctor himself appears and demands the Brush from Mickey to take into the Cartoon World, and use it to become the greatest Disney villain of all time. He warns that if Mickey refuses, he will render Ortensia and the other Toons, who he has held captive, inert. Despite this, Mickey stands his ground, and the trio enter a fierce battle for the Brush against the Mad Doctor. In the end, his machine is destroyed, and all of his Toon parts are removed. Barely alive, Oswald saves his life by having the Guardians restore him to full Toon form, saying in song that 'that's what heroes do". The Mad Doctor is then redeemed and proceeds to, truthfully, help restore Wasteland to its former glory. As this is happening, Mickey looks out over a fireworks display over Dark Beauty Castle, and Yen Sid tells him that while he and Oswald may not know what is to come, together they will be able to conquer it all.

Following the credits, Big Bad Pete snatches Gremlin Prescott and stuffs him into the Ventureland projector. He looks out over the cheering Toons celebrating the Mad Doctor's redemption, before saying "they won't know what hit 'em" and following Prescott, alluding to the next game in the series.

So, everyone, what do you think overall?

I'm standing my ground.

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Well, there goes any chance of any more Epic Mickey games, ever. Or any more appearances of Oswald. What a shame. Still, with a game as unplayable as EM2, you can't really blame Disney. Still, it's disappointing that we'll never get to see Warren Spector's true vision realised (and never find out what the Petes are up to.) I'm going to create a topic on this, too, to spread the word.

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Well, there goes any chance of any more Epic Mickey games, ever. Or any more appearances of Oswald. What a shame. Still, with a game as unplayable as EM2, you can't really blame Disney. Still, it's disappointing that we'll never get to see Warren Spector's true vision realised (and never find out what the Petes are up to.) I'm going to create a topic on this, too, to spread the word.

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I was doing a Google search, and a topic from this board popped up:

"Epic Mickey 2 Questions and Answers -- Shortness Theory . . .
Jan 17, 2013
The evidence is really stacking up now.  I wonder if we can sue Disney for false advertising?"

My view is that one consideration in closing Junction Point may have been the fact that a class action suit against Disney and Junction Point would have merit -- not that people actually defeat Disney's army of lawyers. 

So, Disney closed down the target -- and got rid of Warren Spector, who did most of the lying, false advertising interviews.