Epic Mickey 2 coming to PS VIta

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There's still hope for EM2. Maybe they've finally listened to the complaints and are going to release the game in its full form this time, without truncation and better controls. Me? I'll wait and see the reviews. What about you guys? What do you think?+

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Where in that article, or any article, do you read that a PS Vita Version is going to be released without the massive truncation that we got in the PS3, Wii, Wii U, and XBox versions?

Where is any game events from what the Disney Artist Adam Fenton wrote, or your post of "What Might Have Been?" 


Where did Warren Spector or Adam Fenton say that the "full form" was even fully scripted and programmed, before they rushed an ending?

What story is PS Vita going to have that our truncated version does not have?

Do you really think they will spend that much money to clean up the script and program the second half of a failed game, for such a limited audience?

With the wireless Wii controller, you have to be in the same room with Oswald's controller.  With the Vita, the wireless transmission is like my "Mario Kart Channel".  But, nothing is added to the game.

I strongly doubt that it will not be truncated.  But, if you read it differently, let's examine it.

And, it's tagged

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

Mcbasilrocks and Katydiddd are in the USA.

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It's just a port.  Simple as that.  Interesting though, considering Junction point was closed down.  

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Junction Point, in Austin, Texas, USA was where Founder Warren Spector did the story. 

That is where the Nintendo Wii programming was done.

The other programming for XBox and PS3 was done in Great Britain.

I presume the programming for the PS Vita is being done at that same facility in Great Britain.

From what I have seen, it will only be released in Countries: AE Arab Emirates, AU Australia, GB Great Britain, IE Ireland, and NZ New Zealand.

It doesn't matter to me, because coordinating Oswald was difficult, even when the other person was in the room.

I don't think it is a big deal extending the Play Station Version to work on Play Station Vita.

My objection was saying that they would "release the game in its full form this time, without truncation".

(When it comes out, I will check the walkthroughs on YouTube, to see if anything was added to the story -- but I really doubt that it will not be the same truncated version we played.)

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YOU  Analyze Vita Gameplay

You spend a lot of time researching videos and linking them.  
What do you see in these two 2 videos (one is 3 minutes and one is 2 minutes)?



What did you think?

When you first heard that EM2 was coming out on Vita, you posted and commented.  Now is your chance to analyze some real Vita gameplay.

These are experienced gamers, who had been in line, watching others play on a big screen, before getting the controller.  And, they had an agent helping them play.

1)  DOUBLE-JUMP.  Neither experienced player made a clean, double-jump over the first opening.  Before EM2 was even released, during a 30-minute preview, middle-aged businessmen asked if it would be GAME  OVER  if he could NOT make the jump. He had had problems with games, before.   (Computers allow mouse-click adjustments for seniors, children, and others who want to participate, but EM2 does not have an EASY mode.)

2)  AIMING  THE  BRUSH.  Both players wanted the paint to spray the transparent rocks, but it first mis-sprayed where Mickey was standing, right in front of his feet.  One player aimed, using his touch-screen to direct the paint, and the other was using his cursor.  Both failed, then fumbled.

3)  CONTROL.  Both fell down off the path of rocks, due to camera and movement problems.

4)  BACKGROUND  MOVEMENT  DURING  JUMPS.  Many times, in both EM1 and EM2, the perspective moves in the middle of a jump, so you line up and jump, only to miss, because the angle moved.  (In the middle of a jump, programmers intentionally move the place that you are jumping to!   Once I told a friend that there is an invisible ledge to the right, and to aim there, so he didn't keep falling.)  

5)  VISION.  Neither player obtained the Challenge of that area, for painting all the stars and comets because there was inadequate vision.  I got it, because, when I got to the top, I turned around and went back down.

6)  TUTORIAL.  The instructions do not tell you what to do with the lanterns because you are not even told about thinner, yet.

At the expo, players could only play that one segment, which the company chose to stimulate sales.  (It was a 3-minute segment, that one player got to play the full 3 minutes, but the Vita agent took the Vita from the second player after only 2 minutes, without completing the segment.)

COMPARE  this glitchy Vita gameplay movement, camera, and aiming to other games.

Before getting recent information, I thought that I was going to buy the PS4 & Vita bundle,  BUT  the PS4 will not play PS3 game disks, AND  the Playstation.com support site indicates too many problems with the Vita.

ANYWAY, what do  YOU  think about the gameplay in these videos?