Easy Money and Goodies

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Dont spend money on health, paint, or thinner.  Get them, scrap metal, and cloth this way:

Spinattack chests, saw-horses, bright green plants, boxes and crates, lamp posts, boxes that have stuff in them, mining carts around Rainbow Falls, shovels, blue balls in the Floatyard, some flowers, magicians top hat, tombstones propped up, flower pots in Blot Alley, tables and chairs in Blot Alley, gears lying on the ground, 5 junk piles in the second part of Disney Gulch, thin a cactus in Disney gulch and spin the red fruit; in Autotopia, especially when you need health you can thin the trees and spin the 3 fruit that fall (drop Anvils on the pressure plates), spin the gas cans!
Get the point?
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EASY  MONEY!!!   After you have gone to  BOG  EASY  once, through the 2nd projector screen at the end of Mean Street North, you can Access Bog Easy through the theater, without playing a cartoon.

Start in Bog Easy, in front of the store.
Thin out the big orange thing in front, and there is one chest there.  Spin it.
Go left, and spin the crate there, by the part of the building that is sticking out.
Paint the building.

Jump on the roof and go toward the rock wall, and up to the right-back corner.
There are 3 chests there (and maybe a top hat on the way). Things are easier to see if you have the brightness on your TV turned up for games.

Coming back, THIN  THE  ORANGE  TRAP  DOOR  IN  THE  ROOF  of the store.
Drop down into it.
Use your door opening button, which will drop you into the store.
Don't move, just use your door opening button again.

End of round one. Everything is reset, and you are over 100 E-Tickets richer, and with more cloth and scrap metal!

Keep doing it, and it will become routine.
Move right to the chest, right to the crate.
Double-jump to the roof, but don't fall into the trap door while going to the three chests in the back corner !!!

Got it made!!!
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When you are collecting Easy Money around the Bog Easy Store, you also get a lot of cloth.
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Blue cloth is worth one; gold cloth is worth one hundred.

Most of the clothing at the Hat Shop does not need to be bought.  You will get it in blue chests, as you play the game.  The only outfit I recommend is the Steamboat Willie outfit for Mickey -- because it allows you to see pins in the 2D cartoons.

Later, if you are a completist, they say that you can collect more cloth, and get a better deal while Mickey is wearing the Little Tailor costume.

There are places throughout the game that you can get gold cloth -- worth 100.

The quickest and easiest are:
On Mean Street South, above the detective agency, next to the hat shop.
(Thin the area, then pull over the boxes by the round underground manhole.)

On Mean Street South above the fire station -- if you go around to the right, it is on a ledge, behind.

On Mean Street North, beside the camera shop. (I paint the ledge underneath, then ride Oswald around to get it, then drop to the ledge below to leave.)

On top of Moody's house, in Ostown.  He is the one beside the thinner tank, with a pirate outside, and he wants his house painted blue. (Thin a lot of the top of his house, and double-jump above the door, then to the roof. Thin until you see it.
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Clarification: I recommend buying all sketches and upgrades, including all the health container upgrades.