Disney Gulch

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I can't get a guardian to knock out the Spatter rolling the battery sphere on top of the rock. I am playing with a Wii U and the game pads R button doesn't send out the Guardian like it says it will. It just sends out the butterfly thing which does nothing. Can anyone help me out?
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Don't "press", just quickly, barely tap.

If you have painted enough, you can get as many guardians as you want, from standing in the water inside the painted saloon.  You can get probably up to three of them at a time, that fly around you, and get sent out.  Then go get three more.

My problem was that it always sent the butterfly-like-guardian to the nearest enemy -- like a spatter, wingdrop, or robot.

Just keep going into the saloon, then standing near the railing, looking up at the spatter that is up on that boulder, and sending the guardians out when you are told, until the energy sphere falls to the ground.

Another place to shoot the guardians from is up the wooden elevator, and stand in a place where it says to press to send them.

IF  WORST  COMES  TO  WORST, just use one or two energy spheres this trip.  Put the spheres in the area between the saloon and the train.  It looks like a manhole, but will raise up when you bring an energy sphere near it.  Put a sphere inside.

After you get one, and go stand near the train, Gremlin Gus will ask you if you want to leave to go to the second area of the gulch.

From there, there are two places to thin the wires around the cliff, and go down and activate a machine.  Paint the wires on the ground, and a tongue opens to a projector screen. (for that screen, turn spin so both heads are to the right.)  You do not need to worry about that third sphere.

(There are two projector screens from that second Disney Gulch Canyon to a Boss Area.  You can go back to that Boss Area, and take the other projector screen to the other area projector screen, so you will not miss any film reels.)

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Hey, thanks. I will give it a try. The other two spheres were easy.
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Another thing to do, if the paint method does not work, is to thin as much as possible, so the guardians turn into green turp thinner guardians.

Then, see if they will knock the spatter and ball off -- without killing or hurting him.

- - - -

If you go out through the DEC manhole or projector screen, and come back, immediately, the monsters will all be back, but the glitch might be resolved, so you can get guardians, and try to hit him again.

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It totally could be a glitch so another good idea. My game is pretty glitchy on some levels. My aimer for paint or thinner just sucks with the game pad. I re-calibrated it but didn't do much good. Trying to off some of the fast moving enemies is nearly impossible.
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Yep!  If you read the other posts on GameSpot.com and GameFaqs.com, for all the platforms, the game's programming sucks!  And, then, there are game-ending glitches, where even unplugging the console does not stop the game's saved place in a death scene.

Be sure to save your games, periodically, onto an SD card, and your computer!

Warren Spector, the founder of Junction Point, who sold it to Disney and stayed on in charge, and the man in charge of Quality Control,  Irvin Chavira, gave interviews that proved that they had not played the game, or even watched the game being played for five minutes!  Then, according to their lead artist, Disney ran out of time to get the game released for the holidays, and left it glitchy, and ineptly hacked off parts of the game they hadn't finished.  (You have heard that Disney closed down Junction Point, including Warren Spector!)

Still, make the most of the game!  It is just like life, "I can find happiness in an imperfect world!"

If you have a regular Nintendo Wii, and your game runs on it, it may be less glitchy, and may have smoother graphics.

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ABOUT  THE  PAINT  AIMING:  It sucked in the previous game, and, before the game was released, The Nintendo Channel had a 30-minute preview.  The experienced player, with an edited game play, thinned the planets in the observatory, where Mickey goes upon leaving his home.  The game-play showed him making it up the telescope, and missing thinning the next planet, and thinning the one he was on, so he fell.  The second time, he tried to spin and paint underneath him, as his foothold thinned out. 

It even happens on the Nintendo Wii, where you point the Wand Remote, but it does not paint or thin where the cursor is, but paints toward the screen or down.

Some say this is the only game where their PS3 and XBox console has problems calibrating.  It's a bad game.  Sorry.  Enjoy, anyway!