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Here are the locations of the concept art in Epic Mickey 2 (roughly in order): -Behind the luggage next to the arcade in mean street north (#3 ) -In the windmill door in mean street north, after you fix it(#30) -one located in each of the 5 D.E.C.'s (31-34, 38) -in Rainbow falls, right below the Thinner falls area, use oswald boomerang (#6) -Disney Gulch above the knocked over water tower by the wolfs head (#40) -disney gulch bridge, over the edge to the right upon entry (#41) -blot alley behind some bars (i used oswald's boomerang to get it or match the paintings nearby) (#35) -given by Metairie as part of A Friend In Deed side quest, after choosing to give her the deed (#29) -Train tunnels: Diorama 3 on top of the large blot diorama (#36) -Fort Wasteland behind the two clocks on the right on a boat halfway through the cave (#37) -Ventureland: one up high on the way to the construction yard (#26), and one down below in the path from the tiki hut shop (#9), and one in the splatter house in front of the construction entrance (#39) In the shops: Emporium: #1, 2 (after episode 1), #4, 5 (After episode 2), #7,8 (Epilogue) Bat En Rouge: # 10, 11, 12 (revisited), 13, 14 (After episode 2), 18, 19, 20 (Epilogue) Tiki Sams: #21, 22, 23 (first visit), #24, 25 (after episode 2), 27, 28 (Epilogue) #15, 16, 17????????????? I don't think concept art #'s 15, 16, and 17 are attainable. Please someone correct me if i am wrong. I tried umpteen different scenarios of giving the gag gear to Gremlin Spark (as suggested by the Prima Guide) and the aforementioned concept arts never appeared in the Bat en Rouge shop (suppose to appear after episode 2). So... either my game is glitched, the Prima guide doesn't know diddly squat, or i am missing some minute detail in this "quest" ...and frankly i don't have the energy to search for these anymore. Again, someone correct me if i am wrong and you were able to collect concept art 15, 16, and 17.
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1 million thanks to in2toonz! How to get 15, 16, 17 "They show up in the Bat en Rouge store in Bog Easy (the one run by the ghost), but apparently only if you give the fake gear to Gremlin Sparks, leading to Donald being in the doghouse with Daisy (since he doesn't get the submarine upgrade to his boat). After giving the fake gear to Sparks, I went directly into the Bat en Rouge, and found concept arts 15, 16, and 17 available for purchase. Considering how elusive these three pieces seem to be, I was afraid to leave Bog Easy until I purchased them. (When I found them, I didn't have enough E-Tickets to afford them, so I had to go farming for E-Tickets in the three sections of Bog Easy.) I was really nervous that if I left Bog Easy, and came back before purchasing them, that they might disappear...sort of a "limited-time-only" deal. I certainly didn't want to test that theory out!" So yes.... do NOT leave bog easy until you purchase these three concept arts or they will not be available later (as tested by me).