Compare EM2, Skylanders, and proposed knockoff Disney Infinity

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Compare EM2, Skylanders, and proposed knockoff Disney Infinity

Anybody else playing Skylanders? What do you think?

Disney is saying they are going to put out a knockoff of Skylanders games that use figures placed on base platforms, that read the figures' statistics. Skylanders is put out by Activision / Sierra (a reputable company). (I fell in love with Sierra when they put out HALF-LIFE in 1998. It was never coming out for my Mac, so I bought a used PC to play it on it was that absolutely fantastic and flawless.)

At first I thought it would be great to have the Disney characters, instead of Skylanders and then, I realized how much happier I am with Skylanders because it does not freeze, it does not move the camera in the middle of a run or activity, and it has 4 different levels of skill. It takes ONE block on my Wii memory (68k), while EM2 takes SEVENTY-EIGHT blocks (10mb)

It would have been great if Disney had agreed to share the wealth, and have a skilled company like Activision/Sierra do the game. BUT, no, the unskilled, selfish liars are 130 days from the time they say it will be in the stores (June 2013), and they still do not have FCC approval of their PORTAL BASE that you set the figures on, and the computer chips in the figure and base send the message, via USB cable into the console, to adjust the game.

You know that Disney is going to get sued for the reverse engineering that they are so blatant about. They make no secret that they are stealing the intellectual property (ideas) of a competitor.

You know that it is so difficult to make something like something else, but different enough to seem like a totally new concept.

Just recently, Samsung was found guilty of stealing ideas from Apple iPhone.
Before, Kodak was found guilty of stealing ideas from Polaroid, and forced to take their instant camera off the market.

Personally, I have grown to really like SKYLANDERS, and am putting my money in their market.
Sadly, I no longer trust Disney to honestly put out a playable game.

EDIT: Here's another link that really turns me off, even more! Disney seems to be starting off with 5 incredible characters, 2 Monsters Inc., and Captain Jack Sparrow. You have to buy upgrade coins, separately, and have the kiddies handle those delicate, expensive computer chips with care.

Any thoughts?