Cloth & phone boxes

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Hundreds of pieces of cloth accumulated and many telephone boxes painted in for what purpose? Nothing ever gets mentioned. The camera woman doesn't empty my camera so???

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1)  CLOTH -- can be traded at the Mad Hatter's Habberdasher for costumes.  Further inside the shop is a dressing room, where you can change into a costume if you have all three parts of the costume.  If you wear the Steamboat Willie costume, you can see pins during 2-D cartoons.  The Construction Worker helps you get more sheet metal.

2)  TELEPHONE  BOXES -- I suggest not painting them all until after you get the Quest.  When you first go into the North Mean Street Cinema, there is a pig you can talk to.  Then, you can talk to him in the walkways in Ventureland.  Gather all the three pigs there, and you have a choice of pleasing one or the other.  The last pig wants to put out a record, but needs a way to advertise, which is where the telephone system comes in.

3)  CAMERA  SHOP -- has three places inside.  Past the woman is your own photo album where you can empty your camera and keep your photos.  This is helpful when you want to share screen shots of interesting things.

The photos that the woman and others ask you to take do not count as one of your six allowed photos.  If you see something that someone has asked for, take out the camera, aim it from the correct place, and the mickey site in the center turns green.  Click the picture, and Gremlin Gus says something about who will like that photo.  Then, go back and turn in that photo to the person.  (In your Pause Menu, you can click on the various Challenges and Quests to see what you have.)