can't move the big key

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I'm stuck in Blot Alley. I'm playing with a wii system. Oswald zaps the box and the gate goes down - I run in and it says to press A so that I can move the key over to the big lock. But I press A and all I do is jump. Jump jump jump - I made myself dizzy jumping around the key. Is there a place that you need to be standing when you press A so that Mickey pushes/pulls the key instead of jumping on it?
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That "A" key messes up for me, too, even when I am opening doors.

DON'T PRESS AND RELEASE THE "A" BUTTON. Press and hold, hold, hold, so you have grabbed the back of the key...then, still holding the "A", move your control stick so you push the key out of the area.

Get really, really close and pressing the back of the giant key, before pressing the A, to grab the key.

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First, make sure of the direction you want the key to go, and make sure Oswald zaps the power box to lower the barrier that leads to that locked gate.

(Right now, you cannot go through the gate that is straight ahead from the gate you entered.)

You have to get behind the key, and push it toward the gate, within the limited time that the barrier stays down.

Sometimes, I stand inside the barriers and signal Oswald to zap the power box.

Get really close to the back of the key, facing in the direction you want to go.

When you press "A", you almost immediately want to push the key / walk toward the gate, pushing to get it over the barrier track.

Once you get it over the track, it goes by itself -- and you should get out of the line that it goes in.

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In the floatyards am I supposed to jump across all of the bongo drums? I can't make it to the 3rd one.
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There are 3 places with Bongo Drums:

1)  STROMBOLI:  Near a ledge, by the projector screen from Alice's House, is a Stromboli Statue -- with legs sticking out.  You never need to do the bongo drums that are on levers there. 

And, you do not need to fight the hopping hoppers, if you just spin them over the cliff.

You can make it out through tunnels above the Stromboli Statue's stomach --  even if you mistakenly spun one of his legs off.

If you were careful, stand on a gear on the ground.  Then, Oswald will zap.  But, even if it doesn't work, Stromboli's stomach will open and you can paint the gears, to get the platforms moving, and jump to the top of his arm -- to thin the top tunnel, and make it to the candy canyon.

If you did break his leg off, and it fell over the ledge, spin the shimmering cover of his leg's stump, and zap the electrical device, to jump up to another tunnel above his stomach.

EITHER  WAY,  GO  DOWN  THE  CANYON  to take care of business, before heading up to a turnstile / garden with a house.

- - - -

2)  CANDY  CANYON:  There are Bongo Drums in a canyon.  Doing them is not necessary.  They do bounce you to a trapped Gremlin.

The best way to get to them is by going down from the canyon, past train cars, into a circular area that has a DEC manhole cover.  Paint wires and mini-turtle-floats to open another way out -- to an upper level of the Candy Canyon. 

- - - -

3)  In that DEC manhole area, there are two Bongo Drums that will bounce you to a ledge.  From there, Oswald will helicopter you to a ledge to push off a turtle-mini-float that you will push to its stand at the end of wires you painted.

- - - -

Any way you look at it, none of the bongo drums are necessary.

After you finish the game, you continue to explore and come back for more goodies -- so save it for later.

Ignore what I said, and, when you get to the Candy Canyon with bouncing balls, head uphill, and proceed with the game.


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